Wearable technology is a new health craze

Pedometer fitness tracking products, has been around for years, but now the wearable is rapidly becoming a more mature and fashionable technology. They are digital, can measure any biological parameters, to connect and share data.    Fitness bands already existing market, smart watches are entering the field.

Early wearable products are generally focused on fitness, but now more and more tending to health and health care. Essentially, these products will be as with Diagnostics and will assist in the monitoring of health conditions and diseases–UV irradiation, hydration, sleep patterns, blood sugar and blood pressure. They can also be used for distance learning clinical trials to collect real-life data, but also as a tool for drug treatment. “In many ways is the use of wearable technology,” spokesman for wearable technology company Misfit, aimipuliyafeitao (Amy Puliafito) said, “but we are still looking for someone to wear a unique use, is a feature has the potential to develop and grow. ”That’s Apple, Google and Samsung cares about–every company in this area has significant investments.

Wearable technology is a new health craze

    Intelligent Accessories universal charging cell

Wearable technology will point to the patient and self-management of health, improve, and this will change the relationship between doctor and patient. However, fundamentally, wearable is on preventive medicine and avoid seeing doctors, feishaeraihamaide, Director of interactive media ICC Lowe (Faisal Ahmed) said. Through data collection and analysis, can seek treatment and wear may be used to help improve treatment outcomes. Combining these data with electronic medical records, has the potential to change the current landscape as a whole, has led to a more personalized health care, ultimately reducing costs.

Pharmaceutical companies should do jump on stage? It is said that some companies had to negotiate with technology giants.    Ahmad from the patient’s point of view, it will be a great success for pharmaceutical companies, and company can provide support and assistance in drug treatment.

Obstacle now is for the public to purchase these products, and maintenance of equipment used for a long time, puliyafeitao said. Privacy will become an issue, especially after data collection sharing, real benefit when it comes. Sceptical people may question whether companies can better understand the medical world.

So, what will be in the future? It’s still early, Ahmed said, but he hoped that, with the Giants to accelerate the development of science and technology, public awareness will increase.    Wearable in the future will contain all things, from clothes, glasses, to headphones, and blood glucose monitoring would be attractive first, while technology companies are already exploring this field, for example, Google’s smart contact lenses, the purpose of which is to measure blood glucose levels through tears.

Today’s devices are backward-looking, it does not measure the current state of health, provide them with analysis or future state of health, but a new generation of wearable products will be more focused on health forecasts, it can help to prevent and reduce health-care costs.

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