Disaster response force semi mechanized Roach rescue team

  Often there will be some catastrophic events of this world, people often seems to be particularly vulnerable to these catastrophes. But Roach (Jack Bauer) is very different, they have a very strong ability of survival, researchers took a fancy to this ability, hope to use the Roach to shoulder burden of rescue work.

  Last week, Spain Sensors on the Conference to be held in Valencia from United States researchers first announced the project in North Carolina. According to the description, they will use a microphone Jack Bauer back to search for and locate survivors in the collapsed buildings.

  Small is not a simple microphone on the back of strong, but a tightly arranged system, researchers can use this system to control the actions of Jack Bauer, making them look more like semi-mechanization of bio-robots. Net sale of prescription pharmaceutical business

  Alper Bozkurt in the study described the Roach’s work: they are on the back of the microphone can be distinguished by high resolution leakages of sounds and the cries of survivors, determined, these cockroaches will immediately towards the source of the sound and looking for. People can manipulate the Roach sound system on its back, which also moves toward the survivors with and bring them hope.

  In order to prevent Jack Bauer does not obey orders leave the scene, the researchers also invented an invisible “wall”, they will be fixed in a search in the region, at the same time, this “wall” to the microphone jack on the back of the solar energy to recharge.

  According to the plan, if all goes well, these robots will become the official rescue team.

  In fact, animals have started to be widely used in a variety of search and rescue operations, such as search and rescue dogs we are familiar with. BioMimetic robot technology also is working to develop, before the Agency demonstrated a high-tech snake-like robot. As the Roach-led “cyborg” form, more people still adopt a wait-and-see attitude. But they are not alone, is this group of researchers studying moths can fly control, this form can be implanted electrodes in the moths in the cicada pupa stage is to be achieved.

  However, there is still a problem, is that when people see a Roach or when moths, knee-jerk reaction should be to shoot them dead.

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