March Microsoft Band2 connectivity voice remote control of Volvo

March Microsoft Band2 connectivity voice remote control of Volvo

Volvo has announced that spring 16, Microsoft Band 2 users will be able to use Volvo On Call application voice commands to control their vehicles, such as the remote opens the door, open the heater, set the navigation, honking and flashing headlights.

VR Box Virtual Reality Headset

March Microsoft Band2 connectivity voice remote control of Volvo

Microsoft Apple Watch Band 2 smart bracelet is the application version and Android Wear version of the extension, which adds voice commands. Volvo and Microsoft have been cooperative, as Microsoft has augmented reality augmented reality helmets brought a showroom demo demo. VR Box Virtual Reality goggles

March Microsoft Band2 connectivity voice remote control of Volvo

Compatible with Volvo On Call system of the new Volvo XC90 SUV the S90 sedan and upcoming.

March Microsoft Band2 connectivity voice remote control of Volvo

Smart devices currently available through the Volvo On Call system also has Apple Apple Watch. VR Box Virtual Reality Headset

March Microsoft Band2 connectivity voice remote control of Volvo


March Microsoft Band2 connectivity voice remote control of Volvo
March Microsoft Band2 connectivity voice remote control of Volvo

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Small engines these days called Kids

Honestly, when A6L 1.8T, minor editing still wrestling with this displacement is cheating, and later e-class out of the 1.6T! I believe many people and small editing don’t like the car emissions are too low, after all, big displacement, the vigorous small multiple cylinder engines cannot do. But like, small-displacement has become an inevitable trend. Today, small series we take a look at a few very representative of low emission vehicles ~

Small engines these days called Kids

Beijing modern collar

Time: March 25, 2016-price range: 9.98-151,800 engine: 1.4T turbo engine

Small engines these days called Kids

Beijing modern collar, as Hyundai Elantra family fourth of “child”, new car 1.4T turbocharged engine, 95.6 kW maximum power, the power output over cash long equipped with 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine, drivetrain match 7-speed DCT dual-clutch transmission, combined fuel consumption is 5.7 liters per hundred kilometers, compared with the cash long 17%. Competition has increased significantly.

Small engines these days called Kids

Homemade Jeep free listing date: May 28, 2016

Price interval: 14.18-178,800 engine: 1.4T turbo engine

Small engines these days called Kids

New car market caused no small concern, the car used the Fiat and GM jointly developed GFSP transverse engine platforms. The launch is the 1.4T turbo engine models, the maximum output power of 110-kilowatt, peak torque of 230 NM, matching the 7-speed DCT dual-clutch transmission.

Small engines these days called Kids

Changan Ford Taurus new car sale time: July 22, 2016 price: 233,800 engine: 1.5T turbo engine

Small engines these days called Kids

Changan Ford Taurus new small-displacement engines, fuel consumption dropped significantly. Powered by a 1.5L EcoBoost turbocharged direct-injection engine, its maximum horsepower to 181 HP and peak torque of 240 NM, instead of matching is a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

Small engines these days called Kids

New Audi A3 time: 2017-price range: unknown engine: 1.0L TFSI three-cylinder engine

Small engines these days called Kids

(Cash A3) new Audi A3 is expected next year to achieve domestic and listed, the biggest change in the new A3 is equipped with a three-cylinder compared to smaller cash model engine. BMW used three-cylinder engine was ridicule, now Audi has to join the ranks of the three-cylinder, with a maximum power of 81-kilowatt, peak torque of 200 nm is reached.

Engine small really, really, really the automakers building cars has become a new trend!

Small engines these days called Kids

Smaller engines have any effect? So for us the most direct impact is less, the first small-displacement engines to meet national policy, we would get tax subsidies and, secondly, automakers in production vehicles according to their emission will also be paid to the national consumption tax, wool from the sheep, the money is certainly reflected in the sale price, change small-displacement engine prices would have to fall;

Small engines these days called Kids

In addition, could afford to buy cars not up, vehicle fuel consumption to reduce our car costs will decline. But then again, thanks to technology development, small engine power is also very “strong”, but perhaps we can not appreciate hearing of this generation “3.0T,3.5L” that feeling of excitement when the. Get missed What s on the car s high tech

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Behind the Pokemon Go hot what technology can make it better This week s column

Lei feng’s network (search for “Lei feng’s network”, public interest): the Pokemon things Go is a game, but because of the AR properties, so science and technology circle has paid high attention to its … … Of course the easy way last week were killed by micro-envelope episode also earned some attention, but things got settled. In addition, Singularity • innovators ‘ Summit in Shanghai, Hammer technology’s design Director, talked publicly for the first time VR. More explanation please read this week’s column collection.

1 the secret Pokemon Go, how technology can make it more enjoyable? 》

Behind the Pokemon Go hot, what technology can make it better? | This week's column selection

AR Pokemon Go upon release of the game, brought a series of effects, crazy fans, paralyzing server crash police station, as well as shares of Nintendo soared.

Is this game can let the whole world crazy, except Pokemon itself top IP gene, AR element addition is the most important reason, is AR Pokemon Go reborn.

But the current demo experience, there are inevitably sellers show buyers and show differences. If the AR game is perfect, what kind of technical support?

The answer is in the article looking for!

“The author” writer Jiang Jiayi, Department of mathematics of Peking University, Dr returnee, currently serving as light winds SLAM algorithm engineer. Obsession with games 20 collection has all of the consoles from the NES era.

2, the VR professionals, don’t go astray, first person of VR game without a future

Behind the Pokemon Go hot, what technology can make it better? | This week's column selection

I was lucky enough to experience the latest VR games of the black shield of the great heat. This HTC Vive competition works in China do have very powerful graphics and art, game mechanics is a first-person shooter games–which seems to be playing games in the virtual reality of a very natural idea.

However, after the experience of the black shield, more my thoughts: first-person game in the VR is not promising, at least not at the moment.

One of the biggest problems is that the game’s mechanisms. VR is brought an unprecedented sense of immersion, but VR interaction system is still in a very limited period.


So, how the VR game is good design? Please read the article.

“The author” author of the Tiber, VR industry.

3, the 160 anniversary of the birthday of the Tesla, and ten of his inventions do you remember? 》

Behind the Pokemon Go hot, what technology can make it better? | This week's column selection

160 years ago today, Nikola Tesla came into this world. As an inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer and futurologist, he was thought to be important agents of commercialization of electric power.

On this occasion, let us revisit the Tesla’s legendary life.

Of course, his top ten inventions.

“The author” the writer know academia, public service platform of academic communication initiated by the scholars, designed to share information, integrate academic resources to strengthen academic exchanges and promoting academic progress, interest may be concerned about their public letter: knowing social circles.

4, the expert discussions: deep enlightenment learning success, and why it is not a panacea for all AI problem? 》

Behind the Pokemon Go hot, what technology can make it better? | This week's column selection

Large depth of the data supporting the revival of learning AI landmark progress in the field of is, of course, but that doesn’t mean deep learning has the potential to solve all the AI problems.

Deep learning success has brought rapid advances in artificial intelligence-related technology, solves many previously considered intractable problems, but more importantly it is to give us a idea of change.

Learn more about deep enlightenment learning success, Dr may wish to read the article, which he also answered some open-ended questions can you answer some of the AI question.

“The author” the writer shanshiguang, PhD, calculation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher, PhD, Deputy Director of the CAs key laboratory of intelligent information processing.

5, the Hammer technology publicly for the first time today on VR:VR have not succeeded because of these reasons

Behind the Pokemon Go hot, what technology can make it better? | This week's column selection

Virtual reality in China in 2012 is just a known term, now all hot spots in the technology industry, we believe that virtual reality is the next common man-machine computing platform.

(In the industry) to find an export, the export must be platform-level, the second must be the universal level to meet the platform level and the versatility of the only HMD.

Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case

From the user’s previous demands, the entire industry needs and the needs of human imagination, we believe that VR it certainly can, but why not now?


We say 2014 is the first virtual reality, but like a year back during the first year, the first year of what has happened in the past, nothing happened.

Standard-setters and standard following these two things are the VR, AR the same two things that are important, when can this two things mark this thing, so we think the second very important thing is the emergence of open platform.

When does it appear?


In the pumel the answer is in the article.

“The author” based on Hammer technology, design Director of pumel speech at the singularity • innovators Summit finish, Lei feng’s network does not change the intent of the deletion.

6, after the said undertaking for 1.5 years, I tell you young men is “foolish”

Behind the Pokemon Go hot, what technology can make it better? | This week's column selection

I don’t like listening to the winter capital, financing is not easy thing, capital is not cold, but not stupid, no longer to a value of 1 billion industry to invest dozens of 10 million, not for 10 million to a value of 1 million people, it’s as simple as that. The basic data of the mobile Internet business, facilities, cultural content has been a monopoly, where there are still many unicorns?

This is the entrepreneurial life, young cow coax in, stay longer, more violent, more stupid, more difficult. Only when you can recognize it, live, earn money with your brothers, have the capital out of bragging! Ted Baker iPhone 6 plus cover

You for me (entrepreneurship) is hard, I am sincere and you say, hard! Why difficult? Because young people are really stupid.

What is stupid? Open might have the answer.

“The author” the writer Yin ming, community CEO of rare earth, rare earth mining quality Internet technology is a dry place. Ted Baker iPhone 6 Plus Case

7, the fine operation: Growth Hacker landing 4 ways

Behind the Pokemon Go hot, what technology can make it better? | This week's column selection

“Growth Hacker,” the core, by its very nature is through technological innovation and data analysis, fine management, achieve the goal of growth. A good operations, you should have the data-driven thinking, knowledge of data analysis tools.

Business is an art, it is a technology.

The past, “traffic is King” philosophy makes the responsibility of operations focused on the new.

In recent years, traffic costs are climbing, objectively, we carry fine operation, with the least amount of money to do as many things as possible.

Changes in the market environment, operating channels and ways of increasing operations a more detailed classification.

How to use data analysis to solve traffic operations, user operations, product operations and operational growth, today we will share GrowingIO of actual combat experience in data operations.

“The author” writer is a GrowingIO Fan Qianyun business analyst.

Easy PA iPhone speaker base

Easy PA iPhone speaker base

Some friends like the handset speaker video, iPhone is such a small speaker, even when turned up full, has had so little volume. Well now when introducing artifacts, Hua Qiang bei, today will introduce a iPhone speaker base, outside of can cradle for iPhone, this thing, you can also expand the iPhone’s volume.

IPhone speaker base bottom with a big horn, of course, iPhone’s volume is expanded through the speakers.

Easy PA iPhone speaker base

  Vera Bradley cell phone case

Is iPhone’s slot on the right of the speaker, we can see two holes in the slot inside, the left side of the hole is left to the iPhone microphone, the right of the hole can be iPhone speakers speaker sound, increase the volume by physical reactions. Vera Bradley iPhone cases

Easy PA iPhone speaker base


Here we test the iPhone speaker base effect. Tests like this, using iPhone to play a constant volume of the sound, using the microphone to record before and after the base and the base effect.

Vera Bradley cell phone case

In the following figure on the left is no sound waveform before adding the base, is on the right after you add the base of the wave. Due to drop and pick up, you may have some noise, so compare the volume only the middle part of the waveform to compare. From the diagram we can still clearly see the waveform is clearly higher than the left on the right, iPhone speaker base effect is still very much apparent. (More wave higher volume)

Easy PA iPhone speaker base


In addition, we also recorded a video, you can listen to the base of the iPhone by video effects.

Currently this product offer is 6 Yuan, Hua Qiang bei, favorite friends can purchase, Hua Qiang bei.