Education O2O entered the Red Sea traditional education to sustain

Education O2O entered the Red Sea, traditional education to sustain

  Speaking of online education, online education abroad much more than the maturity of the domestic market. Early in 08 United States California on began statewide used electronic textbooks instead of paper quality textbook, Japan University undergraduate graduated requirements close half of credits is through “remote teaching” completed of, Korea is currently world Shang implementation electronic textbooks teaching efforts maximum of national, and China of online education experience 14 years of development, to today has to has a hot of State, was said online education hot money behind by rendering of is bubble of phenomenon, after all to currently weizhi domestic of online education market also no appeared a real of strong brand. Liu Kuang thinks online education in China faced with the following difficulties:

  First, the quality of education is difficult to control. On one hand, students ‘ learning was uneven, teachers need to have specific lessons, far harder to massage these categories in home economics. The other hand, rely solely on student achievement to measure the quality of education there is a certain irrationality, can improve students ‘ grades are not a short time, but also there are many subjective and objective factors.

  Second, education product consumption decisions more complex. Education consumption need to consume a lot of time and effort in the process, the higher the price, experience link complex, so the decision will not be as simple as moving nail, nor the same as cat East shopping, pick the cheapest highest score you can. Most descriptions of teachers on the education platforms of difference was not obvious, and there are a lot of homogeneity, so users on the decision of educational products is a very big problem.

  Third, within the teacher’s reputation is difficult to establish. Many K12 user spend tens of thousands of large organizations purchase one to one service (hundreds of hours), and this situation is difficult to appear in the individual teacher. This problem also affects users on the teacher’s decision, the O2O platform considered essential to deal-making, resulting in the conversion rate will be very low, in the same way from Taobao, premium user runs in the end to the cat, also proves that individual sellers Taobao sellers than organized institutions. Because of the good teacher training is a huge project, so the serious shortfall in the supply of high quality, which is a challenge for the platform.

  The four, overwhelming strength. For a teacher to do class work was not easy, on the platform to complete customer service sales, listening service and a series of work for a little bit of increased earnings, breaking the original Division of the education industry, greatly challenges the teacher’s job easier. Except for a small number of qualified teachers, the vast majority of teachers are not able to marketing, sales, teaching, service, and other skills sets in. At this frequency, supply side required complex deal-making difficult, viscous simplest on the market with inadequate teachers and user-O2O butt, not burn money can make things.

  All Governors are involved in online education

  New Oriental began as early as 2000 to launch the new East line, involved in online business, but from an overall perspective, New Oriental’s understanding of online education does not think beyond the traditional business areas. New Orient just sees the Internet as a tool to create products to complement the traditional core business of innovation, while the Internet company’s starting point is to reconstruct business models via the Internet. New Oriental cultural gene and the Internet company’s way of thinking is actually out of new growth in traditional areas in the East are about to encounter bottlenecks, if you catch the wave of online education opportunities, most likely entered a period of growth. Cooperation with the Internet giant became the new restructuring inevitable choice in the East, in addition to the cooperation with Tencent, a new cooperation between the East and the rest of the Internet giants are also possible. For example, New Oriental has many times in cooperation with Baidu, and make full use of each other’s large research and development advantage; Taobao on students, some courses are also available for sale at the new Oriental, current also achieved excellent results.

  YY launched its brand 100 independent education education launched intensive courses include TOEFL and IELTS in two fields and hit the foreign language training market. 100 online education education broke the domestic industry, online platform to bypass the traditional structures, establish contacts directly between teachers and students, and permanent free TOEFL IELTS intensive course. Completely covered by intensive content below the line and Internet products, teachers taught, woken up sleeping in the new East, directly impact their core areas. However, YY was born in platform games, with YY education bigger, also faced pressure due to the heavy atmosphere of the game, so a lot of people feel that YY is the entertainment and gaming platforms, rather than a learning platform.

  Learning and thinking is an Internet Enterprise thinking, changed its name after the next will adhere to the Internet thinking is to go deeper. Good future business is not limited to online education products and platform products, try new products and education market. Good baby tree for strategic investment to 150 million yuan in the future, through the 6-24 product line based on, with the Darling tree 1-6 the age of product placement.

  Many traditional educational institutions are shaping their own Internet thinking, in addition to the new East and well outside the future, science education is also seeking online business transformation. In late March, xueda education online learning systems e learning, which will take over the key to science education in transition processes. Internet is the traditional area is the subversive transformation, this is a great opportunity, for a new impetus to the growth of traditional training institutions, but they also are facing competition and challenges from the Giants.

  Amazon announced the acquisition of online mathematics TenMarks education service provider, Google Helpouts Google testing its C2C online education platform, Alibaba Group announced an investment of VIPABC TutorGroup group, giant for a coveted heart already appear on the online education market.

  Has a plot of teacher Jack Ma, still wants to do something in the field of education, Ali launched Taobao students from 2013, integrating online education market, over a period of time after the exploration and development of February 2014 TutorGroup Ali investment in mortal online education platform, the live interactive online training platform, with certified teachers from 32 countries around the world, mostly English-speaking countries.

  Tencent also unwilling to, and other online education platform different of is, Tencent class has its unique of development mode, sat hold over 832 million of QQ user, while aggregate PC QQ, and phone QQ, variety channel, for platform with to has huge flow, through built institutions and user of connection platform, while solution has institutions to looking for user of pain points, on the and solution has user online Shang learning interactive channel of problem, to closed ring way build online education platform.

  With Baidu into a comprehensive O2O field, Baidu money by hand hundreds of educational institutions, to create the largest vocational education O2O platform. Baidu rich based on Internet entrance and technology advantage, in-depth development layout education industry, expand including education credit, graduate, and MBA, and study training service, zainei of series business, Baidu rich will gradually and more education institutions expand cooperation, built education credit platform, for user provides mass quality courses, highest credit lines 50,000 yuan, let user easily paid tuition, and repayment most long can points 18 period, than credit card more convenient, maximum degree of reduce has user of loan pressure.

  Causes of failure in traditional education in transition

  With the emergence of the Internet and the mobile Internet, online education platforms have emerged, which in turn brings the change and transformation of traditional educational institutions, but so far, none successful, Liu Kuang considered reasons are as follows:

  From business rationality for, a education reform often is most bottom pour forced past most excellent reform, so elderly from South designated has a to, now became most dazzling of exists, so education institutions of reform or transformation need from three or four line, city began, gradually formed a reform sent, then pour forced most excellent of at the to reform, because to then whole institutions has can on big at the of performance see not Shang has.

  From the market point of view, with the accelerated pace of mobile Internet, due to information asymmetry and other businesses in the past, will gradually lose interest, as time goes by slowly approaching zero, which is why traditional educational institutions eager to transform Internet O2O or education reasons. When the market operation when disconnected from the Internet, it should be noted that the next phase of decline. Keep your core, and the most competitive part of education to do. Do principals and whether the power of the Internet, or the Internet is not important, important for the man to have the awareness of the Internet, rather than the market.

  From a strategic point of view, regardless of the mode of online education and traditional education is inseparable from the Internet thinking, Internet + education is made education Internet thinking, rather simple mechanically O2O concept, last class course is online, offline classes combined, this is just the surface, and contains the deep is their promotion. Instead of changing forms of education, not even change a few can change, another thing is to realize the relative fairness of education via the Internet, rather than education + Internet, that is the starting point to institutions, two ways are, just being able to understand the differences.

  Solve the pain points is King

  Both offline traditional education institutions, or original O2O platforms on the line, should not fall into blind competition while ignoring the essence of education, truly user-centric and solve the pain points is the way to survive.

  First of all, truly understands education is most persuasive. Success in several education O2O project financing is not difficult to find, the founder’s educational background is quite strong. Just a few months to complete 3 rounds of financing education O2O platform, its predecessor Hu Guozhi, the founder is co-founder of large traditional counseling agencies elite education. A native born in South China’s first learning services focused on primary and secondary education teacher treasure O2O platform, was 30 million angel round investment, Yu Long, the founder was born in a traditional education and counselling industries, he roots in elementary and middle school students outside for nearly a decade, the Education Foundation is quite deep.

  Second, understand the nature of education addressing user pain points. Education O2O platform ignores the essence of education. During the course of primary and secondary education, teachers, parents and students not just the family-school relationships, is a more intensive education community, they exchange more closely, children school continuation resulted in higher learning habits and results. While traditional online education whether it be video, still questions, photo checks, both students and parents cannot directly completely transparent and open exchange with the teacher, interactivity is obviously inadequate, is not conducive to achieving the ultimate goal of education. O2O education projects must address the pain points of this user, it requires the use of Internet technology, to connect students, parents and teachers of precision, easier to achieve between teachers and students “to interact, communicate, communicate”, rather than simply the online learning environment.

  Finally, have a strong ability to integrate educational resources is the key. General think, education O2O project funds scale more big, distribution regional more wide, that its master of education resources on more more, and facts is not so, in quality education resources shortage of today, front pulled have more long, only makes forces more more bulk, this education O2O in line city may is ‘ heavily stationed ‘, but in second-tier City obviously on appeared ‘ forces insufficient ‘ of problem. ”

  In second-tier city in the, Dongguan on has a typical of example, the area a education O2O project teacher treasure started has 2015 degrees of “6.16 camp Carnival” activities, short time within on joint Dongguan area near thousands of line Xia education counselling institutions, integration has these institutions of all camp activities, covers has language learning, and abroad travel, and exercise body, and interest specialist, and development brain, and quality expand, many project courses, its master of education resources regardless of is quality also is number, O2O goes far beyond other larger education.

  Vertical trends in online education into the future

  Turns out, capital markets are more optimistic about a foreign language online education vertical, in addition to online training market also has a good financial prospect, especially after a stock Bull. For example, owned by Tencent Shanghai Yi school the financial online training, and provide its shareholders with stock market knowledge, technical analysis method of anytime, anywhere learning, coupled with online interactions to explain, using its own professional signing stock trainer instead of website revenue of 110 million yuan in the first year.

  English, and stock education market is not new market, has been are online Xia exists, and now through Internet this tool will line Xia courses moved to line Shang, no longer was taught site, and lectures number, and lectures time, and interactive way by limit, professional of training lecturer concentrate on build courses, this whole process reflected out “Internet tool” of advantage, also let education return taught and learn of nature.

  Most of these examples on K12 online education entrepreneur may have limitations, but for investors and entrepreneurs understand the truth, mode of online education the emphasis is not on the site, but education itself. Watch road by CCTV exposure of children where

  O2O future education, more professional really knows what they will be in education, and master the Internet thinking institutions, should such a body be found, will stand out in education O2O this Red Sea fight warlords.


Dell to apologize for its laptop raised security fears

Dell already shipped a series of notebook computer was preinstalled with a copy of the SSL certificate, said this certificate may have security problems, let a hacker can abuse this certificate into Web content. In this regard, Dell said, “We deeply regret this, we are taking measures to solve the problem. “Dell claims that its certificate is not used for advertising, but to provide the system service tag, Dell’s online support services staff to quickly identify the computer type.

Dell said that the certificate is not used to collect personal customer information. “Dell’s published operation Guide to permanently delete the certificate. Today, the company will also release software updates, this certificate and will be permanently deleted. The company has not confirmed how many machines are affected, but the Dell Inspiron 5000,XPS 15 and XPS 13 laptop pre-loaded this certificate.

Dell’s rapid response should be commended, but the company has failed to learn from Lenovo SuperFish mistakes, this is amazing, especially considering that Dell Lenovo errors before their computer security. Dell ads claiming products installed before each application through rigorous safety tests, it seems that Dell indeed to enhance the rigor of security testing. Moschino rabbit

Secret private wealth maneuvers of the gangster drama 17 stocks from 30 000

Secret private wealth maneuvers of the gangster drama: 17 stocks, from 30,000 to 2 billion

  Drama family wealth maneuvers

  Anecdotal rumours appeared on the drama probed several times, but eventually proved to be rumors, drama family wealth is even more mysterious. This wealth comes mainly from sly cloud of a majority of the capital market, of conspiracy and intrigue, it is not the business other than natural colors of mystery and privacy.

  In recent times, is a strong drama family He Zexi.

  First, in early June, Ningbo by Ningbo Committee subordinates magazine’s “2015 Ningbo business rich list” officially, NetEase CEO Ding Lei in 29 billion yuan worth named the richest man in Ningbo. Drama also appear in the list for the first time, to 1.96 billion yuan worth ranked 44th, Ningbo behind more than half of the rich. Different from its most to do business mainly his family, drama family depends mainly on capital operation of the top rich list, is uncommon.

  Secondly, drama, was recently found, necessity, city by city, fiscal Union the rumor mill. Cause was started in late June in this incredible’s collapse, in almost no one has been spared, including professional organizations, city investment city, many Fund product continues to interpret the failure of its myths: a more contrarian Fund net worth rose 31% gave outsiders wonder if its empty form. In response, city by city, fiscal Union, said for now, Ze se family of products are stock trusts. Not related to futures, so does not have the short selling. NET product rose, mainly because in June to see the market risk, so lighten up early, while stocks resume trading leads surge in net product. “Everyone please reasoned judgments, respect for common sense, don’t believe rumors rumors, not to be exploited by ulterior motives. ”

  Phoenix news, it was reported that on July 9, 10th-shares rebounded sharply, accurate bottom drama before the rally started, down spree, not “death squads” in the name.

  Stock 17 years old young hero

  Drama circle fame in stock as early as 2003, and all of this largely on February 15, 2003, a report in the China Securities journal front page. The paper disclosed for the first time at Galaxy securities business Department of Ningbo South Jiefang road “trading Board death squads”, the kamikaze trading Board of the 1th character drama into public view ever since.

  Say, drama’s growth really is different from ordinary people. In 1993, 17-year old Xu graduated from high school, he did not like their college entrance exam into college, but carries a parents 30,000 yuan in cash in the market, starting with professional investors. “I learn stocks, read books, listen to broker training, and foreign investment. Three lines will be my teacher, also knows a little on macro-economic. “Drama said.

  Entering the new century, with the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market bear, drama was thinking short-term arbitrage techniques. This batch of human with Galaxy securities business Department of Ningbo South Jiefang road as the core, and about 20 members, the core is the drama, Xu Xiao, Zhang Jianbin etc. Drama is very sensitive to stock market hot, trader style, and often large outflows. After selecting stocks, they concentrated into trading fund shares suddenly and rapidly, often aggressively try for one or two trading Board shipments. Because of its extremely aggressive trader way, shot in a new place, never tired, so these people being called “kamikaze trading Board” was dubbed by the media after the drama in the famous “kamikaze trading Board total rudder”.

  Copy sold on the floor in the air

  As always the rudder, investment horizon and trader of course quality of the drama. His every action is very flexible and is his usual tricks with Zhuang, but often are much more accurate than Zhuang. For example, General Zhuang ambush six months eating a 50%, drama, often in makers officially lifted after the start, earned the largest section in the main shenglang, for example, eat only two or three months after the 40% rushed out again looking for new targets.

  Drama action principle is, always go with the market. He never bought new high stocks, because for him, it is not safe. He was optimistic about a stock, rather than buying a floor price. But his superior, outbreak often is when he bought the night before, put aside, they also tend to be recent high point. In this regard, copy the Chongqing brewery at the end of the classic game.

  By the end of 2011, Chongqing brewery hepatitis b vaccine Unblinding data failed, 11 straight down, used to hold together the hype of big funds are deep. Drama believes that this is a very good opportunity to ambush the dealer’s and hunters for the first time at around 24. Unblinding failed for the second time, the market uproar. Chongqing brewery continues to limit tours around 20 Yuan drama renewed bargain-hunting buying 30 million shares. Since then, Chongqing brewery rose all the way to 40, he netted hundreds of millions of Yuan in just a month.

  Drama, after all, is not God, sometimes misses. In 2012, the drama and his team, once broken halberd alcoholic wine, set foot on the “mine”. On November 23 of that year, alcoholic wine is excessive exposure plasticizer, liquor and even pull 5 fell. According to alcoholic liquor during the three quarterly reports, Jersey City, first held more than 3 million shares of alcoholic wine, the cost should be around 50. After 5 fell, shares about 30 yuan, Jersey City a loss of 60 million Yuan. In this regard, the drama said: “wrong, cutting meat for more, is furtively cut off, stop in a timely manner. ”

  Sunshine private ins in transition increased concept

  In recent years, with Jersey City growth in investment performance, drama’s fame in and outside the capital is also growing. Maybe the wind will destroy the wood show in forest, doubts also arise from time to time for its investment in the community, the biggest question is: Shanghai zexi investment performance from the drama investment skill, are suspected of insider trading, market manipulation, in particular its investment style from simple after you buy low and sell high to active participation in the placement.

  In 2009, the drama was set up in Shanghai City investment city, at this time, the family of their control over the city, the city investment begin to emerge. Commerce, industry data shows, city investment city, is a typical family business, its shareholders for the drama with their parents-Xu Bailiang, Zheng Suzhen. Jersey City shareholders with registered capital of 5000 Yuan. Among them, Zheng Suzhen, Xu Bailiang funded for two times, on December 4, 2009, contributions of 27.6 million and 2.4 million Yuan, respectively; drama time for October 24, 2013, contributions of 20 million Yuan. Registration information also showed that drama is the General Manager of the company, Xu Bailiang is Executive Director, Ying is a supervisor. The company was first established, legal representative Zheng Suzhen, Ying Ying is the drama of his wife. Other companies in the Jersey City Department of natural person shareholders are the parents and wife of drama.

  After 3 years of development, to the end of 2012, Jersey City’s funds under management which exceeded 10 billion yuan, Shanghai chongyang investment was ranked first for the only time. From the perspective of formal disclosure of information, are private Sun City investment city, in the medium and long term investment performance by one of the best. According to combing information the Ningbo commercial 2014 drama 4 fund management products are ranked top ten private, champions and runners-up are drama-management products. And he have a soft spot for restructuring unit, 2014 he bet on zirconium industry in the East, Wu Tong communications, Qing Bao, Peng Xin, in the resources stocks. Among them, about alleged manipulation of zirconium in the East sector of rumors, drama said in an interview, he manages at least 10 billion funding, Oriental zirconium industry total investment is 10 million, how could he have money for this risk?

  According to incomplete statistics, number of listed companies top shareholders in these companies figure, in addition, Zheng Suzhen also regulars in the shareholders, while the drama, Zheng Suzhen and Ying Ying were jointly appear on ST long oil top-ten shareholders, which constitutes a Department of Jersey City. Not only that, Shanghai City, city employees within the investment management company, CR szitic trusts multiple product belongs to Jersey City, Fu Lin, 1th, Dragon Fund source for the 1th, collection of funds, etc.

  Around the directional concept, drama’s basic operation is, private placement announced before the offering, when news about the company and transfer immediately after throwing. Ze city employees agreed that the drama’s success does not depend on those ferocious stock, Star technology, leisure and a new, LEYBOLD high drama make a lot of money stock held more than one year or so.

  Big city investment city, participation in, and even the Commission concern. The night of June 26, 2015, securities supervision Department as usual 10 listed companies refinancing application feedback, including drama Zheng Suzhen, the mother of all constant technology increased 3 billion yuan plan to attract market attention. Within half a year, Zheng Suzhen Howe threw 6.2 billion yuan respectively in chitianhua, wenfeng shares and listed company Infineon Technologies 3, 3 billion yuan to subscribe money where? SFC feedback suggested that the verification requirements the sponsor and the applicant lawyers, and Zheng Suzhen subscription capabilities as well as to express their views.

  ”Ze City capital operation a path has appeared. “In July 2015, a brokerage person declined to be named said, Jersey City 6 years of its existence, from fast in and fast out the speculators, increased the King became King of capital seeking controlling rights of listed companies. Another securities industry colleagues have said, after the capital market lucrative, turned to the industry may be family capital of Jersey City Department of drama’s new direction.

  ”Only evolved in the stock market can not be eliminated. “The drama of this sentence, is perhaps the most appropriate portrayal of his investment career.

  Recently, the yuanzexi Assistant General Manager investment leafing wrote the seven lesson I learned in Jersey City has revealed something about drama’s investment experience and investment practices. Drama on the investment’s achievements, leafing, “said drama is the most diligent and dedicated investor I’ve ever seen, no one.”

  Exhibition, yuanzexi Assistant to the General Manager of the investment, the incumbent, President of qilu securities asset management assistant, qilu stars, Galaxy collection, such as investment manager.

  ”Seven lesson I learned in Jersey City”

  Three years ago, I joined the Jersey City investments, officially became a professional investor. Professional investors has always been my dream. In the stock market with a vision and the treasure of the mind game is enough to make me crazy, but there is the byproduct of wealth. Thought he could closely emulate inherit a stock market investment, really exciting.

  Ze City does not need me to repeat the performance has, over the years, its movements have become the focus of the market, counting results to the end of the time of year, always includes its name on the list. Head of drama has been dubbed the “private one” of the title, rivers and Lakes do not know how many legends about him spread, but he always kept low-key, not too much exposed to the public.

  Lucky is that over a three-year career in Jersey City, I often work with drama, although he is not very talkative, but still of benefit to me. Here are 7 lessons I learned in Jersey City.

  The first lesson: focus on the

  A long time ago, I know that drama is a very dedicated investors, but to Jersey City after his focus still makes me jump.

  Typically, his day is spent this way: every morning, the Jersey City began in the morning, each researcher report market and company situation, access to the trading room in early morning trading, trading hours will not leave disc, researcher with the seller at noon for lunch, to continue trading in the afternoon, after the close of a two-field Roadshow, complex and shares in the evening.

  He studies the stock market for more than 12 hours a day, almost no entertainment and other interests, as far as I know, this habit has been going on for more than 20 years. There is no doubt that drama is the most diligent and dedicated investor I’ve ever seen, no one.

  Compared to many investors, in addition to stocks, but also to care about football, celebrities, travel, golf … … Drama can be regarded as a Dervish in the stock market.

  Only unparalleled focus, extraordinary returns, this is the first lesson I learned.

  Now, I have developed a habit of stare, trading hours and try not to leave the side, day after day, breathing heavy and slow the market will leave a mark in my mind until a trading instincts.

  Stock is a winner for the King of the jungle, full of danger, if attention is not focused, it is easy to become the object of hunting.

  The first lesson: the only focus, allowing people to remain vigilant. Although the process will dry hard tired, but to win, this is an indispensable price.

  Lesson two: long-term investments

  Many classic books focusing on long-term investments, which are important weapons to beat the market. I also agree with a long-term investment, but long-term investment concept in my eyes might be a little different.

  Jersey City are renowned for their ferocity is known for its strong investment style, and participated in a large number of short-term trading, markets, even as “death squads”. So, Jersey City was a short-term investor or long-term investor?

  I think it is the latter.

  If the holding period measured, Jersey City warehouse has a large number of varieties of the fast in and fast out, does not comply with the general concept of long-term investors. However, the definition of long-term investors in the end is what? just coming up from the holding period to measure it?

  Since 1993 the market, drama for more than 20 years of fighting in the securities market, in practice formed a fast accurate investment style, and consistently adhere to. This persistence, is the fundamental characteristic of long-term investors.

  Investment way, thousands of secret, only to find suitable investments and long-term, can survive in the stock market. However, many investors enter the market motive, just want to cash in the short term, has never set a long-term investment objective, and do not know what is the Foundation of this, follow the gambling, the short-term mentality, is resulting in the loss of important reasons.

  I managed by the starlit sky, Star and Chinese products, with Xu Zexi style, high turnover, average holding period is 2 weeks, but I always advise my clients want their product cycle to be at least 3 years, as I continue to use my method to create long term returns.

  Lesson two: long-term investments, not necessarily hold a stock for how long, but you set for yourself and how long the investment career. Only do it as a career investment, your mind will be long-term, rational so as not to take unnecessary risks on behalf of Chase.

  Lesson three: absolute gains relative earnings

  Absolute return is more important than relative gains matter? opinion. But not both are market accepted truth: to achieve absolute returns, risk should be avoided, and to want to beat the index, must have the courage to take risks. This itself is a paradox.

  But in Jersey City, absolute gains and the relative return is put together. Jersey City people are most concerned about the performance of two major features: the first is rising fast, far beat index for a long time, and the second is removing small, even when the market fell sharply, and performance has always remained stable. In the past 5 years, net back 10% only 3 times.

  Such a sharp and rock-solid performance, really made a lot of people don’t understand, what is the secret?

  Need a little disclosure city city, researcher of the test, there are three: recommended stock to go up, the best horse rising; hushen 300 index higher gain; purchased cannot be decreased by more than 10%, or unconditional stops, are not allowed to cover short positions.

  This is known as the “history” of the test really cruel, many researchers for a long time could not adapt, but it reflects the investment philosophy of Jersey City, which is based on the absolute return, targets the relative gains, with strict stop loss for discipline.

  If you want to reach Jersey City standards, should have in-depth studies on company fundamentals, to choose the subject, but also sensitive to sentiment of understanding, to find the point of sale.

  Ze city, so researchers are very hard, research around most of the time, density and depth of research is far higher than the industry average, and with sensitive drama unique on the market, and ultimately to create a miraculous performance.

  Ze city assessment methods, I will transplant almost intact to the qilu information management, for customers, making money is the hard truth. Our forefathers, which is used by, below. Only with the most strict standards of their own, to force us to put maximum effort, because of the limited capacity, performance might not approach par with Jersey City, but at least be worthy of their own, can we be fair to customers.

  Lesson three: absolute returns and relative income are very important. If you want to divide into a sequence of words, my choice is and get absolute return, take into account the relative benefit, but no matter what kind of income, must pay the hard work.

  Lesson four: reverse thinking

  Jersey City pressure, a researcher at the Grand, in addition to the stringent assessment criteria, there is an important reason: they often find that their conclusion down by drama, particularly do a lot of homework, seek expert advice, confidently described reasons, the drama has said flatly: No.

  But the actual trends show, drama and researcher conclusion is inconsistent, most of the time, the boss is right.

  I observed many times something like this and found that most of the time, when researchers advice when the convergence with the mainstream opinion of the market, denied the probability has increased significantly.

  Obviously, most people shared the view, drama is not accepted.

  There are a lot of times, Ze se heavily invested in stocks, in a promising market report, shares of sharp rose when Jersey City are quietly out while the selling price is often the stage at the top of the market.

  The feeling after the repeated, so I formed the habit, hot plate and stock in the market, always guard against whatever the market’s hottest, when trading Board full screen, always cold. Many times, this habit makes me miss opportunities, but more often, it lets me avoid the trap.

  Charlie Munger repeatedly stressed that, in turn, always the other way around. Is telling investors to think independently, and do not break away from the market when the degree of consensus, the inflection point is coming.

  Lesson four: the greed of others, I fear, fear my greed of others, which have become stock market known as the saying goes, but easier said than done, to overcome the weaknesses of human nature, takes a long time to hone.

  Lesson: careful using leverage

  Since last year, with the warming of markets, many investors see profits at the former, have added levers, two rapid melting balances soaring, rating Fund demand, and also has a lot of leverage highly structured products was born.

  However, I did not see Jersey City added leverage, on the contrary, Ze se at the end of the large proportion of dividends, this scale has ever closed products continued to drop a lot.

  Is Jersey City want to earn money? apparently not.

  For drama who fought for a long time in the market, leverage is no stranger, but with longer investment time, his attitude to leverage more cautious.

  Leverage costs, leverage the term, it is a known fact. After you added leverage, time is no longer your friend instead of your enemy.

  More important reason is that leveraged investment’s behavior will be distorted. Under pressure from the cost and term positions, or become more aggressive investors, hoping to make more profits, leading to take on more risk; or becoming more conservative, fear as a result of falling open, thus losing some opportunities.

  Do you still remember the tragedy changjiu biochemical? how many investors because of the leverage, a Peregrine over night, even after the share price rebound, also were forced open and missed an opportunity to correct errors. Leverage is the price, even if you are successful 99 times, failed for the last time would be enough to bring you back to the starting point, not even a chance to recoup the loss.

  I myself have used leverage, have had violent experiences, more painful lessons. Now, I think I am no longer willing to try the sharp two-edged sword. Buffett in mind: conservative investors sleep night after night.

  Lesson five: investment in the long run, stimulants may be short-term can make you run faster, but in the long run will cause irreversible damage to the body.

  Lesson: share prices sometimes has nothing to do with fundamentals

  Chongqing brewery battle is the classic case of Jersey City. Hepatitis b vaccine failed, stock price breaking point, Jersey City has been successful hunters, reaping huge profits, which twists and thrilling, exciting than fiction, and Jersey City investment logic, more amazing tales.

  In early 2012, Chongqing brewery would release results of hepatitis b vaccine clinical Unblinding, threw the whole market: hopes of a vaccine ineffective, announcements, stock prices continuously fell from 82. The shares fell to 28 on the day, it’s a miracle, huge bid opening to total annihilation, share prices soared in the intraday trading. No one thought that when the market is bearish, Jersey City shots.

  The next day, the shares fell. Even more unexpected was, the company announcement that night, will continue to be suspended until the release of another clinical result.

  The suspension is for more than a month, the result came out worse: the vaccine again proved ineffective. Market last chance has burst, stock prices fell again, up to 20 Yuan.

  In the meantime, market reports and rumors of the incident despite the similar conclusions: Chongqing brewery will return to the beer company’s valuations, according to similar companies, shares up to a value of 15 Yuan, or 10 Yuan.

  But at the moment, a dramatic change in share price, starting from 20 Yuan, Chongqing brewery stock prices to bounce, doubling the shares for more than a month. Jersey City above the 35 smooth profits.

  What caused share prices rebound? fundamentals do? it turns during this period, the company did not release any good, nor after. Obviously, share prices and fundamentals have been unrelated.

  I cannot understand why Ze city can guess this rally? drama after what solved the mystery.

  He said: “the Chongqing beer not stocks, is the lottery. First time blow out ‘ thank you ‘, second scrape out a ‘ thank you ‘, when everyone sees it as a waste, but the lottery haven’t finished shaving, or some believe it’d finished shaving, if followed by a grand prize? this is the logic of a rebound. ”

  This case has got me thinking about three months out, because it’s completely subverted the logic in textbooks: a share price is a reflection of the fundamentals. It let me know, at times, share prices and fundamentals have nothing to do, but only with the psychology of the masses.

  Later changjiu biochemical, zhangzidao … … Repeat of Chongqing beer scene, proved that use emotion to make money in the stock market is a model that can be copied.

  Lesson: stocks are multidimensional, fundamentals are just one-dimensional. As Warren Buffett said, the stock market is weighing machines for a long time, but in the short term is a voting machine. A savvy investor can make money with solid fundamental research, accurate psychology can also be used to make money. Robots do in radish is too hot why do education

  The seventh lesson: don’t be black swan down

  Jersey City is not God, when Jersey City also have a quilt.

  Alcoholic wine is a classic case of, when I was about 40, and Ze city heavily drunk wine, but rejoice in Black Swan, plasticizer event broke out.

  The suspension, resumption, continuous limit, the minimum 27. Heavy losses.

  Jersey City NET products have affected about withdrawing 0.1 Yuan, but less than a month, will have to record high.

  In fact, alcoholic wine down when opened for the first time, city, city light, then 27 brave Hunters until rebounding to 31 Yuan, recouped nearly half his losses. If you count the shares while bargain-hunting of other liquor, and even profitable.

  Retail investors in such cases, liquidation is not the first time, cut bottom after a successful comeback is sporadic. No steel nerves, it’s hard to do that.

  Stock market is not the lack of Black Swan events, long term, to completely circumvent the Black Swan is an impossible task. But the difference is that some people were knocked down by the Black Swan, Black Swan comes without batting an eye, calm recognition for compensation at the same time, still looking for a chance to strike back.

  Final lesson: don’t be chance down. In the presence of errors, complaining to no avail, a turtle that is of no avail to calm, and then face up, until the return to the right track, and turn lessons into future wealth.


  On the stock market, we will always be students, to learn from the experts, learn from scholars, to the market.

  Jersey City is an important part of my investment career, there are a lot of things, not finished above 7 lesson can be summarized. Wrote this article, not to reveal, nor to preach, just from an investment point of view, and our discussion and contention. Jersey City, please don’t ask me more.

  For now, I also became an asset manager, started his career in qilu information management, I hope to apply what they have learned to help clients achieve wealth and success. Long, hope someone peer.

  Drama saying, only evolved in the stock market can not be eliminated. Let us heed this.


Liu entered the Internet financial founder of one thousand financial

  On August 26, Liu founded the Internet banking platform “SME finance” announced the official line. It is reported that “a thousand financial” plans to launch four products, including universal insurance products, based on the equity capital markets for equity-linked insurance products. In addition, also including credit products, the International Monetary Fund.

  In his view, for ordinary investors, the stock market money-making opportunities may be less or more and need professional vision and judgment. This is the reason why he wanted to enter the Internet financial.

  He also pointed out that with the rapid accumulation of wealth of the Chinese people, its finance and investment awareness more and more strong, a lot of people to buy stocks, especially in a bull market. However, since mid-June this year, China’s stock market has experienced large fluctuations, for personal finance and investment clients, require more robust investment banking, need to be able to achieve financial security and stable returns, return a good investment and financing channels and products. After the wonderful work that the team MA s new

  ”My wealth is mainly from China’s capital market and, therefore, we hope that by way of Internet banking, share with me and our professional finance team of investment and financing experience, led the people to achieve growth in wealth. ”

It is hard to imagine K of hearts at hatching but also the whole industry chain


It is hard to imagine! K of hearts at hatching, but also the whole industry chain


  Incubator name: shangyun workshop

  Established: 2013

  Type: vertical hatch

  Main features: “big business” concept of the whole industrial chain under incubation, incubating projects provide financial, legal, human resources and basic services such as seed money, is currently in the intensive mentoring functions.

  58th, Valley Avenue, home to Wuhan hearts k group, which is a two-story white building shangyun workshop. If it is not seen, it is difficult to imagine that a focus on e-commerce incubator vertical, behind the major shareholder was the traditional enterprises such as k of hearts.

  Jie Li is the connection of the two key figures. He was the youngest Vice President in the history of k of hearts, shangyun workshop, founder of the man and his story inspiring and legendary.

  Graduate, Jie Li and his classmates created a pure life, Wuhan science and technology limited company, online sales of thermal underwear. In order to solve the surge in orders caused by the shortage and the problem of overloading the site background, gravel’s team developed solutions e-Commerce ERP systems, it becomes pure killer on the rise in the future, when sellers generally understaffed, and Boulder solutions team can methodically, send parcels of up to 10,000 a day. September 2010 to February 2011, pure 37.42 million yuan in sales of the company. What happens when entrepreneurs were former boss

  That is, in the spring of 2011, Lookout Xie Shengming active find Jie Li, Chairman of k of hearts, hope he can join k of hearts. That year, invested 12 million Yuan to buy pure company k of hearts, the annual salary of 500,000 yuan to invite Jie Li as a corporate CEO. Jie Li, a 14-month period, k of hearts e-commerce business from zero to do near billion yuan in annual sales.

  Story is not here to an abrupt end. As a typical representative of students, Jie Li and k of hearts created a “shangyun workshop”, encouraging college students to practice here, walkthroughs, has graduated from space, money and technical support for the team. Jie Li had done surveys, found that students start their own business failure rates as high as 94%, the lack of social resources and the right team is the main reason for their success. Groping a replicable entrepreneurship network, is the gravel operational shangyun workshops of beginner’s mind. The end of 2013, shangyun factory won the Innovation Incubator licence issued by Wuhan East Lake high-tech zone.

  When the same intention to small scale chopper the entrepreneurship areas and Yang Deliang. Ten years after graduation, Yang Deliang already start three times in a row, “young think entrepreneurship is very simple, a stream and jump in, but the real long-term enterprise, it is very difficult. I’d always assumed: if I can guide it out I may I will be better than it is now. “Yang was originally going to do a virtual incubator for entrepreneurship, recruited a group of mentors who have entrepreneurial experience, pointing out the college students avoid detours.

  ”All you have to do a virtual incubator, I happen to have a physical incubator instead of to manage. “After an accidental Exchange, invitations to Yang Deliang Jie Li, who served as shangyun factory General Manager. Soon after, in the longitudinal wisdom quickly built and pathways effects of Aspen from Shanghai to Wuhan, Deputy General Manager, focus on incubating enterprise system solutions.

  Shangyun workshop originally intended to be: sharing hearts k “net” experience, helping traditional businesses in transition, or short, make up the primary business enterprise. “Electrical contractor” concept is narrower, limited to network platforms sell physical goods. Yang Deliang took over, “electrical contractor” extension of the concept, who owns online distribution channels and means of payment companies can work with shangyun workshop. For example, a company engaged in the incubating enterprises PPT design and training, transactions completed online to meet Yang Deliang “electrical contractor” is defined.

  Apply for incubating project, shangyun workshop is generally communication with founder once or twice, first look at the project and the combination of e-commerce and mobile Internet is much, and growth, will assess whether the matching project and the development of incubators. On the last point, explained Yang Deliang, shangyun workshop’s ultimate aim is to create a closed-loop chain, incubating enterprises it is best to focus on one of the links in the chain, try not to appear homogeneous items.

  Already incubating enterprises shangyun workshop at first instance, review, screening of the retrial, the Court of final appeal and project optimization process. Under normal circumstances, through examination and then enterprises settled in at their own expense; after the review, you can get preferential entry; if they can pass the retrial, project free entry; final, enterprises can access to 200,000 seed fund incubators. If enterprises have developed rapidly, shangyun workshop will also help its docking in venture capital.

  ”As a rule, first venture success rate was 3%, the second is 8%, the third is 11%. Our aim is to start first time success rate increased to 10%-20%, possible extension of the life cycle. “Yang Deliang introduces, in addition to providing basic services such as finance, legal, human resources, shangyun workshops will also provide business operations with development strategies, marketing, and consultancy services of the corporate governance structure in order to reduce errors.

  NET technology in Wuhan limited is the shangyun workshops to complete the process from scratch. This is an open cell phone gaming platform in March of this year into the hatch. Liu Runtao told reporters of the entrepreneur, founder, from registration to financial advice, he speaks what the heart, all done through the incubator. As of mid-April, Liu Runtao already has nearly 30 employees. “Relying on the incubator and the butt, people enter easy; Secondly, the Office environment and the facilities here even better than some of the Office space, enough for people to apply. ”

  Yang Deliang, hatch was only the first step of the project, shangyun workshops hatch is the next one. “Incubation is the core of the man, hatch hatching projects more likely to succeed than people, so we launched the youth entrepreneur support programs, incubator into tutor system to train and support entrepreneurs, founders of business platform. “Great to good shops, and United States, cat people skilled contact heads of traditional enterprises such as underwear, little to no brush, no advertising Crown Taobao shop owners, are shangyun workshop instructors.

  East Lake high-tech zone hatching of the incubator set more stringent standards: either the high-tech enterprise or venture capital or annual sales of more than 4 million Yuan. By that standard, shangyun factory sits on 25 projects, successfully hatched this year at least 3.

  Yang Deliang think, should a great incubator, where conditions permit, case, establishment of a complete business service ecosystem, docking an undertaking for mentors, venture fund providing entrepreneurial talent, training team, and so on. Corresponds to the shangyun factory, its goal in this niche is deep, industrial chain of building a business venture.

Internet financial money many people stupid Over 100 million in financing has

  Recently, the financial network announced US $ 207 million c round financing, time to refresh the record industry financing. Of course, to be excluded from Lu Jin of 485 million dollars. Behind the platform wave after wave of financing, more like a finance game, who seems to be the volume of financing higher, who would eventually become the industry.

  Author sort found that financing in the financial sector of the Internet platform of over 100 million dollars has reached 8. Here, of course, does not include acquisition and investing in finance, such as investment chunxing precision shares love, kaile science and technology shares held financial net. There is financing controversial, such as Lenovo 1 billion (others in the media have said that 900 million) stake in Wing Lung loan, Bao was 2 billion financing, lending and so on, I will not enumerate here. All in all, financing platform for amounts of more than $ 100 million, and is recognized by the industry and the media as shown in the following table:


Internet financial money many people stupid? Over $ 100 million in financing has up to 8


  We can see that the good silver network, network, network management, micro-lending network, 91, Mong Kok, finance, financing a large number of well-known platforms such as fan no financing amount is $ 100 million into the camp. This shows that the Internet of fierce competition in the financial sector, more and more through financing to increase brand awareness, even to a big event marketing, for example money plus (formerly speed help loans) obtained StarVC (ren Quan, Huang Xiaoming, Li shared investment institutions to fund the establishment of) investments attracted great attention. However, such endemic inertia, causing great chaos, part of the platform announced financing, was questioned by industry and the media. Over the years dig what great letv executives

  Financing appears to be questionable, due to the following four aspects.

  One is the amount of financing. Many platforms angel round, a round, even a b round of funding are millions of, tens of millions of dollars or Chinese Yuan, usually only 10 million US dollars or Chinese Yuan, some even only a fraction, and when the Platform launches to create image of tall, so said the amount of financing tens of millions of dollars or Chinese Yuan.

  Second, investment institutions. Financing on most platforms are generally announced in some institutions to invest in a high profile, especially some of the well-known institutions or groups, announced that their investment is an event marketing. Another scenario is that platform investment companies are not well known, so platforms it has chosen not to release. Of course, in most cases is that investment institutions not to publish, in particular, the platform is still in the growth stage, investment institutions of the platform is still in the testing phase, does not want the platform in case involving disputes affecting the itself.

  Three is company shareholders. General platform to complete the financing changes its registered capital and shareholder information, but if the platform announces completion of financing investment vehicles are not shareholders. In that case, industry and media have reason to suspect that platform previously announced financing to be true, after all, normal investments will hold shares in the Corporation, company registration information change accordingly.

  Four is the parent company. Some investment platform is not all platforms themselves, but platform attached to the company’s parent company financing. Such as love of money boxes, all loans, building blocks, and orange banking, financing and the golden eggs is the parent company to obtain financing, and not the amount invested to platform company. For example, it is red Road risk survey shows that box of building blocks access to three rounds of financing into a happy and harmonious lines (number of parallel companies and joint stock companies), which means that building block platform is not exclusive in the box three rounds of financing.

  Finally, I want to tell you that while financing increased as a platform, but platforms in parallel with the line of financing, should also be more strict risk management, more transparent information disclosure, the user experience more human. Also remind everyone here that while access to financing platform in theory more secure, but don’t blindly follow the trend to invest in these platforms. After all, investment risk, we need to caution.

Business students into summer left behind stage blood caused by version of the

  A nice central bar, more than 10 separate decks, a dispersed around big-screen business area, constitute the “Ningbo coffee co” main frame. Inside a building in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, a group of young Juniors form the “youth partners” in this hot summer, boldly out of the entrepreneurial dreams of a first step.

  Perhaps, on a hot summer day, have students choose to put themselves in the network’s virtual magic, as well as an air-conditioned room is cool and comfortable. However, there are a bunch of “love toss” students, they did not give time to travel or play, but in the “millions of innovation, public business” under heat, select start this summer under the brand “blood struggle” imprint.

  No dreams, no youth

  Wang pony, hand out a business card with some confidence, the Zhejiang Wanli University 94-born “cute girl”, is the “Ningbo coffee co” founder.

  Brewing coffee, painted, wipe the bar … … Wang will be working procedures done in one fell swoop. She said: “‘ coffee ‘ not only sell drinks, there is also equivalent to a gathering of ‘ base camp ‘, initiate salon and Café lectures every week, providing information and services for entrepreneurs. ”

  Fine grinding in the coffee machine, with a mellow taste, Wang and the team’s entrepreneurial dreams are still “grinding”. “We negotiate a weekly ‘ Monday ‘ themes, covering human resources, entrepreneurial way problems such as legal disputes, hoping ‘ salon on Monday ‘ form, form a solid ecosystem. “Ciampo, head of the project that” coffee “,” sell “is the amount, after branding, guest groups and investors for normal interaction, so that” a coffee “added value to be promoted.

  Wang Bing, a junior from Wenzhou of Zhejiang Wanli College may, months for her upcoming “get sponsored” APP projects work, contracts and procedures in the “roll” is her most unique in this summer “vacation” mode.

  Wang Bing may’s vision, “get sponsored” APP is a free platform to connect student organizations and sponsors, real name post registration system will break the barriers of information asymmetry between supply and demand. “When the Student Union, I found a ‘ siege ‘, and students struggling to find the right sponsors, people wishing to enter the campus market businesses can’t find person on campus, I want to integrate resources, through the chain. “Ms Wang Mei said.

  The dreams of youth, is the real projection of the future. Drafting contracts, contact communications businesses, colleges and universities student organization … … Wang Bing and his friends are the dream in reality. Flashing with luminous eyes, Wang Bingmei told reporters: “a few days ago we signed a co-operation agreement and a few businesses, online project in the development of successful, dreams are emerging!”

  Busy entrepreneurs summer “stay”

  In the summer heat, Wang Bing and her team are just college students tide in a spray, in order to occupy in the upcoming employment opportunities, many college students have chosen to use the summer vacation for their future, “the waters”.

  Ningbo Institute of technology junior Chen Haoran, Zhejiang University is a product of “Alibaba service station” CEO, this summer he was busy for his Cabinet to upgrade the system of express intelligent services, and actively approaching VCs. “Until ‘ 11 ‘ later went home. “Chen Haoran told reporters, after school, senior course is free, I will spend most of its energy on the business, this summer is the best example of the” seamless “period.

  There is a line in the movie Chinese partners, “dreams are dreams is one of the things that make you feel insist it is happy. “Wang is empathy. “When the dream lands, in addition to funding problems, but there are a series of its own trivia questions that were not envisaged visually laying in front of you. “Wang lamented that yourself and team up in thinking about how to attract, improve service,” haven’t seen the show, but got a very full every day. ” Legend of the PayPal mafia entrepreneurship

  Of himself, “I love toss” Wang Bing may allow them to “rotational” size matters, and Wang Bingmei admits, “not because of who we are and to lower the standard of the market, must arm themselves quickly by training. Although there are no rich social resources and experience, we dropped it over than others, but we have the ability to grow quickly. ”

  In recent years, with “millions of innovations, VW venture” becomes the new engine, college student career guidance Center in Ningbo universities everywhere, a group of little-known student leaders also became the campus of mouth “legend”.

  According to media reports, in 2014, 42 out of every 1000 students in the Ningbo city people choose self-employment, entrepreneurship, cultural and creative industries covered Internet applications, modern agriculture and modern service industry, high technology industries, 60 students rookie established businesses in 2014, a total of 3.87 billion yuan output value.

  Output would break thousands of Ningbo University in college “business King” gang Li, business that helped clients bargain shopping of Ningbo vocational and technical college “King of bargains,” Li Jie, a school meal service and an Internet “marriage” of Yuan Huang of the Ningbo City College students … … They avoid the crowds pushing the “workforce” dream realized on the corner “technical pass”.

  The “new generation” dream head start

  In recent years, has gone from “elitism” to “mass education” transition, college graduates flocking into the employment market is relatively small and the formation of a typical “there were naturally howls of” situations, employment is self-evident.

  And the network economy achievements such as Bill Gates, wrapped in a heroic aura pioneers such as Ma, entrepreneurship has become a race to catch up with fashion. And as the State allows college students drop out entrepreneurial and registration, and a series of preferential tax policies, more and more students start their “rice bowls”.

  In the mass start, the much anticipated innovation boom, in May this year, the first city established entrepreneurial League in Ningbo, Zhejiang, committed to gather entrepreneurial resources, through the entrepreneurial ecosystem, nurture and build the city’s entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial atmosphere. Ningbo entrepreneurship team are “groups”, and as the business market in the “pioneer”.

  But due to lack of funds and resources, entrepreneurship projects generally focus on the creative and intelligent, with a small investment, starting low common.

  ”Market share, market segment, which required business students ‘ hard work can only have ‘ cocoons into butterflies ‘ moments. “Ningbo University Career Center director Wang Hongying, said summer without academic pressure, and can be directly entered the practice stage, a junior, an increasing number of” youth partners “in time for the summer as a” golden age “of touring continued entrepreneurial career.

  Summer warm, for youth the most publicized footnote. Looked at fighting in dream the front of the “new generation” of entrepreneurial force, Wang Hongying said: “after people used to love to ’90 ‘ put all kinds of labels, but in them I see the freshest idea nonconformist personality, strong ability of information collection, these are the quality of business Constitution. ”

  Although students professional strengths and ideas, but due to lack of experience and money, easy to die. Wang Hongying believes that encouraging college students to start their own businesses in need of social institutions, schools, the Government set up incubation platform, “mass innovation of entrepreneurship, the much anticipated” without policy, only cultivated good “business soil”, “dreamer” to demonstrating great potential.

  ”If college students can play a role of main force and force in innovation, whether it is to help young people complete self-transformation, into society, also is to relieve the pressure of employment, innovation boom set off the whole society, is of great significance. “Wang Hongying said.