Or T2 only 1798 Yuan hammer appeared the Ministry Web site

       Although there is insufficient evidence to prove Smartisan T2 will not support fingerprint recognition, legendary Xiao long 820 will not appear in the models, but the majority of users are curious about the appearance of this model, in particular taking into account the Smartisan T1 has won the IF design award international. But on the afternoon of December 14, the legendary Smartisan suspected appearance of T2 ‘s Ministry website, although the appearance of the figure was quickly taken down the website, but there are still many netizens screenshot it stayed.

Or T2 only 1798 Yuan hammer appeared the Ministry Web site

  Hammer from the exposure of the SM801 as new makeup, which like most of the award-winning Smartisan T1, in particular, retains the classic glass design on both sides of the machine. Of course, the machine seemed to have adopted the two-sided 2.5D glass design, the Smartisan T1 ‘s touch-screen display panel is a step closer. The machine seems to be using polycarbonate frame, although the overall three-layer design is stronger than it was before, but to occupy a certain width of the border, affecting the overall look. In addition, the machine is not in the Smartisan on the T1 design by iconic symmetry, originally the entity keys are replaced by card slot on the right. It is worth mentioning that, as the old guarantees, the three entities are the positive press.

Or T2 only 1798 Yuan hammer appeared the Ministry Web site

  Parameters from exposure at the Ministry of information, the machine still adopts a 4.95 inch display, not surprisingly, the resolution is still 1080P. In addition, the machine is built in a 2490mAh battery, and does not support dual SIM dual standby function, while the 7.53mm body thickness compared to the previous generation, and no significant progress.

Or T2 only 1798 Yuan hammer appeared the Ministry Web site

• After exposure Smartisan T2 rendering

  Other configurations, according to the exposure before news Smartisan T2 will be powered by mycophenolate mofetil 808 processor, and supplemented with 3GB running memory, photo, which will most likely be used for 8 million and 13 million pixels camera with rear combination. Judging from the present situation, Smartisan T2 is obviously not a real flagship model, which is more like a hammer in order to enrich product lines designed to transition product. According to previous rumors, take mycophenolate mofetil 820 processor, as well as fingerprint-recognition Smartisan T2 Pro, is likely to wait until the first quarter of next year will be published.

  Fix according to determine exposure means that the machine does not pick up the fingerprint recognition, taking into account the SM801 configuration of the new machine, after rumours about 1798 Smartisan T2 prices became more credible. According to earlier sources of leaks, this machine is most likely on December 25 to meet with you. Smart home when you can change the wisdom family

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