Disaster response force semi mechanized Roach rescue team

  Often there will be some catastrophic events of this world, people often seems to be particularly vulnerable to these catastrophes. But Roach (Jack Bauer) is very different, they have a very strong ability of survival, researchers took a fancy to this ability, hope to use the Roach to shoulder burden of rescue work.

  Last week, Spain Sensors on the Conference to be held in Valencia from United States researchers first announced the project in North Carolina. According to the description, they will use a microphone Jack Bauer back to search for and locate survivors in the collapsed buildings.

  Small is not a simple microphone on the back of strong, but a tightly arranged system, researchers can use this system to control the actions of Jack Bauer, making them look more like semi-mechanization of bio-robots. Net sale of prescription pharmaceutical business

  Alper Bozkurt in the study described the Roach’s work: they are on the back of the microphone can be distinguished by high resolution leakages of sounds and the cries of survivors, determined, these cockroaches will immediately towards the source of the sound and looking for. People can manipulate the Roach sound system on its back, which also moves toward the survivors with and bring them hope.

  In order to prevent Jack Bauer does not obey orders leave the scene, the researchers also invented an invisible “wall”, they will be fixed in a search in the region, at the same time, this “wall” to the microphone jack on the back of the solar energy to recharge.

  According to the plan, if all goes well, these robots will become the official rescue team.

  In fact, animals have started to be widely used in a variety of search and rescue operations, such as search and rescue dogs we are familiar with. BioMimetic robot technology also is working to develop, before the Agency demonstrated a high-tech snake-like robot. As the Roach-led “cyborg” form, more people still adopt a wait-and-see attitude. But they are not alone, is this group of researchers studying moths can fly control, this form can be implanted electrodes in the moths in the cicada pupa stage is to be achieved.

  However, there is still a problem, is that when people see a Roach or when moths, knee-jerk reaction should be to shoot them dead.

Unmanned aerial vehicle competition heats up GoPro will join it

  GoPro hopes to further increase its photographic equipment used for extreme sports such as surfing. According to the GoPro is currently planned, the company hoped that sales in the second half of next year the UAV products. GoPro drones will be used “Helix helicopter” design (multi-rotor helicopter), and equipped with high definition cameras, the price is expected to be between $ 500 and $ 1000.

  As a leading consumer electronics brands, GoPro fact enter the UAV market, indicates that the industry is already in a few years to move quickly to the mainstream consumer, and profit is considerable–progress of science and technology in recent years have an unattended machines become smaller, cheaper and easier to operate, which makes consumers flock to, and have forced Regulators enact regulatory statutes.

  Consumer grade light helicopter UAV usually carries a camera device, and can be controlled via a Smartphone or tablet. United States of relevant regulatory authorities allow individuals to use drones based on common interests. So you can expect this year’s holiday sales season, UAV device is going to be one of the best selling products–some players even use this fresh approach has created a whole new set of camera style, and named it “dronie” (Note: the mobile phone camera popular, a new English word “selfie”. Self portrait is the English word for unmanned “drone” and “selfie”).

  GoPro plan launched another UAV products to consider, is the traditional camera business hit by the competition from Sony and other manufacturers. GoPro has set up 10 years, finally completed in June this year IPO listing. Company for a long time, has been generous with rolling heavily invest in research and development, to continue to maintain its leading position in the industry. The first three quarters of this year, GoPro sports camcorder shipments reached 2.8 million units, achieving 15% rose from a year earlier.

  In fact, in San Mateo, California, GoPro is drone market heavyweight players. Its weighs only 3 ounces (85 grams) of the cameras, have been widely installed at various manufacturers of UAV products. However, GoPro launched its own brand of UAV products directly, or was caught by the company. The world’s largest producer of consumer drones–the Shenzhen Frontier innovation science and technology, recently announced that it will in the future developed the production of cameras on the drones. Other UAV manufacturers are likely to follow the example of this behavior, to deal with the GoPro in direct competition.

  ”I’m happy GoPro will continue to produce great cameras, and we will continue to produce great aircraft equipment. “3D Robotics Inc., Senior Vice President of sales kelin·Jien (Colin Guinn). The company’s current sales of unmanned aerial vehicles with a GoPro camera. Broke off the worn on the hand is on Kindle do

  Jean on the GoPro will launch its own brand of drones were surprised by the decision and noted that the current 3D Robotics users, basically already have before buying drones GoPro camera products.

  In an e-mail statement, GoPro spokesman said, “our users have in the field of UAVs showed us GoPro amazing achievements. Earlier this year, to learn more about drones monitor the implementation of Act, and better protect the interests of consumers, GoPro Small UAV drone advocacy groups joined the Washington Coalition. ”

  GoPro through official websites and retailers such as best buy sells its camera products, products priced at $ 200 to $ 500 range. In addition the company also launched a media brand to diversify earnings.

  The first three quarters of this year, GoPro’s revenues totaled $ 763 million, sharply higher than the $ 624 million in the same period last year. Company share price since June after the listed its shares on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, have risen 138%.

  France electronic products launched in 2010 Parrot SA was sold for $ 300 consumer drone. UAV sales for the third quarter of the year reached 24.2 million dollars, up 38% from a year earlier.

  Innovation science and technology of Xinjiang in early 2013, Shenzhen, China launched a Phantom that cost as much as $ 1000 four-rotor helicopter. The company’s sales reached $ 130 million last year, and this year is expected to increase 3 times as much.

  Larger unmanned aerial vehicles are also used for filming, industrial construction and mining industry and other fields, but the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are still prohibited commercial UAV applications. About expect commercial unmanned aerial vehicle regulations is expected to be enacted next month.

Wearable technology is a new health craze

Pedometer fitness tracking products, has been around for years, but now the wearable is rapidly becoming a more mature and fashionable technology. They are digital, can measure any biological parameters, to connect and share data.    Fitness bands already existing market, smart watches are entering the field.

Early wearable products are generally focused on fitness, but now more and more tending to health and health care. Essentially, these products will be as with Diagnostics and will assist in the monitoring of health conditions and diseases–UV irradiation, hydration, sleep patterns, blood sugar and blood pressure. They can also be used for distance learning clinical trials to collect real-life data, but also as a tool for drug treatment. “In many ways is the use of wearable technology,” spokesman for wearable technology company Misfit, aimipuliyafeitao (Amy Puliafito) said, “but we are still looking for someone to wear a unique use, is a feature has the potential to develop and grow. ”That’s Apple, Google and Samsung cares about–every company in this area has significant investments.

Wearable technology is a new health craze

    Intelligent Accessories universal charging cell

Wearable technology will point to the patient and self-management of health, improve, and this will change the relationship between doctor and patient. However, fundamentally, wearable is on preventive medicine and avoid seeing doctors, feishaeraihamaide, Director of interactive media ICC Lowe (Faisal Ahmed) said. Through data collection and analysis, can seek treatment and wear may be used to help improve treatment outcomes. Combining these data with electronic medical records, has the potential to change the current landscape as a whole, has led to a more personalized health care, ultimately reducing costs.

Pharmaceutical companies should do jump on stage? It is said that some companies had to negotiate with technology giants.    Ahmad from the patient’s point of view, it will be a great success for pharmaceutical companies, and company can provide support and assistance in drug treatment.

Obstacle now is for the public to purchase these products, and maintenance of equipment used for a long time, puliyafeitao said. Privacy will become an issue, especially after data collection sharing, real benefit when it comes. Sceptical people may question whether companies can better understand the medical world.

So, what will be in the future? It’s still early, Ahmed said, but he hoped that, with the Giants to accelerate the development of science and technology, public awareness will increase.    Wearable in the future will contain all things, from clothes, glasses, to headphones, and blood glucose monitoring would be attractive first, while technology companies are already exploring this field, for example, Google’s smart contact lenses, the purpose of which is to measure blood glucose levels through tears.

Today’s devices are backward-looking, it does not measure the current state of health, provide them with analysis or future state of health, but a new generation of wearable products will be more focused on health forecasts, it can help to prevent and reduce health-care costs.

Smart Home robot is not only to occupy the living room


  Lei feng’s Web on September 11, issued by RooBo investment and family mini robots was held in Beijing bridge coffee pudding, Pudding media communication. For fear of traffic, Lei feng’s reporter at the scene early, then pudding team is also preparing a communication.

  The communication space is not large, guest forms more like a tea party, and at the beginning of communication claimed that recalling old pudding founder Yi Chen said: “I am an entrepreneur several times, this communication seeks to show, talk about our latest products. ”


  May be the first time communication, came to Yi Chen clearly nervous, prior to the official product, introduced the background of many teams, and product design. Robots on the market is very large, this design pudding robots have taken into account. However, Yi Chen said after the team found that the living area of the home generally is about 90-100 square meters, but take up more space, pudding robot the size of a large egg.

  Robot humanoid, pulleys and so on, Yi Chen, as a team, the way they take is the first robot’s “brain”. Lei Feng network reporter, the “brain” refers to the robot’s Intelligence Center.

  Yi Chen told reporters that the team definition of pudding robot is a fun, useful, and fun family robot.


  Robots, Yi Chen of software before hardware is used. Software features, the first is about emotional communication. He said at the scene, reflecting the interesting way is through the design of many scenes “tease” mode. For example in speech communication in the show, Yi Chen asked: “do you sing a Wang Feng, song. “Pudding confidently responded:” I’m not going to. “Let the live comedy.

  Second life service, weather, voice navigation features include voice queries, and so on. Yi Chen told reporters that the increased demand for these features is based on the life of scene design. Linkage with the APP, you can know without waiting at home. Eye recognition service eye override password

  Finally, home security, through the motion detection and video recording function, if the person is not at home, when someone entered the room can remind on the APP side. Yi Chen also cited another example, such as mobile robots under surveillance, if someone moved, robot judged following the displacement of mobile alert. Video surveillance, pudding robots have independently developed video codec functions, to ensure that after watching the video on the mobile phone side stable, smooth and safe.

Smart Home robot is not only to occupy the living room!


  Pudding robot voice flew from HKUST, the effective distance of 2-3 m, the team adopted the same nuts phone offline recognition reaction time 1-2 seconds. And the team is still in sound source localization progress, face recognition, appliance control, enhancing the usefulness of the product. Robot AI systems is a team of independent research and development, music choose to cooperate with Litchi FM radio Koala.

  In terms of hardware, pudding integrate several network formats, including Bluetooth 4.0, such as ZigBee. Supports up to 1280×960-resolution camera, Yi Chen introduced pudding is the smallest size on the market wide angle camera, level of 73.6, 58.6 degrees vertically, the robot can be turned 360 degrees.


Smart Home robot is not only to occupy the living room!

  Of the robot is on display boards, Lei feng’s reporter found that puddings are using MTK quad-core processor, built-in 8G memory, 500 Ma batteries can stand for 6 hours, there are two USB interfaces.

  Team hope that the future will be able to make it open source, attract more rich content producers a platform. But clearly, the pudding at this stage, it is too early to build a platform. As for the network of Lei Feng is more concerned about the appliance control, Yi Chen, told reporters: “If there are open source licenses can be used directly, but for many appliances, we are actively negotiating. ”

  For a startup company, a product is not easy. Pudding Pudding texture to the touch is very good. But a small robot equipped with security, AI, intelligent home control Terminal, chatting these features, practical experience still needs to wait out of real experience.

  East pudding robot will be on September 15 in Beijing to raise, the price is not determined, but Yi Chen said it would be between 500-800.

Or T2 only 1798 Yuan hammer appeared the Ministry Web site

       Although there is insufficient evidence to prove Smartisan T2 will not support fingerprint recognition, legendary Xiao long 820 will not appear in the models, but the majority of users are curious about the appearance of this model, in particular taking into account the Smartisan T1 has won the IF design award international. But on the afternoon of December 14, the legendary Smartisan suspected appearance of T2 ‘s Ministry website, although the appearance of the figure was quickly taken down the website, but there are still many netizens screenshot it stayed.

Or T2 only 1798 Yuan hammer appeared the Ministry Web site

  Hammer from the exposure of the SM801 as new makeup, which like most of the award-winning Smartisan T1, in particular, retains the classic glass design on both sides of the machine. Of course, the machine seemed to have adopted the two-sided 2.5D glass design, the Smartisan T1 ‘s touch-screen display panel is a step closer. The machine seems to be using polycarbonate frame, although the overall three-layer design is stronger than it was before, but to occupy a certain width of the border, affecting the overall look. In addition, the machine is not in the Smartisan on the T1 design by iconic symmetry, originally the entity keys are replaced by card slot on the right. It is worth mentioning that, as the old guarantees, the three entities are the positive press.

Or T2 only 1798 Yuan hammer appeared the Ministry Web site

  Parameters from exposure at the Ministry of information, the machine still adopts a 4.95 inch display, not surprisingly, the resolution is still 1080P. In addition, the machine is built in a 2490mAh battery, and does not support dual SIM dual standby function, while the 7.53mm body thickness compared to the previous generation, and no significant progress.

Or T2 only 1798 Yuan hammer appeared the Ministry Web site

• After exposure Smartisan T2 rendering

  Other configurations, according to the exposure before news Smartisan T2 will be powered by mycophenolate mofetil 808 processor, and supplemented with 3GB running memory, photo, which will most likely be used for 8 million and 13 million pixels camera with rear combination. Judging from the present situation, Smartisan T2 is obviously not a real flagship model, which is more like a hammer in order to enrich product lines designed to transition product. According to previous rumors, take mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor, as well as fingerprint-recognition Smartisan T2 Pro, is likely to wait until the first quarter of next year will be published.

  Fix according to determine exposure means that the machine does not pick up the fingerprint recognition, taking into account the SM801 configuration of the new machine, after rumours about 1798 Smartisan T2 prices became more credible. According to earlier sources of leaks, this machine is most likely on December 25 to meet with you. Smart home when you can change the wisdom family

Nokia s Suzhou plant closed at the end of this month the staff discuss youth

       On December 5, recently Twitter broke the news that Nokia’s Suzhou factory will close by the end of this month, the roots of Suzhou Industrial Park, 17 years old finally shut down periods. Nokia Siemens Networks (Suzhou) Co Ltd–Nokia communications, the predecessor of Suzhou branch 1998 has been set up in the Park. It is one of the first to enter the Park. In 2009, Suzhou Branch annual import and export volume of close to $ 1 billion, mainly the production of communications network equipment products, export-oriented, communications network equipment in the world, occupies a larger share. OK Exam marking done by the artificial




       Factories closed, original factory employees go from here? From the Twitter users broke the news to the information, the company’s employee pull up banners asked Nokia for the loss of youth.




       Earlier this year, media reports, “Chinese enterprises to stop production to factories suffered a cold snap Suzhou people’s Congress closed,” the news, falling along with the eastern part of the country labor cost advantage and speed up technology upgrade, such as Nokia’s Suzhou factory closings that may occur in the future.

TV plus cloud first free CDN service in a bid to end users profiting

  In unprecedented traffic demand today, is enjoying explosive growth in video business and video services will be the main point of CDN market. Tencent cloud fancy online video increased demand for cloud services, launch integrated video solutions. Internet giants into so that the original operators and third-party companies occupied CDN to the Red Sea.

  CDN vendors are on the market with falling prices for live games, suddenly out of a cloud, announced free CDN.

  On August 18, TV plus cloud Announces cloud services ecosystem ecological cloud, and announced that TV plus cloud platform CDN services will be free. Letv video CDN including CDN, cloud live-on-demand and cloud product, CDN services completely free of charge. For industrial users, users can publish content for free to start a video, and control the entire broadcast process. For users not already fused with the video industry, via TV plus cloud cloud services are free to create a video publishing platform.

  CDN service provider in China on the road to price

  Aliyun before March 2014 launch speed CDN, domestic public CDN CDN vendors do not have quotes. Different users are almost exactly the same service, but prices vary greatly. Third-party CDN provider technology President Wu Yi has said that CDN pricing to unity, because there is a customer demand difference.

  With the CDN industry, increased competition, and CDN industry price transparency on the one hand, on the one hand with falling prices of CDN services. On May 22, aliyun CDN announces reduction of 21.2%. Follow Tencent CDN and cloud UPYUN on 26th, 27th price by 25% and 27.5%. Then, more cloudy and service providers, such as company cloud acceleration and the Thunder also take follow-up action immediately joined prices surge.

  Thunderbolt CTO Chen Lei said: “2015 CDN prices will be cut within a year, market prices will not be higher than the 1.5w/G/month. The whole industry will have three significant changes–the price breakdown of the reserve price, accounting more transparent; three of disruptive technology, reshaping the market service mentality changes, more emphasis on user experience. ”

  CDN billing forms, toll on billing, according to the number of requests, according to broadband billing, monthly for years has. Tencent cloud as an example, CDN traffic price is 0.39/GB,CDN broadband price is 0.9/Mbps/days.

  TV plus from end users who generate income

  For the Le depending on cloud launched of CDN free service, Le depending on cloud CEO Wu Yazhou in accept media interview Shi said, “hope this industry completely free of, not to put this industry eradication off, but a to returned to primitive, through various packaging, through other of things to kept to told story, let this market to earned part of profit; II is put these things put to industry whole aspects to full to produced chemical reactions, created new value. ”

  Not adopted CDN service itself, but to open up the entire cloud services, create a video publishing platform, to create value through content. TV plus cloud after Wu Yazhou said customers to upload content to advertisement content through its own resources, while merchants benefit provided to the client 35% as the proceeds. Liu the wind came the pigs die faster

  As the cloud is a music video network and TV plus holding January 27 joint venture set up last year. At present, depending on the cloud video is the cornerstone, integrating video capture, transmission, transcoding, storage, distribution, broadcasting and other areas, providing one-stop video solutions.

  Vice President of music video abulikemu·abulimiti explained that the TV plus cloud Enterprise cloud services, and user-oriented, final value of income generated from users. Is a “B+B” and “2C” process.

  This is always emphasized the “ecological” concept. Depending on the vertical integration of the contents, screen finance, mobile phones, cars, and the future of the Internet Forum, forum access TV plus cloud, using their own resources and the advantage to attract users, and ultimately profitable. Profit is not in this forum, is also likely to arise in other sections.

  Among them, the car is a key work in TV plus cloud section. Wu Yazhou said cloud computing technology for education, games, e-commerce and other cloud customers, TV plus super cars and the automotive industry to build win-win platform. This one will have a number of innovative industries, such as social networking, home entertainment systems and so on.

  In this cross-industry, all Terminal video behind cloud services ecosystem, with 600 nodes worldwide support, bandwidth more than 10T, cover more than more than more than 60 countries and regions to ensure tens of users to concurrent 4K the Panorama broadcast in real time.

  Regardless of whether the free pricing models will pose a threat to the CDN industry, profit sharing arrangement will change. Wu Yazhou said, “whatever resources investment or technology services, content promotion, cooperation, in advertising or flow into sharing, copyright, data services, all kinds of combinations are possible, will allow the distribution of benefits changes. ”

  In addition, TV plus cloud also announced officially launched a round of capital-raising plans, specific message does not give too much away, Asia only to the media, said Wu, TV plus cloud capital “in the next two or three months there is a very good arrangement,” “we are talking about raising money into money, money and combine strategy and business in this matter. ”