Zotye new God listed this month guess who this fake

Zotye SUV T700 is coming in this month, you little friend first thought is:

This time whose turn it is to fake it?


Loved the “copying homework” Thai students, following the “Q3”, “Aurora”, “Touareg” and “Chung-Tai Kang”, finally stopped, no longer “” to copy one of luxury cars.

Zhongtai spirit of fearing neither hardship not tired, designers, and “COPY” the four, will be the highlight of the major luxury manufacturers, up with a fusion. So don’t randomly says,

So “fresh”, “superb” approach, whether you little friend can’t wait, want to see what it looks like now? Small series of “compose a poem”, provides you with the imagined space first.

Land Rover’s appearance

Audi lights

Porsche steering wheels Choose Help 150 000 buy non public virtue Religion

Tesla’s screen

Zotye T700

Terms of appearance, whole body like a Queen Aurora, fashionable black c-pillar created a roof suspended effect. Length and width respectively, for 4732/1924/1695mm, wheelbase up to 2850mm. As zotye’s largest SUV,T700 in addition to the first five versions will also be rolled out in the future luxury four-seater version and seven-seat version for consumers to choose.

Body face design compared to the previous outright, zotye is convergence. Central large grille and large vents on either side of the bumper, which makes one think of Maserati Levante, but there are still many Thai own design style, big-mouth front grille and sharp headlights set, gives a strong sense of the attack.

Rear aspect, a new car concept cars before element is kept, taillight using a horizontal Strip design, or LED light sources, and on the sides of the rear bumper is equipped with a mesh with the concept car of the same decoration. Zotye T700 tail-end styling did not actually imitate exactly who, but if small series name of Jaguar F-pace, everyone would know better understand?

The interiors, zotye T700 console uses the symmetric design, center console Assembly “Tesla’s large size LCD screen.” The car uses a “three-spoke multifunction steering wheel Porsche” and LCD instrument panel.

Configuration, new cars equipped with start system, electronic Handbrake, auto parking, ESC vehicle stability system, independent air conditioning air outlet in the back. In addition, the car is also equipped with a knob-shift mechanism, shifting around a lot of function buttons, the co-pilot seat is also provided with a “boss button”.

Motivation, zotye T700 1.8T and 2.0T turbo engine, code named 20L4E 2.0T from SAIC, the engine uses fuel direct injection technology, the maximum output power of 220 HP (162kW) and peak torque of 350 nm, and engine start-stop technology. Compared to cash zotye T600 uses Mitsubishi 4G63S4T 2.0T engine maximum power 30 HP, peak torque increase of 100 nm.

“Copy” out of all the Thai, fusion of luxury brand design element of the new model zhongtai T700, this “innovation” is Ty’s progress. Compared with “COPY”, I believe we prefer to see the original, intentional design.


Stalls the more the better The right is the hard truth

Onions, I found in the car when the gearbox is different, what is 5AT,6AT, how cars have 9AT, gear really matter?

Gearbox is one of the most important components of the car. And many friends in the car will struggle when the number of stalls, five-shift six-speed on which good, 789 tall? Onion today I shall tell you about stalls is necessary. First of all, for a car, and can’t be considered more stalls, the better, transmission gear, the more theoretically would bring better economic and ride, but more importantly and matching engine.

Stalls, the more the better? The right is the hard truth!


A lot of people think, small-displacement engine requires less gear, and large needs more stalls, this is actually incorrect, the small-displacement engines actually need more gears of the gearbox.

For example, let a friend ride a bike uphill, because power is relatively small, he definitely needs a multi gear bike to ride smoothly, and if there is an athlete, an ordinary car, can ride without having to speed up, but also faster. Power needed by weak car stalls, so that he could more easily pick up speed.

As for how much too much? Like we all know Golf 1.4T use 7-speed transmission, which is more, and the dual-clutch transmission loss of power is lower. Jeep Liberty 2.4L, used a 9AT gearbox, which was a bit too much, the end result is that 8,9 had little opportunity to hang up, onions is also thought for a moment, even hanging up 2.4 output torque powerful enough naturally aspirated engine is hard to push 8, 9. Constantly pursue more stalls, is wrong.

Stalls, the more the better? The right is the hard truth!



Various gear transmissions for large displacement engine is not perfect yet?

Now gearbox of document bit increasingly more, especially big displacement, but actually more is for fuel consumption and various emissions regulations of consider, and real movement type of car instead is not need too much of document bit, like had old paragraph of British Infiniti G35 3.5L of displacement, used has a Taiwan 5 speed automatically transmission, II document can will speed directly from 60km/h upgrade to 110km/h above, lower of for block frequency, and more wide of speed by brings of continued accelerated will to driving who brings very readily of driving feel. Of course making him relatively high fuel consumption. Later the G37 (3.7) large displacement, high power, Pack 7-speed gearbox, fuel directly down 2 liters per hundred kilometers, but too frequent shifting also made vehicles become too soft, accelerated achievement of the 0-100km/h there is no G35. For example, known as the Japanese God of GTR using a 6-speed gearbox, while the 8.0T Veyron only use 7-speed gearbox.


Stalls, the more the better? The right is the hard truth!


Stalls, the more the better? The right is the hard truth!

Usually stall number matches the engine power, manufacturers have for us to consider a, it is recommended that you select the transmission technology, such as the 1 series BMW from 1.6T to 6.0T of the 7-series 8-speed gearbox is used, that technically this transmission has more complete, you can fit a variety of dynamic matching.

Stalls, the more the better? The right is the hard truth!


Said so much, just wanted to tell everyone, don’t simply according to a car for more than a few stalls to determine vehicle ride quality. More important is the matching between engine and gearbox, this can only be to careful testing experience will be able to find better car. In the future, the onion will teach you how to feel, a car’s transmission and engine whether the match is excellent.

Cars fear being cheated?  Car questions? you get older drivers to be here! Just concerned about the onion app public: “car onion rings.” Bragging blows 1 08 billion to our road to relearn


ICarta toilet paper holder 2 Bluetooth stays in the toilet time less boring

Front small said, science and technology in order to better serve the life, of course, also including toilet problems. ICarta 2 is a toilet paper holder, but it is also a wireless Bluetooth-enabled stereo speakers. Its main purpose is to help users send to the toilet or bath time. iPhone 6 case Givenchy

ICarta toilet paper holder 2 Bluetooth stays in the toilet time less boring

ICarta 2 Bluetooth toilet paper holder from a creative named Atech Flash brand. If it does not connect with the digital equipment when it’s just the toilet paper holder, a good bathroom decorations. And when you need to stay in the bathroom for a long period of time (such as bathing, bathroom on · · · ), You can use the Bluetooth function of your mobile device and connect it to put on your favorite music to pass the time.

ICarta toilet paper holder 2 Bluetooth stays in the toilet time less boring

Product size: 210x93x181 mm, with 2 x 4 Watt speakers, using four AA batteries, music playback time up to 20 hours, run the Bluetooth version 2.0 or later of the mobile device, including the iPod and iPhone (version 3.0 and higher) or iPad, and Android devices. Currently for sale on Amazon, the price is $59.99, have users like it? Only small concern is that the buy back will extend their stay in the toilets of the time.

Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine

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Low speed electric vehicles standard wind mutations as with ordinary passenger

Recently, has been steadily before the relevant issues concerning the management of low-speed electric vehicles is being steadily new low-speed electric vehicles GB start into the development cycle. However, the wind direction mutations.

Before new year’s day on December 27, the national standards Committee held four rounds of emergency low-speed electric vehicle standards working group at its second meeting, notice of low-speed electric vehicles the introduction of new national standards. In recent days, according to the Conference experts said, management of low-speed electric vehicles technology standard-setting cycle, is expected to advance to the next two sessions ago. Previously expected to be completed in 2018.

Low-speed electric vehicles standard wind mutations: as with ordinary passenger cars

Meanwhile, significant changes in the management of low-speed electric vehicles to the new national standard, required qualifications, standards, on the road licence, driver’s license, insurance, and other five demands, on safety management and “ordinary passenger cars”.

Low-speed electric vehicles standard wind mutations: as with ordinary passenger cars

For example: new addition must be using lithium-ion batteries, vehicle mass of less than 800 kg, in addition to the new standard have high requirements for crash testing: frontal crash 40KM/H, while side impact, and passenger cars collisions difference (passenger cars is 50KM/H). But analysts pointed out that the standards are too strict, and may lead to low speed electric vehicle industry to survive serious effects, including the industry’s top five companies.

Low-speed electric vehicles standard wind mutations: as with ordinary passenger cars

This also means that, whether we are buying production of Shandong Redding, wind, when Yu Jie which brand of low-speed electric vehicles, or buy Internet companies, such as car and SEV electric cars of the future will have to pay the price, is likely to rise to and the General Electric cars similar prices, or 460,000 yuan. Harvard s a sentimental travel Yunnan Dali H7

“Low-speed electric vehicles are mainly used for short-distance travel, up to fifty thousand or sixty thousand, equal to buying a car, and who will buy it? “A low-speed electric vehicles consumers said.