Nokia s Suzhou plant closed at the end of this month the staff discuss youth

       On December 5, recently Twitter broke the news that Nokia’s Suzhou factory will close by the end of this month, the roots of Suzhou Industrial Park, 17 years old finally shut down periods. Nokia Siemens Networks (Suzhou) Co Ltd–Nokia communications, the predecessor of Suzhou branch 1998 has been set up in the Park. It is one of the first to enter the Park. In 2009, Suzhou Branch annual import and export volume of close to $ 1 billion, mainly the production of communications network equipment products, export-oriented, communications network equipment in the world, occupies a larger share. OK Exam marking done by the artificial




       Factories closed, original factory employees go from here? From the Twitter users broke the news to the information, the company’s employee pull up banners asked Nokia for the loss of youth.




       Earlier this year, media reports, “Chinese enterprises to stop production to factories suffered a cold snap Suzhou people’s Congress closed,” the news, falling along with the eastern part of the country labor cost advantage and speed up technology upgrade, such as Nokia’s Suzhou factory closings that may occur in the future.

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