Offline experience Saturday and one plus zero distance x Product Manager

Offline experience: Saturday and one plus zero distance x Product Manager

Enjoy reading will surely know Kindle Paperwhite, as the most successful series in the e-reader, Kindle Paperwhite is best choice for Kindle. Compared to the other, most special Kindle Paperwhite is quite comfortable the backlight mode, and battery life and poor Mall was quite good.

New Kindle Paperwhite now at BestBuy specials $ 99, about 600 Yuan, at 680 Yuan. United States Amazon at $ 119, Taobao about 800 Yuan. But BestBuy domestic credit card looks like a great deal, often cut orders.

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Millet router

1390 votes

Paul Frank case

Millet router

As millet router upgrade, new millet router global launch Broadcom Broadcom 4709C dual-core 1.4GHz CPU, with separate 512MB system Flash memory with 4 Gigabit wired network interface, built-in Seagate/Toshiba professional supervisory-level hard drive, normal 1TB, optional 6TB, support for mobile phones and cameras automatically upload.

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