Checks collection is strictly prohibited violence campus of Shenzhen Finance

Shenzhen City Internet financial association yesterday released on specification Shenzhen campus network borrowing business of notification, provides various staging platform, and P2P network loan, and electric business platform in to students provides reception Shi to followed nine items principles, General for is to improve review threshold, and review reimbursement capacity, and review funds uses (provides borrowing funds should main for student and venture need, and non-meet not reasonable of consumption habits), and is strictly prohibited profiteering urged received and so on. Incipio iPhone 6 Plus

Prior to that, news broke of female college students to topless for mortgage news, there are college students committed suicide because of the inability to pay its debts. Internet lending could meet the demand of some long tail, because uncontrolled lower threshold, became a form of usury, loan, led to many social problems.

Shenzhen Finance Association of Internet “is the biggest Internet financial industry organizations in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Municipal Government was established with the support of. By Shenzhen representative and influential financial institutions, Internet business, Internet financial enterprises, and related services industry self-regulatory organization made up of “, is an organization rather than an administrative agency in the financial sector, for staging platform, P2P NET loan, legally binding business platform is unknown, but the issued notifications to promote industry standardization. How effective is also needed time to verify.

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Notice on regulating the Shenzhen campus of the lending business, reads as follows. Incipio iPhone 6 5.5 case

Shenzhen Association of Internet finance

Deep cross-gold (2016), 27th

Notice of lending on regulating the Shenzhen campus network

The Internet financial enterprises:

In recent years, part of the stage platform, P2P networks, I credit, e-commerce platform and Internet financial enterprises lending for student groups to develop the campus network. Because of low barriers to entry, regulatory lag, false propaganda, disguised within the industry issued loan sharks, collection of violence and other illegal violations, serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the students and interfered with the school teaching order, affect social harmony and stability.

For implement implementation Ministry of education, and silver prison will, ministries on Education Department Office China silver prison will Office on strengthening campus bad network borrowing risk prevention and education guide work of notification, and network borrowing information intermediary institutions business activities management provisional approach, legal regulations, and national, and province, and city Internet financial risk special regulation work of related requirements, for further promote campus network loan industry health development, specification bad loan behavior, combat illegal financial activities, by Association Council research decided, All companies (including e-commerce platform and various economic organizations) campus network of loan business in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, as well as corporate bodies in the field of campus NET loan business, must strictly follow these “nine”, and for self-examination and self-correction and regularizing. Relevant provisions are hereby notified as follows:

One, must be prepared to risk. Enterprises must fully comply with disclosure of necessary information, must be communicated in writing to borrow loan business charges students about campus network policies, gauge interest policy, suggesting that potential risks existing in applying for loans, and to ensure that the borrowing students already know and agree with the above information.

Second, the need to strengthen the information audit. Companies have to borrow a student’s eligibility, repayment ability, purpose, in loan information with other agencies, the second repayment or guarantor who has information such as the repayment ability of a rigorous review, and take responsibility for its authenticity.

Third, borrowing costs must be controlled. Companies to clearly inform the borrowing students ‘ overall borrowing costs, not to service charges, fees, Rush charges and other disguised charge high fees. Not able to pay a security deposit, royalty and other forms of deduction of loan funds.

Four, we must review the borrowing. In addition to student loans, business loans and other lending to help to study and work out, companies are not allowed to borrow student loans for other purposes.

Five, you must follow the precautionary principle. Enterprises to the minors or students any loans with limited civil capacity, guardian’s written consent must be obtained and signed. To has completely civil capacity of students issued any loan, must get second repayment source party of written agreed, and on its authenticity is responsible for; second repayment source party must for has repayment capacity of parents or other guarantor; second repayment source party for has repayment capacity of students of, must by both students of class or counselor signed witness and notification both of parents or family; second repayment source party issued effective evidence proved its written views for others forged of, Businesses no longer the second source of repayment for any form of collection. For the public nature of student loans, no second source of repayment, must obtain the written consent of the student’s school.

Six, the need to ensure information security. All enterprises must adopt a strict customer information protection system, proper management of students ‘ basic information, loan application information, not the illegal disclosure, exposure, or the sale of loan information.

Seven, against illegal propaganda. Companies shall not engage in any forms of on campus marketing campaign. Shall not use ambiguous language or other fraudulent means, false-sided offline publicity.

Eight, offline sales and agents on campus is strictly prohibited. The enterprise may not themselves or delegate, authorized third parties outside of the Internet and other electronic channels the physical place of publicity or promotion and financing projects. Non-commissioned student, school staff or campus businesses carried out in schools, such as any form of online promotion, marketing or agency activities.

Nine is strictly prohibited illegal collection practices. The enterprise must properly processing borrowing late situation, is strictly prohibited various violations illegal urged received behavior, including but not limited to: to borrowing students where QQ Group, and micro-letter group, social platform released urged received information; to non-second repayment source party of borrowing students of parents, and relatives, and students, and friends, released related information or urged received; to second repayment source party no repayment legal responsibility of relatives, and friends, take of any urged received behavior; public posted arrears posters; stress shooting and announced “nude as” ; Violence collection and other interference loan collection of the student learning experience.

Today, manufacturers new loan business of the campus network must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of this circular; for stock business, should be notified immediately in accordance with the requirements of the corrective actions and completion of rectification work within three months, after the completion of rectification, rectification submitted to the Association in writing.

The Association will actively cooperate with the regulator on the city campus loan business to carry out special inspection and regulation; refusing to reform enterprises, this Association to society announcements and reported to the relevant authorities for investigation.

The Association welcomes the Community loan to report violations of the campus network, telephone: 0755-23613031, report email:

  Shenzhen Association of Internet finance

  The August 30, 216


What are you waiting for These 90 000 compact cars can be born

Budget is not high, friends who want to buy 90,000 cars, you can select a number of cost-effective, reputable domestic car, could be taken into account some of the sales, prestige brands, regardless of what brand, the deployment of rich, the advantages of large space has always been the most attractive places. Today small pick out several cost-effective and 90,000 ground car for your reference.

What are you waiting for? These 90,000 compact cars can be born!

1 new Geely emgrand

What are you waiting for? These 90,000 compact cars can be born!

Recommended reasons: today about 2016 new Regency in Beijing area has cut 11,500, floor price is 86,800. Its basic shape with the old line, but details some changes, for example, replaced the gray wheels, rear car moves. Interior trim, instrument panel, as well as in the controlled area is soft material, four-spoke leather-covered steering wheel feels good, and in the console in a new storage compartments. Space, length width height 4631/1789/1470mm, wheelbase 2650mm, small 1.75-meter sitting in tall, about punched two of the front-seat head room, rear head room has a fist around and back row with Protuberance in the Middle, presumably a iPhone6 height, trunk conventional depth 1.08m rear seats proportionally, maximum depth of 1.97m. On it of configuration, a key started, and no Spoon into is full Department standard, also has set speed cruise, and Hou standing car radar, and reversing video image, and GPS navigation, and in the control Taiwan color big screen, practical compared strong, and it of intermittent type no bone wiper, than General of wiper has more of document bit, but is manual regulation of, this items configuration is addition two car car no of. Power, maximum horsepower 109 (Ps), maximum torque 140 (N • m). Actual fuel consumption averages 8.6 L/100km, is the tallest of the three cars.

2 Saab D50

What are you waiting for? These 90,000 compact cars can be born!

Recommended reasons: Saab is a relatively young brand, today introduced this model in the Beijing region has cut 15,000, floor price of 85,500. Front face remains “North”-shaped air intake grille, side waist design, inspiration is said to have come from the wing. Inside, above the center console has a small display, but can only see the date, time, mileage, etc. As regards the space, small, 1.75-meter front head room is a fist around two fingers, rear head room is about four or so, rear projection with iPhone6 is highly similar, but no head, how do you make a family of 5 people sitting? Conventional depth 0.9m the trunk, rear seats in proportion, the maximum depth is 1.7m. On the configuration, one button to start, cruise control, front/rear parking radar, relative to the aviation-style Central display, it also has a NIGHT PANEL button, or night-vision mode, driving at night is pressed, in the control panel lights all went out, the instrument brightness is automatically adjusted to the minimum. Power, maximum horsepower 113 (Ps), maximum torque of 147 (N • m). Actual fuel consumption averages 8.5 L/100km.

3 new Elysee

What are you waiting for? These 90,000 compact cars can be born!

Recommended reasons: today about this manual comfort in Beijing area has a 23,000 reduction 82900 landed price. New Elysee front chrome trims with Citroen car integration, extended to both sides of the “double standard” more texture than before. Inside, above the center console has a screen, but also provides information such as the time, date, and audio. It of space, long wide high 4427/1748/1476mm, wheelbase 2652mm is this three paragraph car in the most long of, small series 1.75-meter of height, thanks to ceiling cut empty of design, front head space probably is two fist, back head space on some cramped, only a fist around, also is back Middle has raised, reserve box General depth 1.08m, back seat by proportion regulation yihou, maximum depth also in 1.9m around. On its configuration, and is the only these cars have a sunroof, and its trunk switch was in the car, probably because of convenience considerations, it also has a remote trunk opening function, but you forgot you don’t have ESP. Power, maximum horsepower 117 (Ps), maximum torque of 150 (N • m). Its actual fuel consumption averages 7.9 L/100km is at least three cars. Man childhood dreams that come true

Mobile Lumia 920T uses and quad core chips of the same GPU

Mobile Lumia 920T uses and quad-core chips of the same GPU

Lumia 920 for sale just around the corner, and mobile handsets official Micro-Blog recently released a mobile version of Lumia 920 Lumia 920T information broadly and Lumia 920 configuration of the international version of the same. But it is one of the most special Lumia 920T uses a Qualcomm S4 Pro MSM8960T SOC, although is a dual-core processor, but its use and high-end quad-core APQ8064 Adreno320 GPU, graphics performance than ordinary MSM8960 use Adreno225 1 time, this also very much looking forward to the performance of Lumia 920T. In addition this high-end WP8 cell phone use 4.5 inch 1280*768 HD display. Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+ Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+ case

Marcelo Burlon iPhone 6+

Samsung Gear VR virtual reality head mounted device will be available December 1

According to foreign media reports, Samsung Gear VR virtual reality head-mounted device will be generally available on December 1, priced at 200,000 won (approximately US $ 187).

It is reported that this message came from the company’s employees leaked a copy of the document, the document referred to in a number of answers about the upcoming device, including the Galaxy s, and Note 4, Gear Gear VR, and so on.

Samsung Gear VR virtual reality head-mounted device will be available December 1

Although Gear VR GA later than previously expected fall, but see the lovely price of less than $ 199, it’s worth looking forward to it. Disney iPhone case

Samsung Gear VR virtual reality head-mounted device will be available December 1



  Disney iPhone case

Disney iPhone case