Android n preview window screen operation hands on experience

Android n preview window-screen operation hands-on experience

Google provides Android n developer preview on March 10, the mirror, the device was able to flush part of the Nexus series, this video lets us in on Nexus 5X experience the new system: Ted Baker iPhone 6 Case

Ted Baker iPhone 6 Case

 Android n ‘ previews start video (YouTube)

 Android n ‘ previews start video (Tencent)

Android n preview window-screen operation hands-on experience


Android n preview window-screen operation hands-on experience
Android n preview window-screen operation hands-on experience

Micro sweep sweep, author tips bar ~ Ted Baker iPhone 6 cover

LG Nexus5

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LG Nexus5

One of Google’s son, after the replacement of the original system, fluency can match the system IOS, fashionable appearance adds to the impulse to buy! Pre is all black, appeared in the late Panda, after former Black and white.

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The lesson of the day still struggling with hatchback or sedan Come and see

Lesson of the day, small wrote what to buy a hatchback or sedan? 》。 Both sedan and hatchback cars, have their own advantages. So, is there a car, while the advantages of both hatchback and sedan? Yes, that is the hatchback!

Hatchback abroad often refers to the hatchback, while the domestic hatchback is referred to in the shape like the sedan, there are prominent trunk, but the trunk cover opens and rear window glass is one of the models, from the standpoint of structure should be called the “two and a half” models.

In the domestic market, hatchback is not much. Domestic production of cars, the case is a Skoda Octavia and speed (master of Skoda hatchback), followed by the Cruze hatchback and horse daruiyi, Honda poems, MG6, etc. Imported cars more, like Audi, A5/7, S5/7, RS7 4-series, BMW 3-series/5 series GT, VW Beetle, Tesla MODEL s model.

Hatchbacks have two advantages: one is beautiful, and the other is practical. 1 style m-“cool”

Hatchback “unique” styling, and compared to the hatchback of the “boot” is more in line with our taste, while relative movement of “slipped back” tail more personality than the sedan and more. 2 practical superb hatchback’s biggest advantage is its strong practical. How good is practical? Do not not know, than a jump.

1 and compact and hatchback cars, hatchback’s biggest advantage is more trunk space, mainly reflected in the vertical. Not spade, weilang GS and the new Skoda Octavia space compared at the same level, look at the pictures.

2 and compared to the sedan and sedan, hatchback also obvious advantages, that is more open, not only to put down much larger objects, and taking things a lot easier. Same price, above the Peugeot 408, the new Octavia in the following figure.

3 and SUV here SUV Hei Hei smile: vertical space and larger openings, I have, I’m higher than you, which carries more! However, the SUV at the same level to some more expensive than hatchbacks. You know, hatchbacks are location and price are the scope of cars and SUV at the same level, but a lot more expensive Oh! Also, with the new Octavia example, and compared to the small SUV Honda XR-B price, the new Octavia is not bad.

Summary of many consumers to buy a car with such a mentality: higher price, looks nice, space is also used. Car great, types and functional space, in addition to a small station wagon, which is a hatchback car. HP 1 5T engine new civic engine efficiency comparable

Users low activity of APP developers are creating a points Mall market

   City domestic equity raised platform comparison

     Download-installation-use-uninstall (left), this is often the life cycle of a cell phone APP. Earlier than commonly used in APP ecosystem million, measured in millions of downloads an application successfully, now placed in front of the developers of the challenge is: how to extend the user-product life cycle, allowing users to maximize the value?

  A lot of entrepreneurs are emerging for solving this problem, besides O2O, B2B, C2C, familiar business model for developers to service derived specifically for developers to provide services in the field of product and B2D solution mode. Had reported fast code titanium media crowdsourcing is a typical case.

  This titanium attracted media attention of the editors of startups per dollar, its business model is to provide complete integration for mobile developers store management tools. They want to address industry pain points, may be the most are not good at–user operation, that is, how to improve the APP user activity and retirement.

  Against the line in July 2014, positioning in the “third party points Mall service platform.” Compared with other start-up companies to promote and expose against the more low-key. Against the founder of titanium hybridization told media, “do this, on the one hand in order to protect themselves, on the other hand did not form a barrier to our platform and products is taken into account.”

  Facts show that, against a year-long muffled of doing effective, has precipitated a large number of customers and business resources. Fair, 91, Panda books, barley NET, well-known APP such as Wanda cinema operators have become partners against the dollar.

  Against the provided solution is very simple, there is no threshold for developers. Docking APP and run against their own products to complete only two steps: the first step: service for butt API interface step two: client embed points Mall H5, Done.

  After the connection is completed, developers have available, from the provision of management system, optional last display in the background of physical or virtual prizes, there are nearly 200 prizes resources to choose from. In addition, developers can also put their own goods or virtual services.

  Score Mall background, developers can view real-time user behavior data, including daily UV/PV, daily exchange orders, integral and daily consumption amount and so on. In order to increase the user play with points of interest, the background also offers such as Spike, a limited edition, scratch cards and other tools template to use with activities. That is, by against the Admin, developers can easily configure content and style points Mall, mining operations of user motivation means leverage play an integral role, promote active users.

  In fact, for the APP, and points for retention has become active users, a user’s universal approach, most of the APP in online points Mall was also built at the beginning of sections, why did they choose against it? in addition to the access process is a lightweight, hybridization has also summarized for two reasons:

  1, points Mall is a very serious thing, needs investment of resources, usually teams don’t have the ability to configure, against only focused on one thing: to help developers quickly build points Mall and through the continuing operations to enhance active users;

  2, awards resource updates, removed from the customer on the troubles of business against in-kind prizes as well as procurement, warehousing, logistics and other services charge. In other words, developers in addition to their last Prize, don’t bother doing anything else.

  Collaboration APP on the whole according to the current data view, points Mall daily UV up to 200W, orders a hundred thousand of, user 50% has retained more than the average week (average week retention, refer to entering user points Mall, again next week).

  Attract developers to access two reasons is exactly where the barriers against the against the founder of titanium hybridization told media, the pattern is not tested against research and development capabilities, more of a test operation and content resources for support. So against it, the biggest challenge is how to stimulate user consumption points, and then to make integration more consumption, and only the user traffic is large enough to attract merchants settled. In fact, in order to enrich the prize resource against the 80-man team two-fifths BD.

  Against the birth of catch up with accelerated mobile Internet advertising shuffle comes as, especially in the advertising program buying again this year by the industry concerned, programmed to buy advantages for advertisers of the complicated work, dropping is quite precise, and against the future business model is clear: play the role of an ad network, earn advertising fees for developers to make money.

  However, hybridization said developer access, merchants in this district is a free service, against the next step is to continuously optimize the developer experience, attract large numbers of merchant resources assigned to towards the UV 500W per day by the end of this year. Against that teach a man to fish rather than give a man a fish practice also brings a great deal of imagination for the future. However, against the commercialization also not on the agenda, as envisaged in the hybridization, possibly as early as the first quarter of 2016.

Treasure all the chips on the line the first zero carbon resort

  August 31: the raised patterns are becoming the most popular financing models for startups, and strange new ideas raised are constantly emerging. 31st, Taobao all the chips on the line the first “mystery • zero-carbon holiday camp”, a unique concept and science-fiction design make it popular, 8 hours to raise the target.

  This treasure of all the chips on the line “mystery • zero-carbon holiday camp”, green is the biggest bright spot. 100% from solar power in the camps, 100% from rain water collection and natural water purification, biodegradable waste 100%. The first batch of a total of 5 camps, 4 a, 5 a-class scenic area in East China, respectively in Hangzhou Tonglu, Hangzhou Jiande, Anji county, huzhou, Yixing, Jiangsu, and Shanghai Jinshan, were built between schemes in December this year and January next year. Offline and online connection obvious Li indexes

  Reporter log on Taobao raised page see, the chip is divided into seven options, different amounts can enjoy different rights of return, from 399 Yuan to 20,000 yuan. Supports returns in addition to experience, there are jungle tea, Michelin courses, hot air balloon trip a unique experience. After a week after preheating, more than 4,000 users have praised the projects, 31st on the line after 8 hours of complete chip targets. As of press time, the cumulative funds raised more than 280,000 yuan.

  Figures show that so far, Taobao has launched various projects over more than 2000 raised total fundraising amount of more than 580 million Yuan, tech project financing accounted for close to 90%. “Mystery • zero-carbon vacation camp” project initiator used to build London zero-carbon case Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai, well received by all walks of life.

  Zero-carbon Center hopes to use Taobao raised platform, attracting more young consumers dare to explore, passionate about the environment, and further extended to 50 scenic parts of the country.

Is like a spring Gale come up in the night many busy company mergers and

  In 2015, is “is like a spring Gale, come up in the night, many companies favor merger.” In a series of big changes, both from opponents to a partner’s turn, is like a big fish eat small fish should be proactive. Worth noting is that companies are too frequent, that people wanted to ask ‘how old are you?’

  Yes, small is within 58 city. In the past year, they spent $ 1.6 billion total acquired 14 companies. In addition to just hand the rival market, net also recently became their new prey. Just when people thought the demise of aristocratic elite will be local 58 in my arms when, only to find that mergers and acquisitions for Excellence staff is a catastrophe.

  Because they want to be all layoffs termination of the old Club, and then wait for the selection of the new owner, 58. Unemployment also is unemployed, has not up to them to chose, for a company known as employees, is a supreme irony.

  In fact, “since ancient times, mergers and acquisitions more cuts”, giant marriage Niggaz always accompanied by tears. Today, we’ll talk about those sad stories.

  Sweet girl of yesterday, today’s aunt cow next door

  Just because the so-called integration, so there are too many companies over the years first thought after the completion of the merger is that layoffs and that tends to be the weaker party employees out the door. It is like yesterday when they were dowry girl Britney start calling today cattle and aunt next door and get out.

  Remember “good soil” after the merger, the founder, Wang not only rapid retreat, old potatoes all veterans have also left. Although YouTube in order to stabilize the situation, said no mass layoffs, but many potatoes older workers was voted to resume just in case. Obviously, they are used to such a merger without layoffs. Similarly, aiqi swallow art PPS just 20 days later, the so-called “overlapping” near 10% were rushed to cut staff. In addition, bought by Grand in cool 6, 56 have been bought by everyone, Sohu, even cloud network and fast play in “takeover”, the layoffs were the standard measures that followed.

  Video site due to the high degree of homogeneity, merger layoffs seemed inevitable. Supposed to be an area of people, more powerful group, mergers and acquisitions are often “eat meat and spit out the bones.” Groupon served as Chinese high profile entry into China by GroupOn, launched just over a year later due to the defeat in the competition was forced to merge with the f. As a defeated army, they are bound to accept a variety of “unequal treaties”, not only executives to leave, even cuts of up to 70%. And because of the layoff time of emergency when they are around the station dismissed even resorted to desperate measures such as unplugging.

  When that tragic “thousand wars”, the losers far more than GroupOn? don’t know friends have the hottest people queued print coupon-dimensional complex city, their statements in such a short time after the fame, hurried exit from the battlefield. The beginning of 2013, weiluo city investor tick Group announced a merger with the set of layoffs of up to 50% per cent. The weak joint, and later also failed to go as far as 2014 tick Group declared closed.

  In the area of cash-for-shares, merger means that the weak outs and his staff in the nest can hardly escape the fate of being cut. Jingdong completed before last year teamed up with Tencent, a regiment took the other. Trade quicker Inc Monrovia, Pat’s employees did not smile, 80% of “indicators of change” means that the remainder will be shown the door without signed agreements on time “fail to get even a child”. In 2013, the stride for GOME took Cuba to electrical contractor network, sold their points after three rounds of cuts each other amounts to hundreds of “duplicate post” employee.

  In the era of mobile Internet, portal has foundered, who was renamed throws a change plan, is actually in layoffs. This portal is always cut players, back in the heyday, they trick + layoffs mergers and acquisitions have by heart. SINA and China network, Sun culture in two deals, are based on job cuts as a way to speed up digestion and running. Chinaren and Sohu in the year of the merger, both Zhang and Chen are bluntly said “laid off is normal” argument.

  When it comes to Chen yizhou, he was at the helm of thousand oaks layoffs also continue after the first mergers and acquisitions route. Both scored within schools, or internal integrated cat, DoNews, all accompanied by so-called throttle cut. Who has made a contribution for oak “”, in complete and happy NET PK historic mission and renren could not escape the fate of massive layoffs after the merger.

  These mergers and acquisitions of Internet, as often occurs in similar companies, or simply swallow is strong or weak, done immediately after the layoffs as early as practice, and some even joked that layoffs are “resources”. Whether it is for saving manpower expenses, or because what “position to repeat” retrenched staff was in the minds of men and children.

  Served layoff this panacea may not have cured


Is like a spring Gale, come up in the night, many busy company mergers and acquisitions


  There is a company called “merger syndrome”, said was the plight of the merged company in the period after, or for acquisition of indigestion. To get rid of this “1+1<2" dilemma, they tend to enforce job cuts, sore since the attempted to cut out meat.

  Some time ago, quietly slipped out of mobile for a long time Nokia’s acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, seems to show his return not far off. But you know, just a year ago, they also say “I didn’t do anything wrong, but failed”, and dispirited phone hardware Division, remarried after Microsoft was quickly laid off nearly all men. Fortunately, this acquisition, Nokia has not taking revenge on society, they said integration will only Finland and France outside.

  When it comes to “Arlong”, the old communication hardware vendors on the way mergers and acquisitions is chastened. Alcatel-Lucent used over a period of 13 months with the TCL brief marriages, and again after they were out of the United States love Lucent held together. In order to avoid running crisis, both acquisitions finalized, involving more than 8,000 people big layoffs started immediately. Nokia would have done such a thing, in 2006 they bought Siemens’s telecommunications equipment sector, and 9000 jobs. These two couples, after layoffs still in the grip of “merger syndrome” bogged down and end in 2015 they hold together.

  Although no nuoxialang HP Compaq “4P story” more twists and turns, but the influence is unprecedented and sensational at the time. But the two sides together have failed to produce “1+1>2” effect, they not only failed to suppress rival Dell and IBM, but was in serious trouble. Then-CEO Fiorina immediately slashing 15,000, but there is still little. In East Asia the Group of Tiger’s pursuit, HP even second place is not guaranteed, the Republican presidential candidate had to sadly leave.

  Before we talk about Microsoft at the national people’s Congress last year laid off, let just changed Nokia’s mobile phone division suffered a terrible disaster. And they even earlier merger has not been settled, let staff know in advance news of the job cuts will be inevitable. In 2008, Microsoft has almost completed the acquisition negotiations with Yahoo, but Yahoo’s price is too high, the two sides failed to agree. Due to the rumors at that time, specifically Johnson, President of Microsoft wrote an open letter to placate their morale, “mergers inevitably lead to layoffs” is one of the words.

  The tough Yahoo, Microsoft not only breakdown in the merger, even the AOL throws an olive branch of Freemasonry to linger more than a year, and so far no conclusion. However, if the two sides negotiated, layoffs are inevitable, Yahoo in a joint initiative under the MUI has cut shrink for a long time. And AOL side, early years and engaged in massive layoffs in the merger of time Warner with smooth-running, had trouble even get CNN lies under the gun. But even so deliberately, the deal also failed to achieve the desired results, on the contrary it has long been known as the United States most of the IT sector merge failed.

  This did not combine well Time Warner and Yahoo in China has had some misfortune. They earlier held hands with Lenovo up FM365, finally ended in a layoff to retreat. The primitive times in Internet circles, also called 8848 company had created a precedent. In 2001, and war and back of 8848 and data merge, cut 10% attempt after a stroke. I did not expect, which struggled to beat but they lost their way, became overwhelmed by their last straw.

  Cold cuts can indeed play a role in saving for the enterprise, the way many companies often rely on pricking blood treatment success rise. Can be placed on the merger and acquisition matters, this “syndrome” is not simply against layoffs can be cured, more problems are due to the two sides in idea, routes, due to cultural differences.



  Merger is belonging to the giant’s feast, but employees often have news of layoffs, this is simply a picture “behind the vermilion gates meat and wine, road there were frozen dead bones” scene. As to what story of founding patriarch by an old colleague to go home but is a beautiful legend. The saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves”, and layoffs have become the standard of merger cases, make yourself strong enough to trigger HR loot, is the best way to help themselves. Constituency operations of four principles teach

After reading this you know Googlelogo history

  Suddenly, Google’s Logo today for the new models.


After reading this, you know Google logo history


  The new Logo font change, the original serif font into a redesign of sans-serif fonts, overall looks cleaner. Google cause of the modified Logo, and now the Google Alphabet, there should be some relationship between one of its subsidiaries.

  Many Google Logo and Doodle, step by step not only to witness the growth for the whole process of Internet giants Google, after so many years, then turned to the Logo and Doodle, perhaps they are the Internet and real life pictures.

  As part of the corporate image, a good Logo can make visibility quickly in consumers and growing user base. For most companies, the Logo change is relatively small and careful, but technology companies are regarded as exceptions.

  Set up over the years, Google’s Logo as part of Google products, complying with development of the times, constantly updated iteration. Now, we can have a look at the Google Logo changes over the years.

  Then Google is not called “Google”


After reading this, you know Google logo history


  In 1996, the Google founders Larry page and Sergey Brin developed a search engine called BackRub, and running on the server at Stanford University more than a year. BackRub is Google’s predecessor. Logo design may seem casual, Larry page’s hand matched with red font BackRub, is the original Logo.

  Emerging 1997-1998


After reading this, you know Google logo history


  On September 15, 1997, the domain name registration. Google, a name derived from the mathematical term “googol”, the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. Logo at that time were Tubby font matching shaded in red, the letters Google also appears in the logo for the first time.

  In 1998, the Google company was formally established when the Logo finally joined the “!” to the then boss of the Internet “Yahoo!” A salute.

  More and play 1999-2010


After reading this, you know Google logo history


  Catull font used. Kedar said, we have more color, but in the end we used the base. Though not in order, distribution, we will be green on the l, which means we are not sticking to stereotypes. The final Logo is Google has been in use by the year 2010. During use of the version of Logo 1999-2010, Google has developed rapidly, and on April 28, 2004, achieving the biggest IPO in history.

  Get rid of the shadow 2010-2013


After reading this, you know Google logo history


  Back in 2010, Google once again the opening of a new Logo. Logo in this version on the basis of the previous edition, removed the shadow appears brighter.

  Follow the trend of 2013-2014


After reading this, you know Google logo history


  Perhaps to science and technology increasingly popular “flat” through ECHO, Google and 2013 launch of the new Logo, on the basis of the previous version of the Logo to continue to remove the letters on the highlight effect.

  But invisible change in 2014 so far


After reading this, you know Google logo history


  In May 2014, Google quietly changed a new Logo. Looks like any previous version of the Logo of little difference? and then look at the illustration below to see.


After reading this, you know Google logo history


  Compared to the old Logo, the new Logo only in the letter “g” and “l” has a certain degree of position changes, like the one above, and the second “g” moved to the right by one pixel, and the letter “l” is moved one pixel to the right and bottom of the. Such changes, increased overall alignment of Logo. This also reflected the pursuit of Google for details.


After reading this, you know Google logo history


  Now the fonts into the new Logo should be a maximum change in the Google Logo in more than 10 years. It would appear that the Google Logo change is relatively conservative. However, this may be because Google also having a place to let them play in Google Logo a flight of imagination. It is “mischievous” Google Doodle.

  Google Doodle how to interpret Internet spirit?

  Google Doodle, that is, Google Doodle, Google is based on the original Logo of the special design. Before the establishment of the company, once Google’s two founders to attend burning man Festival in the Nevada desert, put a single line figure drawing in the word “Google”, the second “o” behind the concept of Doodle was born.

  In 1998, before the establishment of the company, once Google’s two founders to attend burning man Festival in the Nevada desert, put a single line figure drawing in the word “Google”, the second “o” behind the concept of Doodle was born.

  On April 1, 2000, Google released its home page MentalPlex, claiming that Google can read minds, know that users want to search results. Since then, Google on April 1 of each year by Silicon Valley’s traditional prank.

  On July 14 of that year, Google has created the first international graffiti celebrating France’s national day.


After reading this, you know Google logo history


  Google also for the regions and people of different traditions custom Doodle habit. Below is the 2008 Chinese new year, Google in North America and Taiwan and other regions of the rat Chinese new year Doodle.



  In 2010, the birthday of Google in honor of Newton 367 years, creating the first interactive Doodle, Apple will be in accordance with the gravity of the above ground.



  Since then, the Google Doodle team ushered in more engineers, use the technology to make more interaction and interactive Doodle. Most talked about is the 2010 version of the PAC-man game Doodle, users worldwide totalled more than 500 million hours of play time, created the game the Guinness Book of world records.



  In May 2012, as the father of electronic music, Robert Moog’s 78 birthday anniversary, Google has launched the use of HTML 5 technologies produced by instruments of Doodle, users can play, record and play your own music above.



  Some Doodle is an element of many Chinese, in January 2012, to commemorate the founder of Chinese animation Wan Laiming, Guchan Wan brothers 112 birthday, Google launched the “uproar in heaven” Doodle, with a monkey, peaches, hot wheels, temples, Golden and other elements, click the animation after effects, very interesting.



  Sometimes, Google will be a Doodle on at great cost, 2011 Halloween. Doodle design team tried to find 6 Super pumpkins, one of the largest pumpkin weighs 589 kg, a personally engraved and mounted in a pumpkin light emitting device, made a stunning effect.



  They also tried to use live-action video to show the Doodle, the Doodle team staff learn from early classic silent movies of Chaplin the tramp episode performed, raise the prospect of the silent film era memories of good works.



  Google Doodle team have been around the world currently Home created more than 2000 pieces of graffiti works. The Doodle in the regular trademark for Google to add a variety of brand image, not only Google more liberal and diverse cultures, also from a unique point of view, the interpretation of the spirit of this age of the Internet. Talk about Internet new ways of e commerce in

  (And chenhao Li Mou, and Gao Chen, and Chen Haojie contributed to this article)

Become a business Unicorn is technically what secret

  Now, we see a lot of BAT man, leaving businesses, there are many entrepreneurs chose not to BAT to the Giants, not because of insufficient level, but for the pursuit of higher end.

  I have a cloud startup technology and tough talk, why don’t they go to BAT, the answer is: first, innovation on the Internet starting point, there’s no need to go to BAT second, BAT has on the city, meaning all people who read this will understand.

  But how to understand the starting point of this innovation is the same? comparing large and small companies, whether it’s branding, money flow, the concentration of talent to the market perception, all was backward. What do you want to, go to the starting line and large companies, which eventually became a business of “Unicorn”?

  Value of 19 billion WhatsApp will tell us?

  Through a classic case, maybe we can find answers at top speed.


  When Facebook when the $ 19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, no one thought that the team of it engineers only 10 people, but it can support access to 450 million active users per day receiving 19 billion messages sent 40 billion messages, as well as 600 million picture.

  This story tells us, from the beginning, when your business in the cloud, then the dream may be hugely magnified.

  In this day and age, traditional trades and Internet games with each other, traditional industry hard to resist the impact of the Internet, from the financial industry to use cars and selling such small, abound.

  This subversion of the core model is not only the Internet, and more importantly, all of Web startups, technology entrepreneurship, technology venture in itself represents innovation, this combination was doomed from the very beginning to subvert. Such as Baidu founder Robin Li, two sessions in April this year when it comes to business, “said business must have a forward-looking vision, to follow the trend, to eat may just be leftovers. “This means that, today’s business must be from an early stage, consider personalized and unique, this is a subversive.

  Any disruptive innovation can bring unexpected amplification, overnight, a surge in hundreds or thousands of times is not a myth. This is today’s Internet start-ups must rely on cloud computing first: in order to cope with the future unpredictable.

  Secondly, technology, startups, are core values. But often these companies don’t have too much money to forge technology, buy technology and equipment. In fact, entrepreneurship is a project, a project from an idea to a product landed, will experience many of the links in the middle. Compared with large companies, entrepreneurial company’s biggest problem is the lack of technical and equipment of the reserves, then how in a short time to solve these technical trivia, and focused on the product to create it?

  Solution is still the clouds. Through the purchase of cloud services, to address infrastructure and network needs, and not spend a lot of time and effort and money to build your own data center.

  In other words, let startups and large corporations in technological innovation is on the same level the only way is through cloud services hosting. Open cloud such as Baidu, any startup can be experienced and large companies the infrastructure, platform and software applications.

  In summary, the cloud, is the ability to get through this ability, startups with big companies competing on the same starting line. The same starting line, challenging big companies become unicorns.

  Business to capture an unprecedented golden age

  Today’s highly anticipated business, is by no means a simple slogan. Mobile social networking opportunities, solve make communication simple and easy, find the user unprecedented low cost. The rapid development of technology, for Internet start-ups to provide a fast and flexible infrastructure.

  Today’s technology environment, you can call it unprecedented prosperity.

  First, is the Government’s encouragement and support. Over the past six months, incubators, Business Park sprung around. First half of last year, only Zhong Guan Cun (000931, bar) founded the new science and technology enterprises have more than 9,000, a daily average of 49. The number 1.5 times higher than in 2013 to 6,000 times.

  Secondly, the maturity of the market. A lot of people don’t realize why smartphones will attract more than 100 companies to compete for, because almost all service-related industries will eventually turn into people and data exchange of information. Through vast mobile and social entrepreneurial opportunities are beginning to emerge.

  Third, is the infrastructure matures. Now venture the vast majority concentrated in the area of Internet and provides services to users over the Internet. If we follow the process in the past, before the product is released, entrepreneurial companies in the infrastructure purchase and spend countless hours in management and cost, sometimes even affects the progress of the business.

  We know that the technology business is the core of the product, quick go-to-market and product is the core of rapid iteration and focus. Baidu now open cloud public cloud providers actually provide new ideas for technology entrepreneurship, direct cost and flexibility to expand cloud services, and save energy for products and services.

  The other hand, Internet + is forming a new influx of business. Li said in April this year, “combined with the Internet and any traditional industry, 360 or 3600 lines, each a combination of industry and Internet innovation, there will be plenty of opportunities. ”

  ”The Internet is speed up the Elimination of the traditional industries, if not go to the Internet, if not go into such a wave would soon be eliminated. “In fact, Li expressed the core is not to say that traditional industries disappear, but facing the Internet, and that many traditional industries are concerned, equivalent to the second. Who says second traditional businesses that will not produce a Unicorn?

  Technology venture is no reason not to choose Baidu

  We know that the industry consensus on domestic Internet giant BAT: Ali’s operations, Tencent products, Baidu’s technology. From this point of view, when you select a different partner entrepreneurs, they can make a return should also be different. Baidu’s technical characteristics, entrepreneurs should be able to get the highest degree of technical support.

  Analysis of Baidu’s two major assets in technology today. I think that Baidu is the cutting-edge technology and underlying technology. Cutting-edge technology includes deep learning, speech and images, deep learning has become the world’s largest DNN, support trillions of arguments, and the hundreds of billions, billions of character training speech recognition rate of 95% the leading domestic standard; average 13 milliseconds to complete a photo request, face detection evaluation platform for the world’s most authoritative FDDB latest evaluation results the first name, etc. Large open cloud based technologies include Baidu, Baidu and Baidu in the brain. Baidu provides traditional open cloud public cloud IaaS and PaaS layer capacity Baidu data, solve the storage and analysis of large volumes of heterogeneous data; and, finally, through data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, such as Baidu’s brain. Baidu in the technical chain of this basic core values.

  From the three major technology assets form a closed ring, you can clearly see start-up companies at every stage of business development, all of the technical requirements, in Baidu can find their answers.

  Of course, the formation of this chain, totally dependent on the Baidu own accumulation of technology. For example, open cloud of Baidu, Baidu’s summary of experience over the years in the private cloud and, at present, Baidu has built dozens of IDC, meet nearly 500,000 servers and large-scale cluster deployment, and build the CDN distribution network all over the country. While the whole Cabinet, since the Institute Gigabit switches with SSD, high temperature resistant Server aspects of ongoing innovation. Lack of innovation but flesh wound Apple actually

  Now, with this experience, because Baidu open cloud open, have become entrepreneurs the ability to direct. For entrepreneurs, Baidu will open cloud integration and the opening up of Baidu, a lot of data and artificial intelligence technology, allows our customers and partners can take full advantage of Baidu’s ability to take full advantage of these thinking abilities, the business bigger and stronger.

  The other hand, the traditional industry in the process of transition to the Internet, will encounter problems. Baidu Baidu also launched eco-industry in the field of open cloud solutions, according to Baidu’s open cloud head Liu Yang said, “industry solutions on the rise, announced before the online education solutions, acquired a good reputation. ”

  Summarizing, we can say with certainty, no subversive sense of entrepreneurship does not come out of this is the “Unicorn” enterprise, startups with disruptive, you must choose the cloud technologies to meet the needs never to predict the future. Finally, in the cloud on the choice of partners, the real technology, Baidu, and Baidu’s open cloud might help you solve the troubles encountered in different stages of enterprise growth.