Double protection to steel membrane contact Lee iPhone6 leather phone case

Leather of Apple phone sets has texture, leather words more is upscale, contact Lee iphone6 leather phone sets used full manual head layer leather, to thin perfect of design, and iphone6 seamless, strictly according to international luxury brand of go line standard, each inch 9 needle, do explicit big-name quality, each step of making are dedicated, let each phone sets are machines high quality, Beijing East price 148 Yuan, buy on sent tempered glass film, like of leather phone sets of friends can visiting Jingdong Mall purchased.

Contact Lee iPhone6 case lined with real leather is Korea imports Microfiber, care phones, combined with exquisite vintage embossed, allowing you to add a grade, do not use any plastic inner shell, handmade leather made, durable, environmentally friendly, does not drag.

Unique design of metal rivets, protected cameras and leather to contact with desktop, resulting in premature wear leather, to make the leather more durable. The sides symmetrical rounded design, stylish appearance, and makes leather more breathable.

Contact Lee iPhone6 leather cell phone form the original machine tooling hole design, precision camera holes pierced, beautiful and neat. Key uses a leather edge, more convenient to operate, quality and more. Victoria Secret iPhone 5 case

Editorial reviews: contact Lee iPhone6 leather phone case with fine tailoring, look showed a low-key yet elegant feel. Vintage combination of colors with fine leathers, coupled with the prominent young rivets, can easily allow you to show your friends that have a unique design products.

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Thiago Silva still disturbed by Brazil’s 2014 World Cup collapse

For everyone Brazilian soccer players, this past summer season months was one to forget.

2014 FIFA World Cup Leather Case Cover for iPad Air Germany

Following a fulfilling stretch in the group stage among World Cup, Brazil advanced inside the direction World Cup semifinal to be trounced, 7-1, in front of the host country’s crying fans.

Then, in the third-place sweepstakes, the Netherlands easily blanked Brazil 3-0.

While those who follow Brazil globally will certainly remember the 2014 The entire global population Cup downfall, the players, most notably London St . Germain defender Thiago Silva, won’t bury such memories at the back of his mind.

After all, a major division of criticism for the Little Canaries’ break revolved around the back line, in which Neymar was absent with a right back injury.

“It’s a scar, ” Thiago Silva said to media around Istanbul, via Goal. com. “It’s hard to forget. Many people say that they don’t really think about it, but I do not recognize if that’s true. I think atmosphere. It’s inevitable. But the important thing should have tranquillity.

“Football is gratifying because one minute you lose and the after that you win. But the way we estranged [during the World Cup] was not spot on. ”

Manager Luiz Felipe Scolari immediately resigned subsequent to the dismal The entire global population Cup exit, and the Brazil Golf ball Confederation followed up his departure by employing former Fiorentina midfielder Dunga, who had previously been fired from the Inter managerial job in 2013.

The 51-year-old supply a new set of rules and regulations for former squad, hoping to ingrain a consistent étude in his squad that, he is convinced, they lacked on the World issue.

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Add rhinestones to create luxury stainless steel ERTE iPhone 5s studded metal frame

ERTEiphone5s rhinestone studded metal frame with steel + luxury building, simple and elegant, distinguished and enjoy. Buffer sponge cushions on the inside, you can avoid direct contact phone and protecting borders, reduce friction, avoid scratching the phone. ……

Metal frame best sellers, the main reason is that it preserves the iPhone 5 original texture, iPhone original beauty has been fullest extent represented. Metal frame with diamond-studded what is effect? ERTE iPhone 5s featured high rhinestone studded metal frame, shining fascinating, with a tough steel, reveals noble temperament.

ERTE iPhone 5s rhinestone studded metal frame with steel + luxury building, simple and elegant, distinguished and enjoy. Buffer sponge cushions on the inside, you can avoid direct contact phone and protecting borders, reduce friction, avoid scratching the phone.

Mobile antenna position using stencil process, does not affect the cell phone signal. Press firmly up and down type design and installation more convenient screwdriver-free installation. Metal frame can only protect the corners of injury, a full range of protection alone, but can withstand daily wear and most of the fall. Batman iPhone 5 case

ERTE iPhone 5s studded metal frame is exclusive and a metal-studded border, each cannot resist the charm of this rhinestone border, sent or themselves were very good.

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