Jack Ma elected global United Nations women represented five reasons

  ”The eternal woman, leading us to go. ”

  On September 26, the world women’s Summit to be held at United Nations Headquarters in New York, including “women’s empowerment Conference on global business leaders.” This level of meeting comrade Liu, Peng Mama play talk, right?

  It is said that they do not speak … Venus, take thousands of bones, definitely not.

  The United Nations chose the Ma. He was also appointed as co-Chair of the General Assembly, a 7-minute speech, and to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Ta Kung Pao “global women’s work.”

  How do sound a little that … Ma did not spend thousands bone “on the Grand” demeanor. But pondering, I still think he has at least 5 reasons for doing this:

  1, “cut party” party, Ali is women hold up here.

  This word just can’t help but jump out. China business Festival “double 11”-derived vocabulary. It corresponds to the groups kill great, can lead to numerous factories power outages, many server downtime, the banking system, the courier of death as strong as an ox. Numerous Chinese women double 11, the achievements of the China business. He called China “cut party” leader.

  2, personal charm, more often women, dared to use women, respect for women, mingle with women all day. And sweet mouth for women.

  MA is not only cut the hand of the party leader, and almost every woman, to mingle with them all day long: Ali 49% of employees of the group are women. Ma said, have in the past than 50%, because mergers and acquisitions of companies, which proportion of men than women. As of now, Ali 34% of executives are women. In addition, Taobao platforms, 50.1% per cent female sellers, sellers store favorable rate than men.

Jack Ma elected global United Nations women represented five reasons

  Not only that, MA praised women, it is a set of. You see him in May this year in “World Congress on women entrepreneurs” on the part of the speech:

  “…… How many Fortune 500 CEO was a woman? women are in the kitchen and in the bedroom, women today have reached the living room, has been into all major platform in the field of political, economic, and they seized the entire living room from the bedroom, almost bloodless … … I wonder how many families now is the man is … … How many very important decisions were decided in women around the world? … … Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, a woman’s shoulders take up most of Europe’s troubles, is great.

  …… Women in the future will really become the master of the world, this is just the beginning, because it’s a changing world, this process of change, who adapt to change, who can win the future. Women best able to adapt to changes in the world … … We men are constantly exploring the outer planets, continuously to outer space to explore the unknown world, few people to explore the inner world, the heart as big as the world outside of yin and Yang, men we know of is the world, women know is … … People know, is great, you have all touched the hearts of others. The world what is experience? … … You to truly experience the times, should first take the time to solve the problem.

  …… Women are more loyal than men, this should be no problem. More women than men have staying power and the fight against, endure more. There is something remarkable in an era of service, and service enterprises the most important point, consider others more women than men, men consider themselves more women to consider others as much. Female parents to consider, taking into account the child, taking into account this consideration that … … Women balance the best in the world … … Most of the women are doing very well, be a good wife, good mother, while his job well. ”

Jack Ma elected global United Nations women represented five reasons

  Talking in this way, women don’t appreciate, and tears?, 26th General Assembly, MA also has 7 minutes of speeches, will be what the cry of women is not allowed.

Jack Ma elected global United Nations women represented five reasons

  3, the global symbol of the symbol of the new economy.

  MA is a symbol of the new economic model of the Internet, this is no problem. The global Internet industry, especially commercial, so many cattle, he called one of the most active.

  He is active, other than the personality, also related to Ali’s business model. Ali’s open platform, decided it must be based on the most extensive industrial cooperation, must dare to sacrifice their own revenue size, bear the burden of Chinese and global business. Ali, the IPO has aroused global attention, hit a brilliant record, since the birth of the open position is deeply associated with it.

  A contrasting example is, although they, Jingdong volumes than before much more powerful, but Liu’s personal influence far Ma. Jingdong and excessive emphasis on import, with a closed, conservative color related.

  When Ali began when integrated into the real economy, and China and the degree of integration into the global economy will further enhance, Ali’s reach is more extensive and sensitive. Ali said the reason so many people how everything expressed concern, but they don’t know what Ali was forging a sound and responsible new ecology, its face is not commercial, but a rich, self-sufficiency, with a strong cohesion and expansion of new business.

  Ali, also appeal to new economic models to the women’s Liberation Movement. A gradual integration entities, Ali a fading line of so-called Ali, can bring broader global women’s career development.

  4, “State Enterprise” representatives, Ambassador of China national economy.

  Ali because of American and Japanese capital background, disputes many, many companies see it as a foreign company. However, regardless of birthplace, markets and a variety of factors, China is home to Ali.

  But Ali never saw himself as a foreign company, the positioning of your business property is “national enterprise”. Ma’s explanation is that it’s neither private enterprises in General, is not a State-owned enterprise, but a blend with the fate of China as a whole, has the characteristics of a State Enterprise globalization. Ali’s goal is to become China’s “calling card”, like Samsung in Korea.

  For at least the past year, Ali did show a “national enterprise” brand image. Layout not only local vertical, and establish cooperation with local governments in China, has become the core of a new information campaign infrastructure providers and overseas, Ali also built a preliminary ecological. Ali, Ali’s volume is the impact on China’s economy, consistent with this call.

  Ali Ma itself is out of a company’s commercial appeal, almost played China’s Ambassador, diplomatic liaison role. A year, MA continued and many of the world’s politicians, business leaders, overseas institutions, entertainment stars contact reshape China’s economy in a global society’s image and brand. In particular, he and Putin, Park Geun-Hye, Australia, and Germany, the Middle East and many other contacts at national, regional, for the Chinese economy into the global political officials to play a role, and had broken the rigid style of political language in the world.

Jack Ma elected global United Nations women represented five reasons
Jack Ma elected global United Nations women represented five reasons
Jack Ma elected global United Nations women represented five reasons

  This suggests that Ali’s business orientation and opening up of the Ma, conform to the requirements of China’s integration into the era of globalization.

  5, foreign languages, and global perspectives, the level of speech is good, articulate. Be alert Posing as Taobao service refund new

  The United Nations what occasions? na da go, haha. If English is not the border, MA not to be selected as the representation of women in the world, and even to attend all can be difficult. Co-Chairmen of the Club, lectures, reports, with several translations didn’t matter.

  If you let Lei to, he is full of Woman,Are you OK? audience estimates were scared; Liu Suqian English very much, and his desk with “English Only (English only)” sign, but the mysterious text printed on the sign, but may cause accidents to China … That line of text is “WenXinTiShi”. Since millions of people didn’t understand. Let me tell you, it’s “tips”. If this transmission to the United Nations, China self-employed electrical contractor do not mix.

Jack Ma elected global United Nations women represented five reasons
Jack Ma elected global United Nations women represented five reasons

  Moreover, Chinese entrepreneurs, few Ma glib. Xiaobo Wu says he doesn’t read, actually, according to my observation, MA, while not off the book bag, but his speech had a clear theoretical logical framework, even secretarial assistant to copywriting, if he couldn’t Digest cannot be recognized from the heart, that speech imaginable. MA in my eyes, is has its own independent system, thanks to his perennial business, career, global perspective, well as relationships, a wealth of life experience. His insight into human nature, the nature of the business, does not blow. This is a world-minded and responsible entrepreneurs.

  If there’s a reason, I think that is a figure of the Ma, hehe. Small, alien appearance, the Internet companies (was going to be a movie), the richest man in identity often results in higher expectations of the audience, women on continuous applause of the General Assembly.

MIT robot bartender automatic and automatic wine wine


MIT robot bartender: automatic and automatic wine wine

  Automatic wine before we’ve seen robots or machines, these machines can achieve the ready to drink mix, even through a Smartphone App to control or selecting a different cocktail. But these robots we need to press the button, or after the tune up and there we need to pick up, lazy cancer friends, is not smart enough. Li Feng semiconductor Giants are transition to

  Now comes the good news, recent MIT research team developed a fully automated “bartender” robot, the robot to PR2 robots for prototype development, there’s also a base with four wheels “Turtlebot” robots, these two guys can be meshed perfectly, great wine, small wine, make people feel very magical.

  Developing the robot bartender to face the needs of, and one of the biggest challenges is how to make a robot brought many uncertainties to deal with human beings. When Turtlebot robot bartender role to play as a guest wine when sensor it can be blocked by passers-by affect signal transmission. Typically, robots need to communicate, but how to make the robot in a complex scene smooth communication is to solve the problem.

  At present, the algorithm CSAIL team hope to develop an overall plan, more coordinated help robots programmed to solve a series of problems. Also can cross multiple Turtlebot bartenders and cocktail robot. So even if the future practical application, to meet the different needs of guests, without waiting too long.

Brain hole open candle water mobile phone power

  Has anyone ever jokingly compared cell phones in contemporary society the importance of: cell phone has no electricity, just like in the desert without water. For a large group of mobile phones rely on people, such an analogy is really no exaggeration. Brain hole wide open Flame Stower team developed a just Stower candles + water to the original cell phone charging, aimed at providing power outdoors or under extreme conditions.

  Cell phone batteries do? company called Flame Stower start-up teams are considered more urgent than that can’t find power for charging the mobile phone, for which they developed a new charger, let people water and candles for charging the mobile phone.

  Just like this.




  A Stower candle burning 6 hour, enough to fill 2 iPhone mobile phones. The principle behind it is the temperature gradient is transformed into electrical energy. In view of its 2.5W power rating of only half the standard charger, charge rate should be slower. There is also a small trouble is, you need to change the water every half hour.



  Cell phone why Netcom is the enemy of operators

  Such a design will certainly not easy than the charging treasure, use scenario might be a last resort, there is no other way under, such as: massive power outages caused by hurricanes – in other words, buy one at home, this will be your last resort. In addition, this design also applies to outdoor trips. Assumptions in the jungle, this charger can be put to great use, designers have intimate reminds consumers: used to provide energy while also drinking water, 1L water after about Cook for 1 hour, reached drinking sterile standards.




  Also when applied as a last resort.

  From the official website to publish the information, there are 618 people interested in this design and provides funding, the project has completed a $ 30,000 raise goal, 28th of this month to accept orders, probably in November, will be able to deliver.

New glass photo new position hands compared to the camera

  Lead: in February 2015, the Nest CEO Tony Fadell takes over Google glasses together Luxottica CEO Massimo Vian and Silicon Valley centers Mountain View on Google’s two new devices. Nest designing glass and found the ray-ban and Oakley glasses brand Luxottica,Luxottica is also involved in research and development to the first generation of glass lenses.


New glass photo new position: hands compared to the camera


  A new generation of glass using two photos Honey wash on the wave of cross border e commerce

  According to a Google patent paper, new generation glasses can allow users to pass in front of the glass than to frame with both hands to guide the glasses taking photos. Google the technology patent documents show Google glasses this side-mounted equipment, how to detect gestures and take pictures.

  Users using your finger to draw a square, rectangular or circular area, the region serve as a “near eye display.” Glasses lens forward and photographed sights in the region. Hands in front of the glasses or glasses at arm far away. User through the glass to know where should I shoot the gesture box. How well after the shot, you separate your hands the moment, glasses can take pictures.

  According to the past, glass price is an obstacle to its success in the consumer market. In order to solve this problem, Google users locate new glasses for the companies, created to help producers and project managers with efficiency and communication App.

  Editor’s review: egg you thought this was a major breakthrough, fully meet human “please” attitude, so smart to understand your glasses, Google is so diao.

New LG flat screen GPad8 0 connect game controller

New LG flat-screen GPad8.0 connect game controller

  LG Electronics recently launched its new tablet computer, called g-Pad 2 8.0, currently in Korea market. It is reported that with previous generation g-Pad compared to 8.0 available in three sizes, g-Pad 2-8 8-inch version. And the new g-Pad does not do much to improve, specifications and prior versions, only minor adjustments.

  Allegedly, g-Pad 2 8.0 is positioned as end tablet is equipped with 8.-inch screen at a resolution of 1280×800, powered by Gao Tongxiao 400 processor, clock speed 1.2GHz,1.5GB running memory, 32GB fuselage is stored to support storage expansion, up to 128GB storage expansion, and with a 4200 mAh battery. In terms of camera, front-facing camera to 2 million pixels, rear camera 5 million pixels, the tablet will run Android 5.0 system.

  By contrast, previous LG g Pad 8.0 is equipped with Qualcomm APQ8026 quad-core processor, frequency 1.2GHz, with 1 GB of memory, 16GB internal storage (supports up to 32 GB of microSD storage expansion), the battery also is 4200 mAh.

  However, the LG g-Pad 2 8.0 has a full size USB 2.0 port, such a design on An Zhuoping Board is very rare. Consumers can use to connect a keyboard or game controller. Nailing the theory of relativity

  In addition, the Tablet has a special design, it is equipped with a 3.5 mm stylus, pre-installed Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software, throughout the day can help users work more efficiently. Current g-Pad flat 2 8.0 only in Korea sales had been on sale in other markets.

United States accelerate upgrade and application of infrared search and track

  On March 11, the United States Navy for its new infrared search and track (IRST) pod carried out its first test flight. IRST using high resolution imaging infrared (thermal) radar would detect images with computers in the pod known aircraft stored three dimensional model matching, thereby discovering and identifying potential targets. This principle of a system with advanced targeting forward-looking infrared (ATFLIR) pods are similar. Smart bracelet cannot escape the fate toys next

  In the 1980 of the 20th century, forward looking infrared radar (FLIR) since the advent of infrared technology and more powerful, this radar pod detectable distance farther. ATFLIR pods can effectively identify the distance is 20-kilometer, latest IRST pod recognition distance is greater. Because FLIR passive detection, not as active as conventional radar signal, so its not being found, so as to ensure the confidentiality and the security of detection.

  United States naval infrared search radar technology is struggling to catch up, for F-18E fighter is about to install a new generation IRST pod. Earlier, Russia and the European fighter aircraft (such as the MiG-29, Su-30, “Typhoon”, “wind”, etc) has furnished the IRST pod. For Russia, IRST equipment pod is also a way of American Stealth fighters. United States stealth fighter design considering the radar stealthy, however, these planes will still release heat, while Russia IRST systems can find American planes. US military has some aircraft equipment IRST pods, such as old F-14D. But a new IRST pod more effective, capable of far greater distances (up to several hundred meters) early warning, at the same time, the new pod can also find land and sea targets.

  Yu Haijun, United States Air Force IRST pod is not enthusiastic. In 2011, due to economic concerns, as well as some unpublished “technical problems”, United States air force to stop the plans for the F-15C fighter IRST pod. 2009 air force had tried to install the old thermal for 100 F-15C pod, the pod in the United States Navy F-14D equipment on the aircraft, and later retired in 2006.

  IRST pods also have disadvantages. The main detection distance is not far enough (accurate recognition of distance is usually around 30-kilometer, but detect “unknown source” distance is much larger), clouds of infrared Scattering and distortions can also seriously affect the target identification. Detection distance meant that may was first discovered by enemy (precise enemy fighter radar detection distances may be 100-kilometer), which is an obvious weakness. Through computer analysis to detect image processing techniques can be solved step by step cloud scattering problems. Given that many of the aircraft in flight will remain “electronic silence”, no external signal, IRST to be the best tool to detect these aircraft.

  F-18E aircraft with IRST system will be installed on the modified aircraft Center auxiliary fuel tanks, the tank also will carry the equivalent of the usual fuel 68% fuel. This is a cause of, if the aerial combat, F-18E can not get rid of drop tanks to make itself more flexible. Other models, such as F-22 and F-35, the IRST pods can be installed in the internal bomb Bay, so its flight performance is not affected. United States manufacturers and also for export to Korea and Singapore’s F-15E fighter increased IRST pod.

  American pilots have learned to use targeting pods to Hunter’s advantage, which prompted the air force to provide more aircraft were fitted for IRST systems (primarily for detecting other aircraft, also be responsible for water, land and sea target detection). United States Air Force didn’t give up equipment IRST system, just not as eager as Navy.


Intel crazy idea in a future life Fantasy

  August 19 at 0 o’clock Beijing time, Intel IDF15 fall Conference was officially opened. The theme of this session of the General Assembly is “Developed by You”, Intel CEO section Mr again around the theme of giving a speech, and Intel for the future of the world’s three big ideas: perception, all interconnected, extension of the calculation. No doubt Intel is ready for all platforms, only to throw them to the developers: what do you want to create?

  Three big ideas: calculation of perception, all interconnected, extending

Intel crazy idea in a future life: Fantasy

  Experience the era of desktop computing to mobile computing changes, we are now undergoing a new revolution in computing. Intel-defined vision for the future has three:

  1, perception: computing innovation in cutting-edge fields. Everyone wants to interaction with the PC to be able to have a deeper experience, hope that the PC is more like people, able to identify the person’s instructions, responding to people’s needs and take a more natural kind of interactions with people. Smart Voice technology is a typical attempt this technique so that the original cold equipment able to capture our voice commands to make appropriate judgments, without the need for any button-triggered

  2, all interconnected: ever since the network, the device is no longer a separate existence, the network so that all devices have had a depth of contacts and communication. Now the role of the Internet has not only limited to PC product, a traditional mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones, more intelligent devices are connected to the network by 2020, global access networks of smart devices will reach 50 billion, which was a great size and market, regardless of manufacturer or for the majority of developers are unprecedented opportunities. For the majority of users, this is a traditional way of life of the “big bang”.

  3, one thing is for sure: the computing everywhere! we see tend to be closer to people extends from smart home and intelligent wearable devices, intelligent sports equipment and even intelligent needs independent thinking and analytical skills to create more intelligent users experience. We are not interested in these, but today our attention is focused on it. From the live show BMX bike shows, we found that even BMX can be independently collected data for the reference provided by the campaign, there were more calculated way to wait for us to discover.

  RealSense scenario in the extended

Intel crazy idea in a future life: Fantasy

  For VR, though, RealSense visibility and speed is not as fast, but you won’t deny RealSense development potential, it still attracted Intel and the vast majority of guests around their extension for scenario development.

  On the IDF to allow more rapid development of the technology, Intel announced that the technology will support a wide range of platforms, and depth perception for developers to create new software and hardware to bring more opportunities. Other than Windows and Android platforms, the Intel touch technology will also support OS x, ROS, and Linux, Scratch1, Unity, and XSplit and the OBS, and Structure SDK, and OSVR, Unreal Engine 4 and Google Project Tango and other platforms.

Intel crazy idea in a future life: Fantasy

  And Thunder snake OSVR highlights, Apple OS x and Google’s cooperation, support for Apple platforms for expanding the RealSense influence and popularity has developed an important role. Project Tango with Google cooperation reflects the technology direction was attempted on a mobile device is the main direction. By Google’s Project Tango, and Intel are indeed technologies integrated into an Android in the Smartphone Developer Kit, users can implement indoor navigation and regional learning, new experiences, such as virtual reality and 3D scanning. Mine-it should be said that the snake has just released last month OSVR, supported by Intel RealSense so quickly, no doubt for real snake in the VR field increases the stakes.

  In its application on the scene, RealSense has been further extended from the previous measurement of three dimensional sizes, photographed prior to focusing on a single show out, RealSense now pending the achievement of the vision. By RealSense users to quickly map out within the space of real 3-dimensional images, object model, which stands for traditional manual modeling is a pretty big impact. 10 seconds or faster access to model data output to a 3D printer to print out the appropriate kind, everyone can start making originally only professionals can reach, which is a reversal of previous work experience.

Intel crazy idea in a future life: Fantasy

  Of course, this is only one aspect of RealSense, including intelligent vending machine, for the human eye to capture the game, intelligent mirrors and so on, more changes will be opening in the future. Leave the system woman in the Emergency Department

  Smart devices the dizzying

Intel crazy idea in a future life: Fantasy

  Now come to IDF if you don’t know what history and background, and it is hard to imagine hosting this grand event, manufacturers have memory manufacturer as well as the world’s largest manufacturer of processors. It’s more like a smart eco-based platform, intelligent hardware and provides services all over the world. This is how Intel is one of the objectives pursued. The IDF, as a result of Skylake provideth her meat in the confidentiality period, Intel Smart Eco plays through Edison, Curie and other platforms, dazzling new smart devices let people once again managed to attract all the attention.

  Intel announced last year with the United States Fossil fashion brand cooperation, now we can see that the application of the Intel technology and based on the Android platform for Wear smart watches, this is an Intel case with the big brands. For start-ups as well as individual developers, Intel provides a platform that allows them to play glasses riding smart, intelligent spider robots, Intelligent robot waiter is impressive.

  New 3D-based non-volatile technology debut of SSD

Intel crazy idea in a future life: Fantasy

  At the current session on IDF15, Intel introduced Intel Optane technology. The technology is based on a revolutionary 3D XPointTM non-volatile memory media, Intel’s advanced systems and the integration of the memory controller, interfaces, hardware and software IP helps to release the huge performance potential of many products in the future. Intel Optane technology will be applied in the new high durability, high performance solid state disk product series, and the series will begin in 2016 and the listing. Has been put into production the 3D XPoint technologies is a major breakthrough in storage technology, and first since its launch in 1989, NAND Flash memory non-volatile memory based on new technology.

  Through live demonstrations, new flagship products based on this technology is currently available at the performance SSD 7 times, superior performance can help business users get a better experience. Growing popularity of the technology of the future is expected to further depress consumer and SSD prices, significantly improve the overall performance of SSD. In my view, the technology is in recent years in the storage industry’s most notable highlights.


  IDF only opening day of numerous high-powered black technology is exciting, we realized the huge body of industry bellwethers Intel brings gorgeous light and charm to turn around again and again. Intel will also bring incredible? still went on to focus on Intel’s Show Time tomorrow.