Shanghai Apple store glass cylindrical entrance received design patent

  Shanghai Apple store glass cylindrical entrance access to United States design patent

  Source: NetEase science and technology

  Apple this week at the Shanghai store’s iconic unique cylindrical entrance received a United States patent. Before the concept creators including jobs and Apple retail Chief Ron Johnson.

  And United States v in front of the Apple store in New York, Shanghai retail store the cylinder inlet almost entirely using a giant monolithic glass panels, connected by metal fixation.

  However, the Shanghai store’s design is more complicated than other designs, because the design specifications for the glass sheet bent into a curved panel, and then combining them to form a circle, eventually forming glass cylinder.

  Comments: seemingly simple glass cylinder inlet design and manufacturing process was very complex.

  Galaxy S6 or hackers that are still under a year ago vulnerability monitoring

  Source: cnbeta

  Internet security company NowSecure said that the latest generation of its flagship Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 still under the influence of previously discovered a security vulnerability, it allows hackers to monitor user behavior. Last fall, NowSecure in most Samsung smartphones, the researchers found a security vulnerability allows hackers to monitor users.

  In March of this year, Samsung told NowSecure, already provides mobile operators with the fix, I hope NowSecure can wait 3 months before they announce the news in order to run the patch available to users.

  Comments: last year, Samsung said that could take a year to repair, it is true.

  Foreign operators in 2017 to close the GSM network

  Source: Tencent technology

  According to IDG News Service reported, many GSM network operators in the world, the year 2017 has been determined to be close the GSM network. Close 2G networks such as GSM, is the radio frequency resources freed to build 4G and 5G networks in the future.

  On Monday, Singapore’s three mobile operator M1, Singtel and StarHub said GSM network will be closed on April 1, 2017. Earlier, the United States’s largest mobile operator AT&T announced that closed on January 1, 2017 GSM network.

  Comment: considering China Mobile and Unicom won’t close the GSM network within a few years.

  Tesla will launch two new generation electric vehicles

  Source: Tencent technology

  According to the Wall Street Journal reported that Tesla’s company is about to launch two third-generation electric vehicle, Model 3 sedan, respectively, as well as Model x crossovers.

  Among them, a smaller Model 3 is the third generation Tesla electric car, its design continues to extend the first generation Tesla all-electric Roadster style. Tesla Model x to be launched later in the year, and 2012 Model s launch medium-term structure is basically the same.

  Comment: it is said that the new range will reach more than 320 km.

  LG authorized by Nokia patent licensing only after 2 years

  Source: cnbeta Netcom is the pits Teach you how to distinguish

  Nokia announced Tuesday that it had signed smart-phone patent licensing agreement with LG Electronics, LG license fees paid to Nokia have to go through a lengthy arbitration process. Nokia last year sold its phone business to Microsoft, but kept the phone patent.

  Analysts believe that LG license fees paid to Nokia in the future may be much less than the Samsung licensing fees paid to Nokia. Samsung in 2013, and Nokia signed a similar licensing agreement, but the arbitration process is ongoing.

  Comment: despite a Terminal slump, but the Nokia Patent Department’s revenue was stable.

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