Cool to a friend One can see the current data line

Cool to a friend! One can see the current data line

  As digital products into people’s lives, mobile shell, data cable and headphones and other accessories products have also become popular. Previously, we have introduced a lot of cable products, charging speed boost, portable, also comes with storage function, but you can see the data of the current line? HTC VIVE breakthrough thinking borders of virtual

  Wei Feng network, September 5, recently, the United States Pilot Electronics, a start-up company developing a can make people see the data Light current to flow in the Pulse and landing Kickstarter raised platform to carry out preparatory work, come and have a look.

  From the Light Pulse cable audience raised on the page we can see that the data line using Electroluminescent principle, is not really current. As long as users use it for charging the device, will shine Light Pulse, giving a real feeling of fluidity in the flow of electricity equipment.

Cool to a friend! One can see the current data line

  It is worth mentioning that, the Light Pulse cable in addition to the user “sees” the outside of the flow of current, but also indicates the current charging State by emitting State. When the cell phones, Tablet PCs and other digital devices charge is very low, the lights will be flashing very quickly, which current flows very quickly, and when the device is fully charged, and current flow will slow down the speed, after charging is completed, we will not see data lines to light.

Cool to a friend! One can see the current data line

  With traditional data lines are not the same that the Pilot Electronics company’s research and development team in this Light Pulse cable 1.8 meters long, the length can basically meet the needs of consumers, as shown in the image above, users can play the game through its living room, avoiding trouble because cable length is not enough.

Cool to a friend! One can see the current data line

  It is understood that the Light Pulse line beat from 56 countries, 1994 after 4,928 design works of designers managed to get the year 2015 of the red dot design award, design world Oscar honors. Light Pulse cable is currently very common Micro USB interface, Mac users want to use this product, you need to use the team’s Lightning connector.

Cool to a friend! One can see the current data line

  And is in need of attention, the cable design is very bright, but when compared to the traditional cable, Light Pulse in the data transmission speed and the speed of charging and no improvement. In addition, this product will also be provided in blue, pink, and green 3 color styles, but is not limited to the traditional white data line.

Cool to a friend! One can see the current data line

  At present, this Light Pulse cable on the Kickstarter’s supporters had more than 1100 people, financing amounted to us $ 46134, goals 3 times more than expected, which can be seen the height of the popularity of this product. Team said that if nothing else, they will be shipped starting in December this year.

Mustang car sued Ford Mustang Mustang trademark infringement in Sichuan who

Recent news that Mustang automobile company limited, Sichuan Chengdu municipal intermediate people’s Court, for alleged trademark infringement to sue, Sue Ford Motor (China) Limited’s sports car Mustang’s Chinese name and its brand name and demanded compensation of 10 million Yuan.

Mustang car sued Ford Mustang Mustang trademark infringement in Sichuan, who can win? ...

From writs pictures exposed on the network, the Sichuan horse automobile company limited have sued Ford Motor (China) limited “same name” case, there are two actions, namely the civil complaint and administrative complaint. The defendants are Ford Motor (China) limited and pioneer motor limited liability company in Sichuan province. The request to order the defendant to immediately stop the infringement of the plaintiff’s trademark rights.

Mustang car sued Ford Mustang Mustang trademark infringement in Sichuan, who can win? ...
Mustang car sued Ford Mustang Mustang trademark infringement in Sichuan, who can win? ...

After media reported that Sichuan Mustang car prosecution of trademark infringement may be the main reason Ford Mustang used the Chinese name is Mustang. In addition, the Mustang automobile company limited, Sichuan province Party Secretary, Union President Wang Chien-shien said that as early as 1986 Mustang trademarks have been registered, and subsequent multiple Mustang are registered trademarks of graphics or text. Ford Mustang (horse) entered the Chinese market in recent years, according to statistics, this model in China and its “Ford Mustang” trademark applications registered on June 26, 2006. From the registered time, Ford Mustang real suspicion of infringement. Video public what the car is worth buying

Mustang car sued Ford Mustang Mustang trademark infringement in Sichuan, who can win? ...


Mustang car sued Ford Mustang Mustang trademark infringement in Sichuan, who can win? ...

On this matter, Mustangs official in Sichuan province said: “the evidence of infringement of master Ford, has filed a lawsuit to the Chengdu city intermediate people’s Court, was also accepted by the Court for trial. The end result, or waiting for a court hearing and judgment behind. Ford China hasn’t and Mustang cars and communication on the matter. ”

Accused Ford officials said: “we don’t discuss is not conclusive of the legal proceedings. ”

Because the Court has not officially in session, we do not know the result of trademark litigation, we also continue to monitor the progress.

  Small editing complaints  

Sichuan wild horses as a car company not to be public, a paper complaint Ford, a lot of friends in Sichuan Mustang auto spray, that they made, Mustang, after all, like Harley-Davidson, it represents not only a sports car, has become a symbol of free American life, even becoming a generation of youth.

Mustang car sued Ford Mustang Mustang trademark infringement in Sichuan, who can win? ...

But small when close to join the ranks of spray, before suddenly see a data: 1998-2008 China overseas enterprises altogether no fewer than 200 second, growth even in these years, most of which were lost due to: Beijing roast duck in the United Kingdom have been registered by the British, motor power brush patents have been registered by the Japanese … Chinese inventor has become a copycat … … What is more, Ching Ming is not our, not our of Confucius, the source of all great cultures do not belong to us?

Perhaps in more cases we should be rational to analyze something wrong, maybe there’s no right or wrong to speak of, but we should stand on its own position. 10 million RMB for Ford is a decimal, but domestic car imitating foreign cars not tort cases children were sprayed spray, infringement of domestic trademark foreign cars, domestic cars is being sprayed, mind it! Mind it! Mind it! … I just wanted to ask a question … Indiscriminate spraying of domestic and foreigner was your dad do? (额。。。 Small series of sanity … Reason is what? I don’t have that kind of thing)

Mustang car sued Ford Mustang Mustang trademark infringement in Sichuan, who can win? ...



Shanghai Apple store glass cylindrical entrance received design patent

  Shanghai Apple store glass cylindrical entrance access to United States design patent

  Source: NetEase science and technology

  Apple this week at the Shanghai store’s iconic unique cylindrical entrance received a United States patent. Before the concept creators including jobs and Apple retail Chief Ron Johnson.

  And United States v in front of the Apple store in New York, Shanghai retail store the cylinder inlet almost entirely using a giant monolithic glass panels, connected by metal fixation.

  However, the Shanghai store’s design is more complicated than other designs, because the design specifications for the glass sheet bent into a curved panel, and then combining them to form a circle, eventually forming glass cylinder.

  Comments: seemingly simple glass cylinder inlet design and manufacturing process was very complex.

  Galaxy S6 or hackers that are still under a year ago vulnerability monitoring

  Source: cnbeta

  Internet security company NowSecure said that the latest generation of its flagship Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 still under the influence of previously discovered a security vulnerability, it allows hackers to monitor user behavior. Last fall, NowSecure in most Samsung smartphones, the researchers found a security vulnerability allows hackers to monitor users.

  In March of this year, Samsung told NowSecure, already provides mobile operators with the fix, I hope NowSecure can wait 3 months before they announce the news in order to run the patch available to users.

  Comments: last year, Samsung said that could take a year to repair, it is true.

  Foreign operators in 2017 to close the GSM network

  Source: Tencent technology

  According to IDG News Service reported, many GSM network operators in the world, the year 2017 has been determined to be close the GSM network. Close 2G networks such as GSM, is the radio frequency resources freed to build 4G and 5G networks in the future.

  On Monday, Singapore’s three mobile operator M1, Singtel and StarHub said GSM network will be closed on April 1, 2017. Earlier, the United States’s largest mobile operator AT&T announced that closed on January 1, 2017 GSM network.

  Comment: considering China Mobile and Unicom won’t close the GSM network within a few years.

  Tesla will launch two new generation electric vehicles

  Source: Tencent technology

  According to the Wall Street Journal reported that Tesla’s company is about to launch two third-generation electric vehicle, Model 3 sedan, respectively, as well as Model x crossovers.

  Among them, a smaller Model 3 is the third generation Tesla electric car, its design continues to extend the first generation Tesla all-electric Roadster style. Tesla Model x to be launched later in the year, and 2012 Model s launch medium-term structure is basically the same.

  Comment: it is said that the new range will reach more than 320 km.

  LG authorized by Nokia patent licensing only after 2 years

  Source: cnbeta Netcom is the pits Teach you how to distinguish

  Nokia announced Tuesday that it had signed smart-phone patent licensing agreement with LG Electronics, LG license fees paid to Nokia have to go through a lengthy arbitration process. Nokia last year sold its phone business to Microsoft, but kept the phone patent.

  Analysts believe that LG license fees paid to Nokia in the future may be much less than the Samsung licensing fees paid to Nokia. Samsung in 2013, and Nokia signed a similar licensing agreement, but the arbitration process is ongoing.

  Comment: despite a Terminal slump, but the Nokia Patent Department’s revenue was stable.

Vivo X6 fashion show

Vivo X6 fashion show

For presbyopia or myopia of students, higher res, bring in addition to being super snappy visuals, also worry about the smaller words. Really very upset, while Japan launch of the portable amplifier, can magnify the screen twice, Oh!

Easily enlarge your iPhone screen is so useful!

This portable amplifier through the fixture to general use on any mobile phone, by regulating the different angles and positions, can provide better magnification Visual effects.

Easily enlarge your iPhone screen is so useful!

Is not required when using the zoom, the amplifier can also be placed in the background, and provides some degree of protection. Disney mini cases

Easily enlarge your iPhone screen is so useful!

Following zoom off the effect, at least I feel enlarged Oh well.

Easily enlarge your iPhone screen is so useful!

The accessories have been obtained from the Japan Amazon purchase, sale prices needed 1580 yen, buy link me.

Microsoft Surface 3

2190 votes disney iPad cases

Microsoft Surface 3

Disney mini cases

New atom performance ARM processors have and top closer, but are worse and the mainstream core of the series by a mile, but taking into account the thermal power of 14W and 2W gap, which is understandable. Use it for routine minor Office enough and finally surface series can also run X86 program! Said performance flaw, is that it does not use the SSD, and broken eggs eMMC 4.5, which even with the eMMc 5.0 modern Android flagship.

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Offline experience Saturday and one plus zero distance x Product Manager

Offline experience: Saturday and one plus zero distance x Product Manager

Enjoy reading will surely know Kindle Paperwhite, as the most successful series in the e-reader, Kindle Paperwhite is best choice for Kindle. Compared to the other, most special Kindle Paperwhite is quite comfortable the backlight mode, and battery life and poor Mall was quite good.

New Kindle Paperwhite now at BestBuy specials $ 99, about 600 Yuan, at 680 Yuan. United States Amazon at $ 119, Taobao about 800 Yuan. But BestBuy domestic credit card looks like a great deal, often cut orders.

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Millet router

1390 votes

Paul Frank case

Millet router

As millet router upgrade, new millet router global launch Broadcom Broadcom 4709C dual-core 1.4GHz CPU, with separate 512MB system Flash memory with 4 Gigabit wired network interface, built-in Seagate/Toshiba professional supervisory-level hard drive, normal 1TB, optional 6TB, support for mobile phones and cameras automatically upload.

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Environmental degradation may be expected in the future these 5 forces survival


Environmental degradation may be expected in the future these 5 forces survival


  Now all kinds of evidence and examples of humanity on a path to self-destruction go further, our Earth’s climate and environment will become increasingly harsh. Although many scientists and environmentalists to protect the environment to talk, but we can’t resist various temptations, we’re still blind destruction of the Earth’s ecological environment. In the future, perhaps the following these 5 science and technology power, will become an important means of protecting the environment.

   Your heart rate monitor by wearable device talk

Environmental degradation may be expected in the future these 5 forces survival


  Environmental sensors

  Yes, the Earth’s climate has become more and more unstable and extreme weather has almost become routine. More than ever, we need to rely on the ambient sensor to remind us. When the climate becomes abnormal when we should be able to take action. Although this environment sensors have been slowly into our lives, our home and car can be seen on figure. But to embed the sensor body, induced environmental changes at any time, and seemingly takes a lot of courage.

  But Tzoa on development out a paragraph can wearing in body of personal “environment monitoring device” small accessories, through this can wear equipment, we can detection air in the of harmful particles, check city air pollution status, food in the of nitrate level and so on, also can through carry of with cover counter, protection eyes not by you hand of radiation, and will environment sensor embedded body compared, this seems to is a very compromise of select.


Environmental degradation may be expected in the future these 5 forces survival


  Control the temperature of the wearable device

  You can control the temperature of the clothes will be the future trend of the development of, the current global climate is becoming more and more bad, in the future, maybe will get hotter in the summer, getting colder in the winter and air conditioning just because we enjoy spring-like feeling, what about outdoors?

  Can be easy to control the temperature of clothing, so far are a bit far away, however, embr Labs at MIT team developed Wristify smart bracelet, may represent another way. This wearable smart devices to the user wrist blows cool or warm air, which regulates the wearer’s body temperature. In the heat of the summer, wearing this bracelet, walking on the beach, looks like a great choice, but it is a pity, this bracelet now can only regulate temperature, can not adjust the humidity.


Environmental degradation may be expected in the future these 5 forces survival



  Magnetocaloric refrigeration (magnetic refrigeration) and Deflecting heat (heat deflection) these special materials, are trying to completely change the interior temperature of the world. Although these materials have not completely get out of the lab, but as more and more new materials commercially, these materials will greatly reduce the cost and improve environmental efficiency, protecting our fragile environment.

  It is said that some nanomaterials science team also invented the polyethylene, allows light to stay away from the building. They have developed at Stanford University this material with unique qualities, it can take advantage of almost all of the sunlight at the same time, the infrared light reflected back into space, rather than absorbed by buildings. If this material on the outside of a building, which greatly reduces the need for buildings to withstand the heat, with the buildings inside the environment more comfortable and cool, naturally we can also reduce the use of air conditioning, saving energy and reducing pollution.


Environmental degradation may be expected in the future these 5 forces survival


  Intelligent greenhouse

  As the weather worsened, we will certainly worsen the environmental conditions, and less use of land resources. At that time, perhaps we can use the intelligent greenhouse to create a small garden to improve the environment, or create a small farm to increase crops.


Environmental degradation may be expected in the future these 5 forces survival



  Most lasting consequence of climate change is the effect on the health of our body. In particular, the polluted environment will fundamentally increase our risk of cancer. But manipulating human DNA has been controversial. However, we can use biology, according to our preferences to create new types of bacteria, these bacteria can detect the body and helping to eradicate cancer.

  But if the future Earth becomes very desolate, full of rancid breath, really at that time, it is estimated that humans must rely on biology to transform our own DNA, adapt to the harsh environment of the Earth (are we going to do the skills obtained by transformation of DNA of cockroaches, it was terrible).

  Anyway, our only one Earth, Earth has been overloaded, we should rely on Science and technology so that we can continue to develop and use better means to protect the fragile environment, on the other hand, we also want everyone to do, take care of our home.