HTC and Samsung Galaxy S5 One (M8) comparative review

This year, Samsung and HTC launched two flagship phones Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8), if you have a Smartphone in a distress with which one, Galaxy S5 and M8 is a good choice. Following is the Gizmag Web site for real-time evaluation of contrast these two phones made in order for your reference.

Difference between iPhone and Galaxy S5 5s size larger, but belong to the big screen. GS5, HTC One M8 3% longer length, width of narrow 3%. But at first glance, both phones there is no difference. Incipio iPhone 6 Case

Materials, aluminum shell design of HTC One M8 has a wonderful texture, (pictured) glamour metallic color, with one obvious aggression. Smooth polished metal look unique and visible design of HTC and foot work.

Galaxy S5 designs can only be described as “taste”. Made from artificial leather material on the back of the fuselage looked “band-aid” feeling. Although somewhat metallic surface of the fuselage, but the plastic material. If you like extremely fine workmanship, high end design, then you can stop here, Galaxy S5 is not this material. In addition, HTC is following the iPhone One M8 5s, designed to work with the highest quality Smartphone. But then again, design Galaxy S5 is not nothing. Plastic facts cannot be changed. Samsung’s original intention was to be a long look of high-end, atmospheric design. Distance, but in the past I can’t compliment.

But Galaxy S5 leather case also has advantages. First, GS5 9% lighter weight than One M8, but more important is, GS5 excellent grip. Big-screen machine had seemed unwieldy, GS5 in the selection just made up for this flaw, One aluminum metal appears to be the fuselage of the M8 was more heavy and hard.

In addition, One M8 on the sense there is an obvious feature: a microphone stand in a long line at the bottom, as the grille, was not seen before in other phones, can be given a “best cell phone microphone” award for the M8. The speaker sound and the microphone is great, absolutely none. Is amazing, full sound loud and clear. If you’ve used One M7, experienced the high quality sound of M7, you will find the sound M8 has reached a new level.

Almost the same size of the fuselage, One M8 5 inches screen, screen Galaxy S5 is 5.1 inches. One M8 features a virtual touch-screen navigation keys, while the GS5 follows the navigation buttons at the bottom. This means GS5 provide 100% on the screen for the user to use, after all, One screen bottom screen there is a small part of the M8 was “virtual home” key, “back” and “recently used APP” button occupies.

But is not the same in the Android immersion. Navigation keys will fade out from the Gallery, video or any other app (just screen will be able to point out a virtual navigation keys), is vital to screen One M8. But not the immersion of the Android app will let the actual screen area is smaller than the screen size. Both phones have screens with 1080p resolution, color clear clear. But I’m not going to judge a mobile phone display quality is good or bad, because they are very good quality.

GS5 ACE characteristic is its level IP67 waterproof function. In case of battery and charging sealed intact, 30 minutes inhaling 3.3 feet of water without any problem. If you want to try it in the bath or in a shallow pool to answer the phone, GS5 absolutely can meet you. Users who are easy to put your cellphone in the toilet or sink, GS5 IP67 waterproof properties you do not need to worry anymore. HTC One M8 are not waterproof.

GS5 or heart-rate monitor, placed in the back of the fuselage, just below the rear-facing camera, and Samsung’s s-class health APP is bound, as shown above. GS5 is the first cell phone with a special pulse induction detector.

GS5 fingerprint scanner features, like the iPhone 5s, GS5 Home key with biometric features. Stroke gently with a finger, you can unlock the screen. Fingerprint sensor is very sensitive and accurate. But Apple identification function, GS5 screen unlock than parked in the home key to unlock the fingers to slowly and is less convenient. Incipio iPhone 6 back Case

GS5 fingerprint sensor the biggest bright spot is that it binds a third party application. Login through fingerprint identification information, such as PayPal or authorize transactions. We will see more of in the future a third party application fingerprint sensor with the GS5 functional cooperation.

INCIPIO DualPro Impact Absorbing Hard Shell iPhone 6 Case

HTC tablet phone released in 2013: One Max, its back with a fingerprint scanner, HTC is also One on the M8 follows the later Bio-sensing apparatus functions.

That manipulation and too cumbersome? This is already the past tense, and HTC One M8 Motion Launch induction start feature brings new experiences. Call the phone near the ear, can node, fingertips to open applications, tap the screen twice to call cell phones. Perhaps the most useful function is in the camera head, in landscape mode just press the volume key will start the camera. Instead, GS5 slow camera startup speed.

GS5 of higher resolution, but One M8 camera but have much in common, the most obvious is the effect of light treatment. One M8 under dual LED Flash, handling image brighter in the dark light, light, harmony, colors more vivid, uniform pixel, balance.

One M8 there is a camera in the back of the fuselage, one of the Ufocus functions only on the small screen of a mobile phone display filter and focus again, shared in the Web interface again. Other than the depth of focus, changing backgrounds, textures, and other functions are also provided.

Features on the tall are good choice for photographers. But deeply should the Galaxy on the S5 did not view hardware, only through software operations to create Bokeh image, but very limited, because only 45.7 cm wide shot of the scene.

The two handsets, battery life is very long. 75% screen brightness down to play video, GS5 lasted 9 hours and 27 minutes, One M8 lasted 9 hours and 20 minutes. With excellent battery performance, this need not worry. Samsung launched in February this year the Ultra Power Saving Mode feature of mobile phones into the model was extended by 24 hours by battery disposable battery, very powerful.

One M8 also had similar battery function. In March of this year, HTC’s Extreme super power saving mode Power Saving Mode function. When the charge falls below a certain value, the function will start automatically.

This phone is different, not simply said what a good, which is not good. But if I were to choose, I would choose the One M8, unable to refuse such work fine, well-designed products, and M8 elegant Sense software more attractive than GS5 TouchWiz interface.

But I also have reason to select the GS5, comfortable grip, lightweight airframe, convenient and secure fingerprinting, high resolution camera, IP67 waterproof rating. And many more in the Samsung TouchWiz interface for business users.



Smartphone batteries why not?

Screen, screen resolution is up, phone camera pixel high, mobile CPU has more nuclear · · · At this time, brother side of the battery and its depressed: “brothers, without prejudice to the smart phone image and handle cases, for smart phones to seek differentiated competitive advantage for his contribution, and I’m sorry brothers, dragged us down ‘”

Since everyone has a Smartphone, battery life has become a smart-phones main short Board, discussed the problems of the industry, is also the largest mobile phone battery maker, is trying to solve the problem. This site also had a battery on the future article, but also take time to be used on mobile phones, let alone the future battery, who knows what the future is when? Battery not to force this thing really can’t blame brother batteries, as we all know now the phone is equipped with lithium-ion batteries, let’s take a look at the basic principles of lithium-ion batteries:

Lithium-ion battery basic principles

Lithium-metal battery is a kind of lithium metal or lithium alloy anode materials, the use of the battery electrolyte solution. First lithium-ion battery uses the following response: Li+MnO2=LiMnO2, the reaction is oxidation and reduction reactions, a discharge.

Lithium-ion battery cathode on the principle of reaction occurs: LiCoO2= charging =Li1-xCoO2+XLi++Xe (electronic) on the negative electrode reaction: 6C+XLi++Xe====LixC6 battery total responses: LiCoO2+6C=Li1-xCoO2+LixC6

Anode material: optional cathode material for many current mainstream product uses lithium iron phosphate. Cathode material for different table:


Positive reaction: embedded discharge lithium ion, rechargeable lithium ion block removal. Charge: LiFePO4 → Li1-xFePO4 + xLi+ + XE-discharge: Li1-xFePO4 + xLi+ + XE-→ LiFePO4 cathode material: graphite. Negative reaction: discharge lithium-ion removal plug, rechargeable lithium ion insertion. Charge: xLi+ + XE-+ 6C → LixC6 discharge: LixC6 → xLi+ + XE-+ 6C (Via Wikipedia)

Lithium-ion batteries with high voltage, high capacity, low consumption, no memory effect, pollution-free, small size, the internal resistance is smaller, less self discharge, cycle times and more features. Also because of these characteristics, it is widely used in all essential things of life. In the era of feature phones, these characteristics of lithium-ion batteries is sufficient to ensure you lead a normal life, but in the age of smart phones, because the parts are both increasing power consumption, lithium-ion battery gives men a home recharge a day of good habits.

We can see from the above, every gram of battery cathode materials is limited, to increase the battery capacity battery size must be increased.

Small series had interview too much home do phone battery of manufacturers, they are think lithium battery has is currently do phone battery of is good of products has, is not cannot increased it of capacity, battery of capacity with battery of volume into are proportion relationship, but now many manufacturers and requirements intelligent phone of thin, to increased phone of battery capacity, enhanced its range capacity, phone of volume undoubtedly also will variable big, to in phone of appearance Shang on will brings effect. miu miu iphone

Phone no progress in battery, main battery problems, hasn’t found a small volume, large capacity can replace a new battery material, lithium batteries, and when will it be on the new battery material breakthrough is also unclear.

In view of this, small series are to be fair to say, were battery brothers have done what we can, as a mobile phone battery, it also wants to bring you greater convenience, but because cell materials bottleneck on, also can do. Now can only look forward to the emergence of a God-like figure, discover new battery materials, and applying it to people’s lives.

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Golfjams – Innovative Solution that Revolutionizes a Golfers Experience

San Diego, CE – May 18, 2015

Kaidaer BDL-KD05BT Bluetooth Speaker

~ Passionate golfer and creator on the

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Video tutorials shows the Apple Watch is more water resistant than we thought

Are going to be Apple Watch actually waterproof case for iPhone 5? Orange says that it isn’t but totally new video posted by Australian YouTube account FoneFox suggests that it’s a lot more resistant to water in the house than what Apple had led people to believe.

iPega Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Ultra Slim

FROM EARLIER: You can’t make use of an Apple Watch today, so love this particular unboxing

In the video, the FoneFox team starts off by taking a bathing with the Apple Watch on, and this does no discernible damage to these devices. This isn’t much of a surprise since all of figured the device would definitely be water repellent enough to shower with.

The actual challenge, however , came when they thrown out the Apple Watch into a suitable container of water for five minutes straight… and it came out working perfectly fine. Then they took the device swimming in a puddle for 15 minutes and it still been helpful perfectly well.

Does this mean you should frolic in the water with your Apple Watch? Well, not likely — after all, Apple has said these devices isn’t best waterproof iPhone case, which means that it must be experts in the device won’t hold up over consistent dunks in the water. If you head scuba diving while wearing the Apple Discover, you do so at your own chance.

Check out FoneFox’s full video of your Apple Watch under water here.

(Milan Fashion Week) Fendi: vibrant birds

No designer notes were able for the FENDI iPhone 6 case show. Better still, challenging sketches by Karl Lagerfeld that underlined the collection as a study in the clarity.

Fendi Monster Fur Case for iPhone 6

That vision included the actual bird-of-paradise in every bag, animating this particular must-have accessory as if about to fly, and reminiscent of the whimsical is crucial baubles that have become a FENDI iPhone case culture.

“He chose the bird-of-paradise because it is so very graphic and sharp, ” Silvia Venturini Fendi said backstage. “It is also the symbol of the aristocracy. ”

The collection was a study within graphic construction of shapes moreover textures. The looks were all too often linear _ skirts, dresses moreover coats constructed of panels, sometimes located in contrasting colors and materials. Furry boots, shin warmers or arm cuffs just weren’t mere cozy additions but one particular more graphic element that balanced enhance.

The rigidity gave way, in time, to fun looks like big fluffy coats that finished in a formed ruffle. And there was a little flounce in some femininely puffed-up pea-coats.

The target of the collection was on the house of the clothes, Venturini Fendi pronounced. –AP

There are lots of 5c w/ LifeProof case 220

I have a blue iPhone 5c which includes a life proof case it’s waterproof, it’s carrier is T-Mobile at once I’m using it with metro DESKTOP COMPUTERS phone is in great 10/10 form asking 240. NEED TO SELL NOW A DAYS FIRST 220 TAKES IT! Will need to sell today!

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