Bring your own ladder Bookshelf and which books are no longer asking

Bring your own ladder Bookshelf, and which books are no longer asking

If your House ceiling is high, but not too big, then chosen furniture will choose something functional. For people who love books, bookshelves is essential. In order to make full use of time, of course, hope that it will be more, large capacity, and can easily find things. Design is now almost impossible to see. Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston iPhone 6s plus

Designer Marc Scime designed Huxley ladder bookcase: looks like two pairs of wooden ladders are put together, each catch, side looked like supermarket tally with the high ladder. Huxley is beautiful, modern, fully functional, 6 space used to keep books or collectibles are sufficient. Cath Kidston iPhone 6s plus

The special place is, you do not need to look for a ladder to reach the upper thing, Huxley’s load-carrying capacity of doubt, 200 pound man climbing up and down is no big deal. Huxley bookcase can be used single or multiple combinations together, suitable for any home or Office environment, floor space to you.


Designer: Marc Scime



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