Bring your own ladder Bookshelf and which books are no longer asking

Bring your own ladder Bookshelf, and which books are no longer asking

If your House ceiling is high, but not too big, then chosen furniture will choose something functional. For people who love books, bookshelves is essential. In order to make full use of time, of course, hope that it will be more, large capacity, and can easily find things. Design is now almost impossible to see. Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston iPhone 6s plus

Designer Marc Scime designed Huxley ladder bookcase: looks like two pairs of wooden ladders are put together, each catch, side looked like supermarket tally with the high ladder. Huxley is beautiful, modern, fully functional, 6 space used to keep books or collectibles are sufficient. Cath Kidston iPhone 6s plus

The special place is, you do not need to look for a ladder to reach the upper thing, Huxley’s load-carrying capacity of doubt, 200 pound man climbing up and down is no big deal. Huxley bookcase can be used single or multiple combinations together, suitable for any home or Office environment, floor space to you.


Designer: Marc Scime


0 200KM 7 1 seconds Big three gods People s tremendous electric super car NIO


0-200KM 7.1 seconds!

The amazing race 313KM/h!

Yes, you read that right! This is from our national brand, cow x “become”. Yesterday in London’s Bull x electric super car, creating cattle x data.

Continue to slide down ~ lets see true!

This cock blow days EP9 is not “like goods”, this is a no play PPT, does not show the concept, to gallop on the track, performance is comparable to Ferrari LaFerrari, McCallum P1 solid electric sports car.


Science fiction aggressive styling, EP9 body marks its supercar status in every detail. Sharp lamp group using the LED light source, and made up of multiple pale blue LED light. Although it is pure electric sports car, no engine high heat demand, EP9 in order to enhance the aerodynamics of the body, on the sides of the front bumper design with large vents.

From the side of the body, EP9 body proportions of the design of the spacecraft-body trim. As a super car, the car’s body panels also use large areas of carbon fiber to create and assemble a double five petal-shaped piece of aluminum alloy wheels, the wheels fixed common ways used car central locking device.

EP9 rear part design can be said to be the pursuit of efficiency, lower part of their body to hollow out, two large Groove at the bottom can rise to drainage, and turbulence effects in improving vehicle stability while reducing the wind resistance.

In addition, the car was fitted with DRS adjustable spoiler to control the system, three adjustable models including the dynamic rear spoiler and full size chassis Groove, aerodynamics, EP9 speed access to 24000 n in 240km/h downforce.


EP9 body inside with a large carbon-fibre trim package, its Assembly of a similar rectangular steering wheel has a strong style of racing. EP9 in different locations in the vehicle is fitted with four sizes of LCD screen, can show the speed, battery voltage, battery temperature and speed up data such as g. In addition, EP9 drone that can be equipped with the latest technology and become a car “Know-Me” human interaction system.


Believe comrades must be most concerned about performance, and maximum output power 1360 HP, 0-200km/h time of 7.1 seconds, a top speed of up to 313km/h. Such violent values have to be 4 EP9 carrying high-performance motor as well as 4 separate gearbox.

Such brutal electric super car, friends fear was certainly “will open in 10 minutes out of power.” Don’t worry, the car magazine interchangeable battery system is used, the fast charge mode charge 45 minutes, mileage is 427 km.

Of course, performance data, so can not say bull x English right? Super car, of course, to get the big names gathered in the Nurburgring North down the chain.

On October 12, EP9 in Germany Nurburgring North loop track created 7 minutes 05 seconds of electric cars the fastest lap, this performance is superior to the Ferrari Enzo (7 minutes and 25 seconds), the Nissan GT-r (7 minutes and 29 seconds) and other models. Cars New Zealand North San Diego, veteran fans are certainly familiar, 172 corners, the total length of 20.6KM, fall over more than 300 meters above sea level, can be said to be the Green hell.


I believe we are most concerned about is how much does this cost. Goose, EP9 earlier only six, and all become auto investors, EP9 if there are still potential customers want to buy in the future, manufacturers will also provide individually tailored, but officials also said it will sell as much as $1.2 million (equivalent to 8,268,120).

Speak of the mysterious owner of six, but at home the famous, easy car network CEO Li bin (Wei cars founder and Chairman), Tencent Board Chairman Ma Huateng, CEO, Jingdong Group CEO Liu, founder qichezhijia founder Li Xiang, millet technology founder Zhang Lei and high water jar capital. Plus, hundreds of senior design team, all from Tesla, BMW and other companies. It is team luxury, not bad money, gave birth to the monster together.


For Wei, the car is not the key to open markets, but Super car positioning and display technology, and launching products, brand marketing, there’s a concept called “power” brand of high-end downward, have greater chances of success. Car onion rings novice to practice driving 5 60

By cool hanging FRY-day positioning of NIO EP9 to break high forced Wei to cars, also announced plans to launch electric vehicles next year in the production car. So, how do our friends see it?