Which one do you want to put on SSD HDD coat




  Compared with mechanical hard drives, solid state drives can bring about a higher degree of system boot speed and better experience, but there are a lot of manufacturers have introduced USB3.0 portable hard drive based on SSD. This article will introduce, from the Brinell’s related products. Most salient feature of this series is to use the built-in mSATA SSD and the shell of a variety of materials–including wood, leather, stainless steel, or carbon fiber–as well as easy storage the USB3.0 cable.

  Capacity, Brinell SSD EVO 250GB/500GB/1TB three versions available (both built-in mSATA SSD). Its size 115 x 86 x 9 mm and weighs 120 grams.

  Performance of SSD can achieve the series 420MB/s and 300MB/s file read and write speeds (USB 3.0 UASP mode). Compared to traditional HDD and USB 2.0 hard drive, this performance is quite bright.

  Brinell SSD EVO power consumption is very low, so to a certain extent, to extend Notebook battery life. The company offers a 2 year warranty for the product.

  Brinell SSD EVO starting price of € 199 (250GB, about 1418), 1TB version of the price is as high as 599 euros (about RMB 4267), wooden casing plus € 20 (+142 RMB).

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Do you know that Tesla founder of iron man is not


Do you know that Tesla: founder of iron man is not


  In 2008, Tesla launch electric vehicle attracted the attention of vehicle performance and consumers look to green energy technologies. Today, we are to talk about Tesla, see if front friends what they know about the electric vehicle company in the end.

  1. Tesla’s original founder not Elon Musk


Do you know that Tesla: founder of iron man is not


  Speaking of Tesla, we expect is the company’s first CEO and product architect Elon Musk, Tesla’s original founder is not he. Back in 2003, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in order to get away from dependence on oil and founded the Tesla company. Until 2004, the Tesla team successfully developed the first Tesla Motors to get iron man Musk after investment.

  2. Since 2004, Musk and Tesla have been together

  In 2004, Elon Musk investment after the company became Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tesla is $ 7.5 million in series a financing of his private investments. Since then, Musk became synonymous with Tesla, Martin Eberhard and Musk relations deteriorate and ultimately to court, although the reconciliation, but Eberhard left the company.

  3. the name “Tesla” takes a long time


Do you know that Tesla: founder of iron man is not


  In honor of Serbia Nikola Tesla inventors and engineers (1856-1943), the company eventually named “Tesla”. In Tesla’s official website used to have such a description: “If there is no Tesla invented the modern AC motors, our car is unlikely to become a reality. ”

  Martin Eberhard while on a date with his girlfriend came up with the name Marc Tarpenning TeslaMotors.com is registered on the Internet’s domain name and set up on July 1, 2003 the Tesla company.

  4. battery is the difference between Tesla and other electric vehicles

  At present, electric products, and a few, such as Nissan’s Leaf and owned by Mercedes-Benz b-class cars, but Tesla Electric cars with them is a little different, the key lies in the difference. Other manufacturers use a lithium-ion battery, Tesla’s battery is made up of thousands of cheap batteries, laptop batteries are somewhat similar, but more subtle. It is understood that the Tesla batteries capable of producing more than 1 billion a year, which means that its battery design and performance has been recognized by the computer and consumer electronics industries.

  5. some places are Tesla can’t make


Do you know that Tesla: founder of iron man is not


  Driving electric cars are a great experience, but in a number of countries and areas where lack of charging facilities, electric vehicle charging become a big problem that besets these owners. City residents want to travel long distances also needs to be fully charged in advance, or halfway out of power could be in trouble. Tesla charging station construction work makes us see the driving Tesla Motors hopes of free travel, however this is not true. Judging from the driving maps provided by the company, in such places as Arkansas and Mississippi, Tesla’s charge continued to be difficult.

  6. periodic maintenance of Tesla is quite simple

  In General, regular maintenance needs of Tesla replace the tires and windshield wipers, and periodically check the battery and coolant, internal intelligent braking system made by motor cars slow down, brake does not need to be replaced often, traditional car fan belts, air filters, spark plugs and other parts are not taken into account.

  7. Tesla’s very high security level

  Tesla Model s is not only has an excellent design, also known as owner’s potential saviour. United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that the Model s is the safest car ever. It in substantial performance tests will be used to test the machines broke, because the front-mounted engine to cancel reserved more “safe space” design was improved by the stiffness of the body as a whole.

  8. the latest upgrade package is ridiculous


Do you know that Tesla: founder of iron man is not


  Musk has just announced that the purchased Model P85D s Hat model owners can select an upgrade package, the truck accelerate from standstill to 60 miles per hour time will be reduced from 3.1 to 2.8 seconds. In fact, this upgrade pack through an electronic equipment and micro-batteries of lithium ion batteries driving force to the maximum, just so you need to spend $ 10,000. Samsung Gear VR experience The future

  9. Tesla looking SUV

  Model x is the Tesla developed a midsize SUV, which will enter the market next year, so far, this new car prices, fuel consumption, mileage and other details were not officially disclosed. However, some consumers have noticed, Model x has three rows of seats, is a car with gull-wing doors, 7 passenger cars, is expected to sell for about $ 70,000.

  10. on the Model s has a “Easter eggs”

  Control on the touch screen in the Tesla Model s press 007 vehicle adjustments will enter the ocean theme, it will become a submarine on the screen.

Ultra high definition Blu ray arrival PS4 Sony or push for enough upgrade PS4

Ultra high definition Blu-ray arrival PS4 Sony or push for enough upgrade PS4

  Earlier this month, Japan Yoshida, President of Sony’s worldwide Studios rides on PS5 when issue would be launched, he said, it all depends on whether developers need PS5. If they think that the PS4 function is not enough, Sony will create a new host.

  He said: “it really depends on the game developers. If they feel they need more performance, hoping to realize these functions, and the PS4 is impossible. If this is the case, we will create the PS5. ”

  4K game PC platform has begun to take root, and there is also more demanding from the machine’s virtual reality devices, don’t know if PS4 or PS5 was again some years to come.

  Now, ultra HD Blu-ray for 4K resolution (Ultra HD Blu-ray disc) has emerged, the PS4 may be a bit difficult to meet, Sony will launch so fast did PS5? No, Sony may launch an upgraded version of the PS4.

  Recently, Sony, SCE Executive Vice President, said in a media interview, yitengyakang: “the PS4 now carrying Super HD Blu-ray Blu-ray drive does not correspond to specifications. SCE is now considering this problem, upgrade PS4 can sell, how to price, are issues to consider. ”

  In addition, the ultra-HD Blu-ray specifications as taking into account the user’s image, so he needs a 4K resolution of the TV, but now 4K TV coverage needs to be improved. In addition, if the PS4 to playback ultra high definition Blu-ray video content, but now it H.265 decoder H.264 decoder update. 2016 PS4 APU reportedly chip production technology upgrade to 16 NM or 14 NM, will probably join the H.265 decoder.

Ultra high definition Blu-ray arrival PS4 Sony or push for enough upgrade PS4

  Upgraded version of the PS4 may introduce high dynamic range images, high dynamic range images better, clearer and more delicate.

  Yitengyakang said that compared with 4 k resolution, HDR is the PS4 primary goals to be achieved. Since the introduction of ultra high definition Blu-ray, everyone associated with HDR and ultra high definition Blu-ray, but in fact, on the specification of HDMI 2.0a, HDR and 1080P resolution can also be combined, no problem. Game screen under the HDR specifications would be more shocking.

Givenchy iPhone 6 cases

  In terms of publishing time, yitengyakang said, not yet revealed, when necessary, we may release the upgrade PS4, are likely to release more in the future high-performance version of the PS4.

  Sony launch upgrade PS4, reasons other than 4K, PS VR is a big reason. When using PS VR, users also use PS and PS Camera Move these two devices, to PS Camera captures player movements of the head and PS Move motion. Plus VR games, PS4 considerable resources used. Today’s augmented reality games, PS4 currently can support, just upgraded to ensure a better experience. iPhone 6 case Givenchy

  For example, PS4 VR game now, if 60fps picture is very rare, and high-performance version of the PS4 to 120fps and higher resolution screen.

[Article correction] Givenchy iPhone 6 cases

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Glass resurrection

  According to Xinhua, “Xinhua international” client reported that the glass in the consumer market the frustrations, in January this year, stop relevant consumers glass development project, after half a year of adjustment, showed signs of punch to the enterprise market, and detonate the enterprise market or in the consumer market will be the next Google glasses that’s the key to a recruit.

  Smart glasses are very handy

  Design fetish website, Boeing, for example, some of their engineers, started to abandon traditional instruction need manual parts manufacturing business, just wearing smart glasses, can quickly get the manual.


  According to market research firm Gartner research report shows that currently use glass or similar equipment business 3-5 years will save the company $ 1 billion; the major technical repairs, healthcare and manufacturing industries, access the Internet without hands, camera and video calls these functions will be put to use.

  United States company called Dignity Health care institutions in the use of glass after the interrogation process is recorded in real time, doctors reduced the proportion of time spent entering data from 33% to 9%, proportion of time communicating with patients rose from 35% to 70%.

  Smart wear industry expert Chen Gen Wei yi finds that, compared to individuals, corporate consumers tend to have more commercial vision and keen business sense, as long as these new technologies and new products for enterprises to enhance efficiency, cost savings, they are people who do not mind being the first person to eat crabs. Wall Street Journal reporter comedy s notes two

  Enterprise market too tempting

  Under the United States Federal Bureau of labor statistics data for 2012, about 46 million Americans engaged in industry, wearable device to help. By the year 2022, the number will increase to 52 million people. This is the United States, if you stand in the global market, then this data is even more exciting.


  Google co-founder Sergey Brin

  According to market research firm Forrester Research, according to a new study, 68% of the companies surveyed said they will give priority consideration to the wearable products into the company, the data and in 2010, only 43% of enterprise employees use a mobile device is set to top or high priority in sharp contrast.

  ”Save him” start

  Chen Gen believes that Google, the market of enterprises, in fact, is the entire market break,-conquer strategy. Because each enterprise, a large market that a point on the surface.

  In March 2014, company called Augmedix and specifically for hospitals and doctors offices are working to develop glass application start-up, obtained a US $ 3.2 million in venture capital. Jones called the first glass manufacturers developing special applications-oriented public investments, the investment behaviour for glass applications in the field of enterprise have more imagination and expectations.

  In 2014, Google launched “Glass At Work” project, the main objective of this project is to develop targeted glass applications to help enterprises improve the working environment, and improve work efficiency.

  In June 2014, Google announced the first batch of 5 “Glass At Work” certified partner. Their application has a clear professional, users also need a certain amount of professionalism. For example, the world’s largest oil field services company Schlumberger (Schlumberger) and “wearable smart” company, developed a special glass applications for technicians, help them quickly get you need to check on specific items of information greatly improves efficiency.

  Google’s “ruthless” was opened the wearable device ecosystem in the enterprise market. First of all, Google has its own smart hardware-the glass, the similar products in the highest force; second, Google has its own wearable device system–Android Wea.

  Finally, and most important, a growing number of buyers and sellers to join, that more developers are willing to join “glass” enterprise project, develop specialized glass for different business applications, the other side is more big-name companies have tasted the sweetness of this service, are willing to buy the glass and the corresponding solutions.

For developing samurai cut cake

At present, the market pays homage to many of the fruit Ninja, but mostly nonsense, and there is no reflection on the nature of the game. Today, there is a good chance of COS, that is one of the Warriors cut cake.

Features details:

1, knife yengisar Yanqi Chen Zheng, knives, knife sets, shache maimaiti ILI shamusake, folding knives and knife which four knives, Ninja blade die to die; Hello Kitty mini case

2, cut cake level design innovation can have a traditional cut fruits way, cut cake weight limits every knife, cut the cake into a specially shaped, etc;

3, cut cake car, hit the old lady;

4, cut cake on the Diaoyu Island sovereignty



1, promotional culture, singing a harmonious society;

2, followed by hot, spread Wei Mitsumasa values;

3 proposed cottage localization issues, improve the shanzhai spirit of technical content


“For development” is an experimental section of Lei Feng network, mainly want to butt the needs of users and developers resources, hopes readers master wanted their applications to us, if there is a demand really developed a great God has adopted, there will be prizes given. Hit here function you want to say it out loud.

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“Seeking development” automatically renders LBS discount card

“Seeking development” face was recognition code

“Seeking development” let go of the fungus

Thunderbolt money treasure

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Thunderbolt money treasure

Hello Kitty mini case

Is designed to help users share money treasure is a little idle bandwidth box, place it at home on the router, you can use to make money.
Itself does not have the router function, can be considered a micro server, users insert a storage device such as USB flash drive or an external hard drive, you can make this server a thunderbolt using idle bandwidth to the server part of the network. Contribution to Thunder Server network, the greater, it means digging “mines” more. Dig the minerals can be bound directly to the public, “Crystal mine” convertible into cash red packet, used to spend or bank card.

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Small car class married looking for drivers to find pairs of shoes for a pair



      Women driving was found to wear high heels, barking you do not know how to appreciate beauty; the police search vehicles also look at your feet, driving slippers high heels 2 points deduction penalty 100; a ladies and flip-flops stuffed with car insurance accident; wear slippers drove beyond recognition; young women wearing thongs to drive a foot brake ran up on green belt … Shoes determine driving safety. The next installments, we talk about what shoes are fit for driving.

 Ideal for driving shoes: flat, thin, non-slip, soft breathable fabric.

       Summer or when driving long distances, if the shoe fabric akin to “breathe”, time pushes out on the feet, feet must be very uncomfortable. If the material of the shoe is not soft enough, frequently do when you step on the brake and gas switch causes inconvenience, a long time, feet, toes, pain, affect driving safety. 79 8 1 208 million Yuan the new Jaguar XJ for


      Sports shoe is made of composite material, and often include air, balloon kind of buffering in the structure design, and sole of the foot to fit. Often need to do half a linkage when driving, braking and other movement, if not enough between the soles of the feet, toes and shoes fit, to foot not fully felt, we can imagine what consequences do the action when you think you just stepped on the accelerator lightly, car is actually like an arrow flew out.


Slippers are completely forbidden to wear shoes while driving!

      Slippers are shoes and fixed the biggest problems not firm, whether hard material of thongs flip-flops and soft materials driving is dangerous. Hard material slippers can force, but dressed emergencies slips out of the slippers stepped on false; if it is very soft flip flops, deformation will occur when the pedal is more dangerous.


Alternate shoes in the car to pay attention to the placement of:

       At any time, don’t ignore the driving safety and inappropriate choice of shoes to drive, it is recommended that drivers in the car and a pair of flat shoes for the replacement. When you place a change of shoes in the car, or cannot be placed in the driver’s seat next to the driver’s seat, avoid rolling shoe to cause accidents when driving a car under the brake pedal.


Modular mobile phone Project Ara in charge hardware manufacturing really hard

Modular mobile phone Project Ara in charge: hardware manufacturing really hard

  Since Google ATAP departments since it announced the development of smart-phone Project Ara, is over 1 year, and according to tradition in the sector, a project must be finished within 2 years, otherwise they will be cut off. Now when it comes to a crucial stage, and just last week a prototype Spiral 1 and finally starts successfully in public for the first time, and plans to end of Spiral 2 get into developers hands, seems to be in sight.

  Recently, the Ara project leader Paul Eremenko interviews with the foreign media, spoke of the difficulties in development and harvest.

  Public and developer interest in the project did not meet or exceed your expectations? Xinjiang Phantom3 excellence perfect vehicle

  Developer interest in the Project of the Ara platform has exceeded our expectations, as consumers, we don’t know yet, after all, since most public activities are focused on developers. Even though many consumers have more positive views on the project, but as we continue to develop marketing plans, there is no corresponding discussion with.

  Ever since the Ara project and wireless markets, what surprised you the most?

  Here there is still a lot of room for innovation, a lot of potential to be released.

  When the project started, you don’t know what developers will come up with ideas, and that Ara’s most awesome module concept is like?

  Most amazing is a modular mobile phone with rubber wheels, it can keep the cell phone away from you, on the ground to move around. Of course, in terms of personal medical diagnostics and environmental monitoring, there are a lot of very interesting ideas.

  Why haven’t developed a modular mobile phone?

  We are certainly not the first person to think of modular smart phone, but two things made it possible. First, we create a free and open platform. We do not plan to manufacture and sell its own module, we make developers successful earnings. Second, we are a technology inflection point, Moore and tendency of electro-mechanical systems for energy consumption and reduce the volume to the original 25%. For most users, the depth of customization, and innovative hardware ecosystem is also acceptable, which in the past was impossible.

  Since the start of the project, what was the most unexpected challenges?

  Manufacturing hardware developers. I seriously underestimated how difficult it is, manufacturing flexibility, robust, suitable for developers of hardware development kit is too difficult. This also leads us to repeatedly postpone the scheduled period, Spiral 1 Development Board this fall to the developers. However, Spiral 2 seems to be able to deliver to developers.