Do headphones high end Hi Fi audio brand KEF products fire

Veteran United Kingdom art-Hi-Fi audio brand KEF is a former United Kingdom BBC engineer Raymond Cooke, head of technology was founded in 1961, by 50 to the continuous product improvement and perfection, KEF audio liked by many players. KEF product line extensions, introduced Hi-Fi Headphone Headset earphone series M500 and the in-ear headset M200, hi-fi sound quality and innovative design perfectly. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 5 Case

Earmuff headphones M500 fashionable minimalist design, equipped with a leather headphone box, folding retractable, easy to carry. Headphones with 40mm frequency domain with neodymium magnet drive units, equipped with high-quality lightweight CCAW copper clad aluminum wire voice coils, clean strong musical effects. In addition the M500 uses unique multidimensional intelligent Smart Hinge hinge design, more flexible folding Rotary direction, better able to adapt to different size contour of the head, fit the head. The listed price is 2380. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 5 Case

Earmuff-style headphones M500,KEF headphones, ear headphones headphones M200,Hi-Fi series products

Another in-ear stereo headset M200 unique DDD (dual dynamic driver) moving coil driver unit, two tone road technology, carry a 10MM Woofer and a 5.5mm high-frequency neodymium magnet moving-coil unit, bring clear detail of the original sound experience. The machine is equipped with two headphones hanging in motion when in ear headphones can be easily fixed. But unfortunately is, as most Asians ear smaller, uses the M200 is not necessarily all into, so when you wear are a little awkward, it is recommended that you’d go to the store experience of a purchase. The listed price for the headphones to 1580.

Marcelo Burlon iPhone 5 Case

Earmuff-style headphones M500,KEF headphones, ear headphones headphones M200,Hi-Fi series products

Source: Tencent

Love rare exclusive benefits Smart plug 10 units Fans for free

Love rare exclusive benefits-Smart plug 10 units! Fans for free!

Love curious fans exclusive benefits to provide intelligent smart home provider ~ Broadlink socket 10. Package mail. Free of charge. Michael Kors Galaxy S6 Case

From then on, you can have a network of local control of home electrical appliances! Such as fans, heaters, floor lamps or table lamps, humidifier, etc. The biggest bright spot is very stable! Will never encounter a critical moment off the chain! Small, WiFi remote control! Product details see unusual creative grocery stores ~ Michael Kors Galaxy S6 Case


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Participatory approaches:

1, now the thread

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Michael Kors Galaxy S6 Case

Wi-Fi smart Sockets SP 3, will now join Taobao collection

4, the most critical step! See:

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~ Good luck then the porridge ~!

Samsung S7 launches exposure or edge edge

 On October 23, over the years, Samsung S7 message always comes up from time to time, so many Samsung fans a thrill. However, we can not forget Samsung’s successors – Samsung S7 S6 edge/edge+ edge/edge+. According to foreign media reports, Samsung S7 edge/edge+ of course, but even more awesome is that they may together listed.

Samsung S7 launches exposure or edge/edge+ 1th

Samsung S7 edge/edge+ renders

  Refer to news about Samsung S7, Samsung S7 edge/edge+ probably will feature a folding screen (different sizes), support Force Touch technology, equipped with the popular Type-C interface, rear 20 million pixel primary camera, incredibly powerful.

  News, Samsung S7 will be launched in 2016 and the second quarter, then on the Samsung S7 edge/edge+, we all know, wait! Placed at the foot of home appliance manufacturers

Transformation of that will be caused by Internet jobs


  1990 of national, at I just became a students, accompany with mother in Beijing tourism, to security we wants to in collective hostels in with live a room, results was told if cannot show “marriage certificate” on cannot men and women roommate, that is I life in the first times experience cannot proved “I MOM is I MOM” of scene, once bad of user experience, results I only and more bit strange blame Uncle roommate. 100 000 salary won t save lives in the bottom

  Fall of 2011 is also in Beijing, the exit-entry Administration, to went to Hong Kong and Macao Visa I once again experienced a memorable scene, my hand I the original accounts, passport, copy of ID card, companies working and business cards, but cannot prove I am who I am, on the grounds that higher provisions of the original documents must be in possession of identity cards, and then a bad user experience.

  Beijing, September 6, 2015, I am anxiously waiting for the police station all leaders celebrate 70 anniversary of the victory of resistance against Japan after 3 days off Festival, rushed to the window we needed listed investment company directors high “no criminal record”, and told our local regional policeman had not come to work in films, I was faced with two choices:

  1, once again try their luck tomorrow morning if the pianjing came to work, I could get the same day materials needed;

  2, you would go through, but you need to go the “normal” layers of approval channels, 10 day materials.

  I asked, not gram: strong Prime Minister repeated demands to simplify the process?

  Answer: have been streamlined, but is responsible for “fast track” the local regional policeman not to work well, slow the whole process of approval of the channel models also retained two-track parallel.

  Police officers and staff are of the happened to work that day was “good at” slow channel module, I had no choice but to come back tomorrow. I get it, “fast version” local regional policeman there is only one, the rest of the staff members are still in the “slow version” module, and an unforgettable experience.

  Fortunately go through the Hong Kong and Macao in Beijing now endorsements are no longer require cumbersome procedures, appointment time on the Internet, carrying permits can apply directly, no need for human approval, 2-hour pickup, cheap, convenient, and more importantly do not need to look at a person’s face.

  Once bustling, full of rush of anxious residents rush Hall has now become deserted, people have short residence time, face is peaceful, efficiency has improved, there is no need in the working window desperately out to curry favor with the smile and a nervous eye. In grams of a strong Prime Minister, driven by great with the help of the Internet, let this simple thing finally return to simple, for Beijing residents, is in itself a simple matter, but took so many years to be able to achieve. Ma keqiang Prime Minister said that if the Bank does not change, then use micro-banks, PayPal, Ant financial force mode to force banks to change.

  The Internet has become an indispensable part of life today, take a taxpayer-funded salary, but sticking to “Adagio”, “fast” Supplement, adhering to the policy measures on local regional policeman, advance and retreat left them running out of time and space to maneuver. Like 90 generation city buildings in of guards elevator button of full-time keep ladder who, airport railway station door gathered of relies on deal bully outsiders specifically slaughter guest of black driver, cinema and Stadium door waving with Yuan and high tight tickets of cattle, years Qian Hong Kong and Macao passes window behind those has indifference and proud of eyes of people, and all using information not symmetric through put simple of things variable complex and get interests and work opportunities of people……

  Users who did not really create recognized the value of people, no matter how hard shell now wear, finding refuge in what a strong fortress and will be on the great user experience sound and strong was forced to borrow under the power of the Internet, out of the fortress, facing the market left them two choices:

  1, became a suddenly unemployed lost their jobs “slow version”;

  2, efforts to acquire useful knowledge and skills, their attitude, in the era of Internet users who create real value, improve the user experience and access to posts of “fast version”.

  In addition, should no longer have a choice.

Samsung and LG to push battery used for worn 1 time

[Abstract] battery for smart watches, necklaces and hair band is not out of the question. Its main characteristic is able to extend the smart watch battery life time 50%.

Samsung and LG to push battery used for worn 1 time

Most batteries for wearable devices barely able to maintain 1 day time. Samsung and LG are very important market for wearable devices, they are improving the motivation of wearable device battery life. Digital Trends website reported that two companies in Korea Seoul, an exhibition was shown at the new battery technologies, new technologies can not only extend the wearable device such as smart watches battery, can also be used for new wearable device.

Owned by Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI shows new and battery. Battery is only 0.3 mm thick, made with fiber, which makes it easier to bend than existing flexible battery.

Digital Trends says battery for smart watches, necklaces and hair band is not out of the question. Its main characteristic is able to extend the smart watch battery life time 50%. Tests show that it can withstand more than 50,000 bent.

LG Electronics subsidiary LG Chem also took part in the exhibition, shows a fold-line batteries. The company also unveiled a hexagonal cell was first published in June. LG Chem said each battery can extend the smart watch battery 1 time. Elite Mike Evans of the new battlefield

Digital Trends pointed out, the two companies have not been disclosed when these batteries will be used in the device, but means that the configuration at the exhibition their equipment likely to be sold next year.

Rumours are hungry you will access more the third party logistics

  On May 7, latest billion State power network was informed that the delivery platform is hungry it held a news conference announces docking more third-party logistics.

  According to reports, the hungry will start opening a logistics platform, using technical means to its own logistics as a standard to allow more matches standard third party logistics teams to join in the distribution system. At present, Jingdong and Dada logistics has access. In addition, the hungry are also trying to use Hummingbird distribution (an App, distribution through the software update sold, you will receive priority routing), seeking 100,000 part-time pizza.

  Hungry is designed to directly access the central kitchen, thus ensuring the takeaway delivery time can be reduced to 30 minutes or less.

  The other hand, the hungry also would improve the CRM system for operators, allow merchants to manage users. What happens when entrepreneurs were former boss

  To make it easier to manage, hungry it also decided that teams split into three, namely College Division, white-collar business and brand management Department. Management layers from the original 7-layer structure cut into four levels. “The reduction will improve 30% efficiency. “Hungry Vice President Luo Yulong said.

  Just yesterday, bought by Jingdong home hungry, CEO change rumors. Rumors pointed out that hungry yet incorporated into the East home, will give up their team, on the grounds that too expensive.

  In this regard, the maelstrom of Jingdong, Vice President of Ascend and hungry officials have denied it.

  Latest feedback to hungry billion State power grid responded that distribution teams with their own logistics as its core, now has its own logistics team now has 2000 people, seven hundred or eight hundred people in Shanghai alone, until the end of the year net of own logistics, also access partner logistics forces.

  It is reported that hungry business has covers more than more than 260 cities, peak of over 2 million, covering more than 3,000 colleges and universities, employs more than 5000 people. “This year we will be technology-driven platform development, promotion of human efficiency, orders doubled, and even magnified several times, some data by the end of this year or even four or five times. ”

  Billion State power network understanding in January this year, hungry you get Jingdong and Tencent, the mass comment e round of mutual investment, such as a $ 350 million investment.

  Thompson consulting (BigData-Research) latest January 2015 takeout O2O marketing research report shows that takeaway O2O orders market share in China, hungry to 28.4% in the first, the Group sold separately outside the takeaway, Baidu ranked second to third place.

Nut G1 for 200 million financing

  Projector, this over the past few years will only appear in the CBD and vocabulary teaching room, has also changed. It is no longer used for meetings or teaching tools. In the living room, bedroom, restaurant, or even a large shopping, we now see its shadow.

  It is reported that swept the whole network of intelligent projectors in 2014-2015 (nut G1 smart home theater) and gain huge amounts of investment. Lok technology announce research and development company–fire: company b round of financing obtained by pine Bluegrass capital, Bole in the era, Tianqi Amoeba tripartite joint investment of 200 million Yuan, and the money will be mainly used in product development, branding, personal introduction module.

  Fire science and technology was established in 2011, with registered capital of 10 million Yuan, is specialized in the development and production of intelligent micro-projection products of high-tech enterprises. Fire technology first released the world’s first Intel Core chip, equipped with Window 7 system, using smart 3D projection technology DLP optical projection computer to become the industry’s first September 2014, fire science and technology released its first works in transition–nut G1 smart home theaters.

   100 000 salary won t save lives in the bottom

Nut G1 for 200 million financing


  Nut G1 listing for three months after the fire science and technology awarded by Shenzhen Fortune venture, IDG capital, StarVC the investment of 60 million Yuan. Thus accelerating nut G1 “hardware + content + eco” development.

  Mid-May 2015, the Hollywood blockbuster Avengers 2 reflection before ad placement, so that more people know this “super power” of the “black science” intelligent hardware. The same time, somans, and Xie na, Chun Du, Zhang Xiaolong, Zhang Luyi, stars in his own Tan nut G1 on Twitter, their Huang Xiaoming, Li, ren Quan (StarVC) on Twitter “send nuts” activities, the powerful star, makes the Internet set off a “nut” cyclone.

  Metal drawing process, body-wide independent key, CD shape, diameter less than vinyl records, but can casting a 300-inch 4K HD 3D giant-screen, with Super HIFI sound quality. Germany red dot winner of the Grand Prize, was hailed as a genius designer Bobby Chan hand surgeon in the industry design world-class tune master 98 days of hand-tuned; mango TV mass-exclusive resources; independent UI custom nuts; HD audio, SPDIF optical fiber, USB3.0 HDMI video source. As long as in the case of a network, nut G1 give users a private cinema + private Recreation Center, watching movies, singing k, games and other entertainment operations, for it all.