Video tutorials shows the Apple Watch is more water resistant than we thought

Are going to be Apple Watch actually waterproof case for iPhone 5? Orange says that it isn’t but totally new video posted by Australian YouTube account FoneFox suggests that it’s a lot more resistant to water in the house than what Apple had led people to believe.

iPega Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Ultra Slim

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In the video, the FoneFox team starts off by taking a bathing with the Apple Watch on, and this does no discernible damage to these devices. This isn’t much of a surprise since all of figured the device would definitely be water repellent enough to shower with.

The actual challenge, however , came when they thrown out the Apple Watch into a suitable container of water for five minutes straight… and it came out working perfectly fine. Then they took the device swimming in a puddle for 15 minutes and it still been helpful perfectly well.

Does this mean you should frolic in the water with your Apple Watch? Well, not likely — after all, Apple has said these devices isn’t best waterproof iPhone case, which means that it must be experts in the device won’t hold up over consistent dunks in the water. If you head scuba diving while wearing the Apple Discover, you do so at your own chance.

Check out FoneFox’s full video of your Apple Watch under water here.


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