Mobile news client three kingdoms who is your type

Spread widely there in there: go out to remember four words “for money”. When the word is in fact remind everybody out to carry his identification card, cell phone, keys and wallet, some words is homophonic. To say that a few things are important, and if I had scored a high, so for people, especially young people, probably the most needs is a cell phone.

Mobile phone not just a means of communication, or even shopping, payment and entertainment, even including world news anytime, anywhere. Speaking of cell phone news, first thought is a news client, and each client-supplied content and experiences are not the same, there are many products on the market, cannot make everyone’s cell phones are equipped with eight out of ten news clients! so be sure to pick out quality content, refined products.

Search news in the APP Store, many products, Baidu news, today’s headlines, company news, the three most popular models. Is to provide news and information, but the content and experience are not the same, how should we choose?

First kill: who better reading experience?

A news client is mainly to provide the fragmented reading tool, you can in a limited period of time to provide the most effective selection of content is crucial. Content is hosted by the interface, so the reading experience on the premise that Visual comfort, convenient interface.

1, Visual effect

Baidu news client optimized for mobile phone operating system, is based on the version of the iOS system as an example, for the current system’s interface is fully optimized and adjusted from the font type button, at the top of column chart example, every detail with the iOS is highly unified, users get into the news when clients do not have any sense of endearingly. Interface composition, content shown above has been adjusted. Full visual effects gives a sense of science and technology as a whole.

Today’s headlines will be automatically depending on the device adapter, constitute a very European style, give the feeling of an electronic magazine more than mobile news client, is flat on the whole design, color mosaic looked very modern, it was like someone worried, do not comment here. Today’s headlines clients have a very big problem, and even adjust the font to “Jumbo” larger only fonts, reading and system fonts are the same, look a little too small, this is a small flaw in UI design.

Tencent also adhering to simple flat design. When it comes to simplicity in the midst of these APP called first, the operation is very simple and quick, almost no part of the redundancy, I can see that is optimized for different systems. Just too simple and also bring some negative effects, such as functions, its three products are the most tedious.

2, text effect comparison

Text effects that several applications can display articles of a very simple picture and story, no excessive ads and cluttered layout. From a business perspective the Internet has ushered

View and comment on the content, saved, forwarded three clients. Tencent’s news did not report, and font adjustment section, headlines today though is the question even adjusts the maximum still sharp enough, there is a fatal problem was loading slow, if you are experiencing low or old equipment, operation is not smooth enough. Notably Tencent news provide a screenshot, copy the link, and other small tools, very intimate.

Detailed degree Baidu news superior, offers the ability to adjust the font, and select the article type is your favorite to help better understand user preferences, so intelligent push.

Kill II: the feature competition

Three are very powerful APP, common features have, compared to Baidu and Tencent news client features a more intuitive, easy operation.

Baidu News offers unique blacklist item, other clients in addition, Baidu news clients to do subtraction, users can choose to remove the keywords you don’t want to see the content. Interested project can choose which class of categories there are concerned about values, ranging from 1 to 10, higher level higher. In addition, the search for a project with a lot of keywords, is the most popular words and always updating this advantage from the Baidu search engine, based on the entry of data is far more than any other APP for rich and accurate. In addition to searching for news, and also be able to search the Web.

In addition, Baidu news feed feature is also worthy of Office. In addition to be able to subscribe to various kinds of “topic”, “channel”, you can subscribe to the “media” and “Baidu home”. “The media” traditional newspapers and major Internet media come together, Baidu news can be seen in the design of this design takes thought. In addition, likes to read deeply and the users can also subscribe to “Baidu home” author of this feature for the Internet industry, high-end crowd, public relations people, media people is a certain value.

Today’s headlines are more comprehensive, integrated information platform provided both the number of users is expanding, and they are the fastest pace, so hot feature is self-evident. In a non-WiFi environment, today’s headlines for flow can be optimized, smart download picture mode, you can choose to download the large image, smart and not models in the following figure, but it is for non-WiFi mode, WiFi model will be adjusted.

Tencent news standard, basic functions, but it’s not great. Each client has its own characteristics, Tencent news into a game recommendation module. Had to ridicule here, and sure enough the game sector is Tencent value most!

Third down is the key to winning

Affect the client the most important thing is the content, if the content is not to focus on the failed to attract readers, not even good products do.

Popular parade of search as an example

Baidu news search and Web search can be realized, because of the abundant and smart search engine optimization, content does not repeat and very rich. In page mode, display pages like special pages, you can see the cause and effect of the more diversified and highlights, there is also knowledge of Wikipedia entries. There are some details on the deal improves grades, Baidu news premium content will be marked, such as in the illustration “PLA daily headlines”, which details of the deal will allow users to directly read the news content of the highest quality. From an overall perspective, based on the source of search engine, Baidu shows the content quality is high, speed is also surprising.

Today’s headlines as news aggregation platforms provides the amount of content is also very impressive, especially in news and hot news of the performance has been outstanding, because the source is too cluttered, missing classification and filtering. Especially in technology, digital among these small categories, many redundant content, and lack of an effective classification and sorting, and even affected the reading.

Tencent’s name is a direct expression of the content of the news source, due to the limited content sources, supplying a rich amount of information there is not enough. Especially in categories such as science and technology, sports, digital, Tencent only their contents.

Taken together the three news clients, Tencent news is the carrier of their content, in this point of view has been very good, but enough are deadly short Board, unable to meet the needs of users keep refreshing. Baidu News belongs to today’s headlines and aggregation platform, content rich enough, but today’s headlines and messy, classify and organize detailed enough. Baidu news and news aggregation platform, but based on the search engine platforms, as well as large data, intelligent filtering of content classification, provide quality content is relatively high.