92 netizens love Win10 best features is Cortana

92% netizens love Win10 best features is Cortana

  Windows has been published up to now for almost a month, overall performance is very good, soaring installation is almost a straight line, Microsoft estimated to have flowered. Teambition metamorphosis small meat entrepreneurs

  Social media monitoring company BrandWatch recently released a survey reporting for Windows 10 about sampling the views of 7,000 users, and summarizes it.

  Results show that about 92% is one of Windows 10 express affection, only 8% users don’t like Windows 10.

  Function, people didn’t want that Cortana voice Assistant became the most popular, whereas Edge browser. Office Suite in a miserable, close to 60% users don’t like.

Counting Indonesia 8 mobile business applications



  Examine Indonesia’s e-commerce market, you cannot not take into account the increasing numbers of large number of smart phone users. EMarketer is expected in 2018, Indonesia would become the world’s fourth largest smartphone market.

  For many locals, especially for those two or three cities, they face a choice: is shopping online, or simply not shopping. Or more, in terms of Internet access, either through the Internet or no Internet access.

  Last September, Indonesia about 27% of e-commerce transactions occur in social media. In the context of the information, a lot of people on the ground in the next three years, mobile commerce is interested in how to integrate in the retail business. Some e-commerce companies have launched mobile applications, more directly and bypass the desktop side, giving priority to development of mobile applications.

  This article lists a number of mobile applications, they help improve Indonesia’s share of online shopping.

  C2C market



  C2C market is very popular in Indonesia, it generally works as follows: registered users on the site, set up their own online stores; when someone wants to buy your stuff, just order online, payment done by the website once the product arrives in a user’s hands, payments will be issued by merchants. BC2 business with companies such as Amazon, any ordinary people could participate in the C2C market.

  In Indonesia, the focus of C2C company are Tokopedia and Bukalapak, they all have their own mobile applications. Tokopedia brings the concept of mobile Mall, requires users to create an online store, and upload photos and product information for the transaction.

  Bukalapak and Tokopedia are basically the same, but the difference is, it does not require users to create an online store, users only upload photo then you can sell things.

  Online Classifieds



  Online classified services are the simplest, but also one of the fastest way to sell items on the Internet, it is not hard to use the managed system and complex the best selection of payment methods. In most cases, using classified sites users can directly use bank transfer or payment in cash or in other ways, and they are suitable for the Southeast Asian market.

  If you are like the people selling things in a traditional way, OLX Indonesia and Jualo the online classifieds application that should suit her.

  Social Commerce


  CEIN Goku which vein recognition using pulse to

  Indonesians use social media differently in other places, they use Instagram and WatsApp to sell things. In addition, the Indonesians also very talkative, if you wake up in the morning, people will find that the group is still talking hot.

  Indonesia has its own preferred social media marketing channels, some designed specifically for new born of social business applications have also emerged, notably Kleora,Tokopoket,Shopee, Carousell.

  Kleora platform mainly for female users. Through this application, users can upload via social channels such as Facebook,Twitter and Instagram product information. Tokopoket,Shopee, Carousell work much the same way, but they are not limited to women, but also highlight some features, such as shooting products and build directory within the application of the camera, as well as buyers and sellers to chat directly.

  When you choose for these mobile application, first of all, the answer to some of the problems associated with expectations. What is the target market? what payment method is best for you?

  On the first question, you’d look into the platform user base. On your second question, you need to decide if you need cash advance, or whether it can wait a few days before the buyer’s money to the account.

  If you want to provide the best customer service and social mobile commerce is a good option, because you can communicate directly with buyers.

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Next year s Beijing international aviation exhibition will be the first new

   O2O venture three technical tips

Next year's Beijing international aviation exhibition will be the first new drone zone

  As a two-year term in the capital held a large-scale integrated aviation industry event, will open on September 16 2015 16th Beijing international aviation exhibition will be opened up for the first time the drones section, a comprehensive display of our civil-military integration and development of the UAV industry latest achievement.

  According to reports, the Beijing aviation exhibition will also be held concurrently by 2015 China Forum on innovation and development, “military and civilian integration innovation and development” as its theme, 17 keynote speech covering UAV supervision, technical innovation, greater demand for services.

  Beijing air show is the first international aviation and aerospace exhibition held in China, is the only State approved, two-year term in the capital Beijing by large-scale integrated aviation industry event. Since 1983, organised for the first time since has been successfully held 15 sessions. 16th Beijing Airshow held September 16, 2015 to 19th, attracted 16 countries competing over more than 140 Exhibitors Exhibitors, exhibition area of 20000 square meters, many professional meetings will be held during the Airshow, full time for nearly 30 new products, new technology publishing activities, professional visitors number more than 25000 visitors is expected.

Note2 red meters high with upcoming CPU upgrade price of 999 Yuan

  Forward technology news, red meters phone officer micro-announced red meters Note2 high distribution version will in August 27 official went on sale, whether as mobile version as spot supply temporarily unknown, high distribution version used more high frequency of MT6795T, storage space increased to 32G, support mobile Unicom double 4G network, price 999 Yuan, than mobile version your 200 Yuan, than used also CPU of MX5 cheap 800 Yuan, than HTC M9+ cheap 3000 Yuan.

Note2 red meters high with upcoming CPU upgrade price of 999 Yuan

  Red rice Note2 high distribution and mobile versions differ only CPU clock speed, storage space and network systems, screens, cameras, memory, designs, and there will be no change, as red rice Note2 supports memory card expansion, mobile version can also be unlocked through the network realized Netcom, a major difference is the CPU.

  MTK Helio X10 have three versions, namely, MT6795M, MT6795, MT6795T, main difference is frequency of high and low, red rice Note2 mobile version is MT6795M, with high MT6795T,MT6795T high speed 2.2GHz speed will improve, but daily use does not need to be running at full capacity, so the usual may not feel the difference.

Red rice Note2

  For comparison, also appears in the MT6795T MX5 used slightly warm, this is partly because metal body lead to heat-sensitive, also of power due to the higher clock speed processors, red rice Note2 or experiencing the same power consumption is difficult to control the situation.

  At the press conference, Lei declared red m Note2 on standard domestic flagship, screen, camera, memory, such as shrinking, however, older design, cheap work did not let Red Rice flew up into the branches to Phoenix, red rice near the CPU heat won overwhelming Note2 is still the low end machines. Mine personnel positioning system solutions

  Red rice Note2 launches after the opening two rounds of open purchase and are still in a State of spot purchases, this is millet’s unique history, capacity has no problem for the red rice Note2. But what is surprising is dual-screen shortage, which curiously, now listed on the distribution Board, will use what kind of sales strategy, red rice Note2 heat can last long and need to see millet’s next steps.

Three black technology roll out Earth s green future

  Lead: Pornhub is a free adult site, 2015 Alexa ranked 69, is one of the largest adult sites. But this could depend on a huge flow eating adult giant advertising was not satisfied with rich roll, also wants to use technology to create their own competitive advantage.

  Wankband – roll out the Earth’s green future


Three black technology roll out Earth's green future


  Pornhub released in early Wankband

  Protection of the environment, easing in the name of global warming, and sitting at the computer and modern love, Pornhub released in early Wankband. Bracelet has a sliding ball, along with the movement of the wrist bracelet to store electrical energy, and then to charge the device. Of course, if you want to use this to what is charged, a 7th lang may be enough.

  Space AV raise – for the future of human care

  Musk has begun to study the Mars, Kepler also give people more room for imagination. But if stars through the people’s daily, AV is not taken if a spaceship, Pornhub thought it was a mortal sin. Then on their Indiegogo to raise the film’s shooting.


Three black technology roll out Earth's green future


  Space on AV chips

  Raised without success, no surprise, free of the film era will not pay money to support the shooting of nature. However, the project’s ultimate reward–the set of actors in film used clothing (including underwear), that someone paid 150,000.


Three black technology roll out Earth's green future


  Space dress raised

  TwerkingButt-maximum immersion VR application cases

  First two perfunctory “technology products” already show your little Pornhub ambitions: “technology of my yellow, yellow than me I failed to understand science and technology. “This ass is Pornhub on the technology mix half a year later, seriously and in good faith to release products. In order to ensure the best user experience, Pornhub the OEM partners for the United States the famous adult Topco Scale.

   What is 5 g Best finish second to understand

Three black technology roll out Earth's green future


  TwerkingButt hip

  Shake, shock, heat, others would not elaborate on this. Details you can see some treasures on sale of “69 smart hip”, that is the Chinese version of TwerkingButt, functions, parameters, and manufacturers are the same. Publicity, in addition to its own material, tactile simulation, also featured with the immersive VR experience. Price, hip version (WAGs) sells for $ 799, Standard Edition is $ 499, than it charges at home on your lot.

  Although the previous two basically bullshit, but the ass is probably the widest audience, experience the most immersive VR application case.


Moto x Style experience at present feel the best mainstream Smartphone

  Lead: Motorola Moto x was released on July 28 style/Play, Moto g three smart phones. According to other media leaks, the phone sells for about 2400. SINA science and technology journalists in Washington to start evaluating the Moto x style, that is still feeling the best mainstream Smartphone.

  Lenovo subsidiary Motorola mobility today released the third generation of Moto x. SINA science and technology reporter in Washington, I not only participated in the bike almost all Conference, every generation of evaluation also witnessed the Moto x. Third generation of Moto x this year gave me the feeling is that bikes finally make up their best short Board photos, introduced a more balanced in all aspects of its flagship model. Starting from the 70 s of a robot family context

  And different is, this third generation of Moto x is version with high Style and low distribution version of the Play. Style is equipped with a 5.7-inch 2K screen, and high-throughput 808, 1080P Play is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen, as well as Qualcomm 615 processor. According to motor Senior Vice President Jim Wicks (Jim Wicks) introduced the motor according to the different situation in each market decide what Moto x, such as the United States published only with high Style.

  Is also, unlike in previous years, Motorola has not provided to the media at the press conference after the end of this year x series testing machine, but provides third-generation Moto g prototype. Motorola said Moto x Style will be listed until September, which is then sent comments to the media. Therefore, I only can simple experience in the field following the third generation of Moto x.

  Designed handle

  Motorola mobile phone design, material selection and grip handle has been the industry benchmark standards. Is different from Apple’s iPhone leads the industry’s thin and stylish design, Motorola’s design style emphasizes the calm atmosphere and actually feel, especially the arc curve of the back design. This logo design is a motorcycle.

  As far as I feel, the first generation of Moto x 4.7-inch screen is still design, workmanship, feel the best x series, and perhaps feel the best smartphone to date, no one. But given the 5.7-inch is today’s mainstream flagship Smartphone standard, expect motor 4.7-inch machines did not too realistic.

  To handle, the third generation of Moto x (5.7-inch screens) than second generation (5.2 inches). Compared with the second generation, third generation clear screen and large size of many, but arc is more rounded in the back, upper and lower section is more balanced. Third generation of Moto x and hold it in hand are not large, is still feeling the best mainstream Smartphone.

  Back on the material, the third generation of Moto x joined called textured silicone rubber (Coated Silicone Rubber) material. This material feels very soft and smooth, with stain-resistant characteristics of wear resistance. In addition, the third generation of Moto Moto Maker x also supports customized service, supporting more than 10 different materials and different color choices, including a variety of wood and leather.


Moto x Style experience: at present, feel the best mainstream Smartphone


  Moto x Style back

  Compared with the second generation, third generation of Moto x metal frame and the front panel is not very different. Texture of the metal rim is still smooth; also two speakers on the front panel, but the third-generation next to the camera before a camera flash. Front panel screen at 76% per cent, higher than the iPhone and Samsung s 6 6 Plus 71%.

  For the third generation of Moto x, I personally think that black panel will look better than white. Because in the white Panel, speakers, metal, as well as many other cameras, the Flash and the sensor, will be very obvious. However, color choices also have to tie on the back of the front panel, such as the overall style.

  Different from the second generation of Moto x giant ring Flash and motorcycle logo on the back, the third generation of Moto x back camera, dual color Flash SAG and a motorcycle logo is placed in a small metal strip similar to the Lumia, and SAG also restored to the size of the first generation. This design allows third-generation Moto x is more compact. Back design let me particularly satisfied.

  Hardware parameter

  Flagship phone is the flagship features. Higher edition Moto x Style most hardware parameters are the industry’s top, and LG as the G4 has selected Qualcomm’s flagship Xiao long 808 chip; it is clearly by Yu Xiaolong 810 chip known as the heat problem. Most use Qualcomm 810 chip’s flagship phone, or suffering from fever, and shrewdly block shut nuclear, there is rarely a good solution.

  Compared with the eight core 810 Qualcomm chips, 808 chip missing two cores, performance is really inadequate, though in performance. As a result of 808 chip, the third generation of Moto x memory is 3GB, but subject to the daily demand is sufficient. I use the LG for G4, 808 and there are no obvious experience gap.

  Third generation of Moto x body is stored into 16GB/32GB/64GB three options, suddenly joined the Micro SD card to expand support of up to 128GB. This gives users more choice is obviously a plus factor.

  Shortcomings of the screen is the Moto x, Samsung AMOLED screens in the first two generations of experience was hardly on the Moto x flagship level. Third generation this year with high version replaced the screen with a 5.7-inch QHD Moto x LCD, resolution reached 1440×2560 levels. Perhaps because the Moto x is not on screen, and in the second Moto x, by comparison, third-generation visual experience to raise a lot of Moto x, and borders have narrowed.

  In addition, intelligent voice Assistant, active display, smart scene mode switching is Moto x series plus factors. The advantage in the third generation of Moto x retained and improved.

  Battery pictures

  Most Kinky is taking pictures of the Motorola cell phone with battery problems. Although there is a Droid series battery behemoth, but the first two generation of Moto x endurance performance was somewhat disappointing, mainly because of the battery capacity is too small and the display power function. The third generation of Moto x significantly increased battery capacity, with high version with the version with low battery capacity reaches 3000 mAh with 3630 mah.

  Motorcycle executives during the presentation show Moto x high with fast contrast with the Samsung s-6. Moto x with high speed leading the charge, 15 minute charging can meet 10 hours a day. According to the motor’s publicity, which is charging the fastest Smartphone on the market today, the third generation of Moto x Style batteries can adhere to all day use, Moto x Play version with low battery can persist for two days.

  Taking pictures is the perennial problem of Motorola, has been plagued by motorcycle fans. Motorcycles also did not shy away from this issue, has been trying to improve. Starting from the last Droid Moto x Pro and Turbo motor flagship phone photographs gradually closer to the industry-leading level. The high profile motor executives said, the third generation of Moto x camera has reached the best level, and even put forward the “industry’s first three” slogan.

  Third generation of Moto x used 21 million megapixel back-illuminated CMOS, 1/2.4-inch sensor, equipped with dual LED Flash, front camera 5 million pixels. When I asked whether the camera Droid Turbo when motor executives denied the speculation. They said the third generation of Moto x focus speed, image quality and low light shooting is far higher than the previous models of the motorcycle was motorcycle best picture quality.

  Because motorcycles did not provide third-generation Moto x-evaluation unit, in site I can only shoot a few pictures. Although it is impossible for a specific photo experience, but in indoor conditions, the third generation of Moto x low light photography purity have been significantly more than my Nexus 6, also more highly than the second generation of Moto x.

  In accordance with the industrial authority DxOMark review (http://connect.dpreview.com/post/3318468090/dxomark-mobile-report-Motorola-Moto-x-style), Moto x with high version of the photograph was 83 points (out of 100), came in the Smartphone third, Note 4 and just below the Samsung 6Edge Samsung s, Higher than even the iPhone 6 Plus, did particularly well in the white balance.

  Even if Moto fans say, this result is very surprising. DxOMark industry credibility, I believe that the third generation of Moto x photograph does have significantly improved, or at least reach the mainstream level. In other words, the picture is no longer a drag on the third generation of Moto-x reduction factor, can make cycle fans rest assured purchase.


  Former giant Motorola still has many loyal users in China, they have become a small boutique manufacturers. Moto x series of parameters is not gorgeous, also has photographed the obvious weakness, but the actual experience on the grip handle and was surprised. This third-generation Moto x identity design at the same time, make up photos of this weakness, Moto x series will also more attractive.

  Maybe third generation of Moto x and the biggest difference is that there is no other flagship the fingerprint recognition. Motor executives said, the current fingerprint identification technology is not mature, motorcycles will continue to assess the solutions. However, taking into account the third generation of Moto x selling price of only $ 400, far less than the Samsung and Apple’s flagship $ 650, Moto x continues to be extremely cost-effective international companies flagship.

  Now bikes have is Lenovo’s subsidiaries, China has once again become the focus of the motorcycle market. Moreover, the motorcycle in Lenovo’s mobile service’s status within the Group also continued to rise. It will not have to wait for long before, the third generation of Moto x will be released in the country.

Maglev trains worth the wait costs are however mishap

  In July 2015, China Academy of engineering Yong Ding Zhen, Shang Yuan, mentougou district, representatives of the national people’s Congress, Wang mengshu received Lu Huirun jiayuan resident representative sent a letter to “demand” letter, Beijing Hui Runjia Maglev line S1 distance is described in several buildings near the Park, only recently more than 20 meters. Attached to the letter the signatures of hundreds of people in the community. Wang mengshu liaison office immediately to the national people’s Congress, wrote a letter on this matter, and will “demand” letter attached at the back.

  This isn’t the first time Wang mengshu received such a demand letter, as early as the early 21st century, when to build the Maglev to Hangzhou, Shanghai, he encountered a similar thing. This plan was eventually shelved.

  Although the maglev train was constantly on the agenda in recent years and repeatedly questioned, however, did not stop the development of maglev trains. However, suitable for Maglev development in where?

Maglev trains worth the wait: costs are however mishap

  Excess radiation in legend

  Blocked in mentougou S1 line radiation is the biggest reason. So daunting as rumors of radiation really so terrible?

  In 2008, the Shanghai Research Academy of environmental sciences, the first publication by the Shanghai Airport Maglev line EIA report has caused a lot of controversy. Report, under the 200km/h speed, car 5 m electric field strength of about 0.000318kV/m (standard limit of 4kV/m), magnetic flux density of about 1.28 μ/t. Magnetic flux density, the Environmental Protection Department came up with the 50Hz control exposure of the general public in the magnetic field limit of 100 u/t, and the standard limits are consistent with World Health Organization recommendations. Therefore, the magnetic flux density is much lower than the corresponding standards of the Shanghai Maglev.

  However, there are media reports, most strict international standards in electromagnetic induction intensity is Switzerland 0.2 u/t. If 100 μ/t as a standard, it does not require the establishment of shelter belts.

  Electromagnetic radiation in the former State environmental protection administration of China Zhao Yufeng environmental impact review experts Committee members have participated in the Maglev Project EIA validation work, at that time, he also pointed out to the media, the recommended standard is too loose, and should be revised.

  Zhao Yufeng told the China science news reporters, in October 2014, the new limit values of electromagnetic environment control (GB8702-2014) has issued standards throughout the country since January 1, 2015. 50Hz magnetic field control of exposure of the general public limit of 5 μg/t below World Health Organization international standards recommended by the International Commission on non-ionizing radiation protection.

  One at the national “863” project is engaged in the research of high power microwave technology expert on condition of anonymity in an interview with reporters of the China Science News, explained in nature, electromagnetic waves are almost everywhere, “because the Earth is a large magnetic field, so the electromagnetic fields in the environment we live all the time everywhere. Even common wires in your House, if you use the instrument, you can measure the electromagnetic response of lateral line traces. ”

  In the electromagnetic spectrum, including high frequency electromagnetic waves, and low frequency electromagnetic wave two, which stays above 100kHz, feature is the electromagnetic field of electromagnetic energy with the rapid cycle change, in the form of electromagnetic waves propagation, there is a risk of radiation; the latter frequency 50Hz of electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic energy return circuit, passed only by the metal conductor, almost no radiation.

  At present, “in our country have been opened or planned suspension belonged to medium and low speed Maglev speed at 100km/h. “Former Vice President of the China Academy of railway Sciences Zhu Qijie received the China scientific journal reporters,” mentougou under construction belongs to the S1 line of medium and low speed Maglev. ”

  ”Magnetic radiation is non-ionizing radiation of the low frequency, energy is weak. “Zhao Yufeng explains,” some of the clinical symptoms of non-ionizing radiation, are also functional changes will not have a devastating impact on molecules, once leaving the environment, can be restored, unlike ionizing radiation induces changes in nature. “Moreover, the current magnetization measurements of the Maglev project, as long as at least ten or twenty-metre protection zone, which is basically will have no impact on the surrounding population health.

  Energy consumption and costs are still flawed

  If the radiation was not Maglev “discourage” the main factor, so the development of Maglev in the end card where? now, Shanghai Pudong Maglev railway is the world’s first commercial Maglev line, the total length of about 30 km, each kilometer costing 300 million Yuan over the line, speed was fast, fares have less than satisfactory.

  When it was built, the Maglev line ordinary seat sells for $ 75 for a one-way ticket, VIP seating for 150 Yuan. Such high prices, many people still choose the traditional traffic, after all, city, Shanghai maglev trains cannot be reached, after arriving at the longyang station also needs to change. Faced with increasingly dismal operation of Shanghai Maglev transportation development co adjust fares, ordinary seats now sell for 50 Yuan, VIP seats are reduced to 100 Yuan. But when can it recover its operating costs and construction costs are still unknown.

  Mentougou the S1 line of the building, its cost is also higher than initially predicted. North charged with introduction of the Maglev, China subway cost around 1 billion ~14 billion per km, light rail is 300 million ~4 billion yuan, compared to 200 million medium and low speed Maglev ~3 billion. But this is not true. The S1 line in Beijing as examples, West the EIA report showed that average construction cost 642 million yuan per kilometer. Under leadership of the mentougou district, mentougou section of S1 1 billion yuan for every kilometer. However, the Maglev technology Engineering Research Center at the University of science and technology for national defense Chang Wensen, Chief Architect, in which money is used for demolition, construction, independent of the engineering projects.

  Cause this programming, additional construction cost is too high. “Shanghai Airport line using magnetic levitation equipment full from Germany import, so construction costs are high. “Zhu Qijie said,” if we can use domestic technologies, costs can be reduced by half or so. ”

  Unable to connect rail development

  However, whether it is “in jeopardy” the Shanghai-Hangzhou magnetic levitation, or has been built using the Shanghai Airport line and the airport line, Beijing, reflected awkward Maglev development at this stage.

  Back in early discussions of construction in Shanghai-Hangzhou Maglev, Zhu Qijie was invited as experts to study results of the investigation were ridiculous. “On the Shanghai-Hangzhou magnetic levitation line, only one station is set, is the station of jiaxing. The jiaxing city 10 km to station locations, jiaxing, which means that if someone wants to take the Maglev to Hangzhou, Shanghai or, you need to solve the 10 km distance from the city to the station. “Zhu Qijie said. However, traveler’s priority traffic is convenient, such sets must reduce the number of people riding the Maglev, “what’s more, when Shanghai to Hangzhou already have four lines, traffic forecasts, there is no need to build a rail line. “Zhu Qijie further explained that” as a result, our group naturally rejected the construction of the line. ”

  A few years ago, mentougou in Beijing built into the Apple Orchard before commencement of the S1 line, Zhu Qijie fieldwork is conducted, when he also raised objections. “I am opposed to the construction of this line, not because of radiation, on the contrary, I think Maglev is a State of the art technology, it has low noise, the advantages of climbing ability. But the S1 line built for more than 10 km in length, during which set up eight stations, meaning that an average of one kilometer on a platform. ”

  Zhu Qijie was more inconceivable is that there was a municipal media wrote “mentougou to Apple orchards in just 10 minutes” in the media. “Station opens too many magnetic speed advantage not reflected, like driving a car, a foot throttle down immediately on the brakes. Moreover, throwing open both ends of the station did not say, there are six other stations, a station docking time of at least 2 minutes, then just stop time you have to wait for more than 10 minutes, how to mentougou Apple Orchard just 10 minutes to say? ” Zhu Qijie said, “and to Maglev vehicle docking and overhaul, maintenance, must be planned and built a separate depot and tie-line, and not less, increased construction costs. ”

  Apple Orchard is the terminus of Line 1 of Beijing subway line, but the new maglev trains cannot be achieved “seamless” change, the Maglev and subway locomotive cannot be “one roof” parked, so only a single plan. In fact, faces connected with rail traffic problems and, not only is this a Maglev line. All the maglev trains are facing this problem.

  In 2012, the Executive meeting of the State Council for discussion and adoption of the “Twelve-Five” in the planning of comprehensive transportation system, the “rail transport services covering commodities distributing center and more than 200,000 people city”, unstoppable during the development of rail transport, track laying of the road network has increased the convenience of train passengers.

  ”Development of magnetic levitation train in China are faced with a problem that can’t be linked into the rail network. “Zhu Qijie said. Wang mengshu, of wheel and rail traffic is more developed in China, now Gao Tiebi Maglev more realistic and more able to meet the demand. Earlier media reports, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway connects the more than more than 20 lines, produced a large number of transfer stations, 2/3 of the traffic flow from different lines to high-speed rail, Maglev transfer station and the interchange point between wheel and rail compatible together, causing great difficulties to passenger transfer.

  However, Zhu Qijie thought, because of its characteristics of low-speed Maglev vehicle, is can be selected as a mode of urban rail transit, but the chosen road sections must reflect the advantages of maglev train. “In fact, no matter which trains require scientific planning and in particular enhance the speed and cost are reasonable. ”


  Electromagnetic radiation:

  Electromagnetic radiation is also called electronic smog, is shared by the space formed by transfer of electric energy and magnetic energy, and that energy is generated by a moving charge. Signals emitted by a radio frequency antenna mobile charge creates electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic “spectrum” includes all kinds of electromagnetic radiation, from extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. Between the two there are radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light and ultraviolet light.

  Although the network once it was hundreds of times times the magnetic radiation is compared to a microwave oven, but Zhao Yufeng thinks it’s totally inconsistent with science. Because microwave oscillation frequencies between 915MHZ~2450MHZ, significantly higher than the frequency of the magnetic, so the magnetic field they produce is not comparable at all.

  Radiation: Records how to break through the highest raise

  Radiation is the nucleus from one energy State to another structure or a structure or another kind of micro-particles of energy released in the process flow. Ionization or excitation caused by nuclear radiation can make the material, it is called ionizing radiation.

  Radiation mainly three types of rays are α, β, γ, as far as property is concerned, α-rays emitted by the radioactive nuclides positively charged helium nuclei particles; beta radiation is emitted the nuclei of high-speed electronic flow gamma rays are photons emitted radioactive nuclei the flow. Among them, the source into the α rays α particles into the body causing serious damage to organs, beta-Ray external radiation and internal radiation are harmful, and the gamma-ray has a strong penetrating power, can cause eye damage.

  Nuclear magnetic resonance:

  Nuclear magnetic resonance is the nuclei of magnetic moment is not zero, under external magnetic field spin level Zeeman splitting, resonant absorption of radiofrequency radiation of a specific frequency of physical processes. NMR spectroscopy is a branch of spectroscopy, resonant frequencies in the radio frequency band, the corresponding transitions is the nuclear spin in nuclear Zeeman energy level transitions.

  In medical Shang, NMR Imaging (MRI) check has became a common of image check way, not on human health has effect, but six class crowd not suitable for NMR check: even installation pacemaker of people, and has or suspected has eye within metal foreign body of people, and aneurysm silver clip ligation operation of people, and body metal foreign body remains or metal fake body of people, and has life dangerous of critical patients, and claustrophobic fear syndrome patients,. Checks cannot take monitoring, rescue equipment brought into the MRI room. In addition, pregnant women in less than 3 months of pregnancy, it is best to do an MRI.